Hello World….Yesterday….

I ran into an old friend that I knew years ago and I remembered yesterday. 

We talked for quiet a while and remanised about the old days. I listened as the conversation went back and forth between then and now and I heard the same reason I never trusted this person to the fullest. As I listened to the conversation I began to pray under my breath.  “Lord, reveal truth to me and why I have never spent time with this person over the years and why you gave me this chance meeting today?  Show me what it is that you want me to understand.” In my mind I had built up an image of what this person was like and I needed to see the truth.

An invitation was given to go for a ride to see a house that was being remodeled and I accepted thinking that this would be a good way to spend a little more time listening to the past/present/future of this person.  I heard the laughter coming from the innermost being and felt a pang of the past sliding toward me.  I saw a smile lingering in the corner of the mouth as the entity  took my hand to help me off a high step. I listened as a foul word slipped across the tongue that made my skin scrawl. I watched the eye of the cat seeking a mouse to devour.

Suddenly I woke up and realized. ….The enemy goes about seeking whom he can devour was a true statement and it was up to the child of God to recognize the enemy and speak out.  The reason the enemy can devour is, you don’t speak out and resist the enemy. You wine and dine and accept and guess what; you get devoured by your lack of knowledge as to how powerful the enemy is that comes against you.

I bowed my knee and cried “Holy is the Lord –  No to the enemy and Yes to the will of God!” …..slowly the enemy receded from me and then ran from me as I said, “Jesus, you are all I need, you are all I want, and I am Yours now and forever! Praise your Holy Name!”

Now my eyes are wide open to the wiles of the enemy that comes from yesterday and trys to make it today; and I have power to win all battles even the little skirmishes are mine in Jesus Name!

Don’t let yesterday spoil today….or your future with Christ Jesus.


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