Hello World…Worship is Warfare!

Worship is described as the reverent love and allegiance accorded a deity, the ardent humble devotion to the one loved.  American Heritage Dictionary

Worship to God is the sound of warfare in the atmosphere.   I have found that sometimes I don’t feel like worshiping.  I have had a long and tiring day and I am so tired I don’t feel like holding my hands up and closing my eyes or standing  up ….  but I have also found out that in these times when I am so weak I just want to crawl in the bed and go to sleep that is when the Lord touches me and gives me rest and peace like you won’t believe.   One Sunday, I had a headache so bad that I wanted to stay home and sleep.  I didn’t want to go to church, but I was the teacher and it was up to me to teach that lesson, so I went anyway. I went in the sanctuary to pray and guess what happened to me…YES< He touched me and healed me before class. I shouted so long and loud that my sister had to help me to class so I could teach…Good lesson that morning.

Another time,   all I could do was weep during the song service. I didn’t know why I was weeping, but tears keep pouring out of my eyes and I realized that my feet and legs were aching so badly and I felt like someone was pressing me down to the floor – so I got out of my seat and on my knees and let the tears flow and prayed the pain would go away soon. As I prayed, I felt the Spirit of the  Lord touch me and I stood up clapped my hands and shouted ‘glory to God, hallelujah’ and all the pain was gone.. I really started shouting ‘Glory to God in the highest’ and ‘hallelujah’ then!  I have recently been learning that clapping ones hands is like a blast of the trumpet to God. Clapping one’s hands stirs the atmosphere and moves the enemy back.   Snapping one’s fingers activates angels in the realms around you.  Shouting unto God is loud warfare against the enemy and God loves it when we bring warfare against His enemy.   How do I know this is true?     I believe it and the word says, “according to your faith, be it unto you.”

I believe that my God is seeking worshipers in His service.  I believe He walks among us during the service and those who worship Him in truth and spirit; He comes and whispers mysteries in your spiritual ear. These mysteries He whispers in your ear are redemptive words into your spirit for healing of your body, soul and spirit and they are to you personally from Him. You would be surprised what God whispers in your ear when you worship Him in truth and spirit.  Read Hebrews 2:10, 11, 12

Worship is a choice. You can start practicing now and have it perfected by the time you go home  or you can wait till after you die and go to worship 101 class before you stand before His Majesty to bow and worship Him.  Oh, you thinking to yourself,  ‘What will they say about me, or think about me or they will be looking at me?    I say, “Close your eyes and they won’t see you. The only One who matters is our Father and He will love it!”     I prefer to practice now so I have it perfected before I have to stand before my beloved Father…. I want to hear, ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant!”

So get out of your comfort zone and begin now to worship Him and see what the Lord will do in your life…….   You won’t believe how much fun it is…


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