Hello World…..Now And Forever

Markeeta:   this is for you!

   When you follow Me, dear Child, you will suffer some form of persecution. Some people may laugh at you or talk behind your back; some may even be so bold as to call you foolish.      My precious Son was treated with disdain — even to the point of death.  When you face persecution because of your faith in me, know that I will enable you to stand before your enemies without fear.  I will give you the wisdom to say what needs to be said, with words so true and clear that your persecutors will be unable to prove  them wrong. I will strengthen you and comfort you and give you peace, but most importantly, I will be with you.    Now and forever.                 HC

This is the kind that goes not out but by prayer and fasting….Matthew  17:21

You must live a life of communion and prayer if you are to save others.  Take the Word of God as He has commanded, “By prayer and fasting.”  Pray and deny yourself, and you will be used marvellously to save and help others.  He will give you wisdom to say things that none of your enemies will be able to stand against or prove wrong.  Just give Him all the glory and thank Him for providing everything you need the moment you need it…..

To  God be all the glory!

Love and prayers agreeing with you as you pray!  


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