Hello World… Comfort

I know my Redeemer lives and He will not leave  me comfortless and so says John 14:18.

Father said He will bless me and that His mercies are being poured out to me daily.

For the past month, I have been having back and shoulder pain that has been the worse pain I have had in years.  Nothing helps the pain, I have tried every kind of pain-killer and nothing works.  I have been to the chiropractor about 5 times and that helps for a couple of hours and then the pain starts back. I haven’t slept in days except for a few minutes at a time.  In a couple of hours, I have an appointment for a full back deep muscle-massage that I have been told will help relax the muscle that keep firing off like sticks of dynamite.  I have prayed, taken hot baths, laid on cold packs and the pain continues.

My sister told me that I am being prepared for something to come.  I am learning to live in pain that most people can not handle so I will be strong with what is coming.   I told her I AM READY for this to be over because even my hands and arms are hurting.  So this is going to be short.

Ya’ll pray for me.  God’s word will come to heal this and I shall rejoice through it.   Father is sending His Comforter into my life and I shall be healed, I am being healed and I am healed in Jesus name. 

My Redeemer Lives!

Hello World…Ways

God loves to visit us …..even when we aren’t expecting Him to.   Remember when the two angels and Jesus showed up at Abraham’s door and brought the message of a Son to him?  Abraham was happy to see, but not quiet there yet with the message he was hearing.  His wife, Sarah, laughed when she heard it.  How can this be, when we are so old?  He will make a way…..

But God’s Word is sure and He said, “At the set time I will return unto you, when the season cometh round and Sarah shall have a son.”  Not just a child, but a son….He told them what the sex of the child would be before she even got pregnant.   God’s Word is sure, for at the season and the set time, Sarah bore Isaac in her old age.  It was an unexpected way, ‘old age’.

God delights in visiting His children and giving them gifts.  God delights in the pleasure of sharing Himself with His children and vice-versa.  He wants us to share in His delight and come to Him and have conversations.  He wants us to pray, read His Word, worship Him in truth and spirit and take pleasure in Him.   He would love to visit us each day and have us to meet with Him each day and open our hearts to receive His Word.   We should make a way everyday to spend time with the Lord.  He might come in an unexpected way to meet with us if we don’t.

Lord, we long for a visit from you.


There is a beautiful plaque that says,

“God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.”  As I was reading that plaque, I took a good look at the picture it was printed on and noticed something I had never seen before looking at the eagle.   The eagle was soaring high above the valley and below the eagle were clouds dotted over the valley.  The valley was barren of green grass and the trees were stripped of green leaves.  There were scraggly rocks below the eagle and the mountain that he was flying past looked exactly like the valley below him…… ragged cliffs and rocks….

But the eagle was not looking down, he was looking up as he soared.  The sky above the eagle was gray;  the mountain was higher than the eagle but the eagle was moving upward in the direction of his gaze. There was peace on the face of the eagle, no fear was painted into this picture.  Only confident knowing that all is well with the flight no matter what it looks like below or above.

Serenity is the state or quality of being serene, dignity, tranquility, clear, quiet in the midst of whatever is going on around you.  You are not ruffled or moved by the storms of life.  You have found peace that passes all understanding.

Last night at church, God spoke to me about purpose in my life.  He has given me serenity in that purpose and I know that I know that I know that I know: ALL who love and believe in Him and have faith in Him are His Masterpieces and that He has made us to do great things in tandem with Him.    He has given us His Holy Spirit and He will enable us to do everything He tells us to do in His Name.

He has made us His  caretakers of whatever He has called us to do on this earth and He has given us the power to do it. And it is by His grace that you can achieve that goal.  If you jump up and think you can do it all by yourself, look for a major train wreck in your life to get you back on the right track.  Read what pride does to you in the instruction manual. 

 What is your purpose and do you have serenity in achieving your purpose?  Remember, you must be dependent on Him to reach your destination and you must remember that you can’t reach heaven by your own efforts.  You must trust God.

God grant us all the serenity to accept the things we cannot change and give us all the courage to change the things we can and most of all we pray You give us the wisdom to know the difference.

Hello World…. Waiting Time

This entire week has been a waiting time.  It has been a tiring week of things happening, things going on that shouldn’t be, hurting people who are hurting because those close to them are hurting, and the Lord has been relatively quite for some reason this week.

A friend told me she had had the worse week that she can remember in a long time.   I told her I had the least amount of sleep that I had in a  long time.  She laughed and said, “I understand. I understand.”

This afternoon as I was trying to rest before going back to church tonight, I read  my devotional message for the day.

Father told me to cast all my cares on Him because He was big enough to handle it.  He said He knew my worries and how I sometimes let them have the driver seat and then He told me that anxieties sap my energy.  He told me that I had never had a task as big as Noah’s so I needed to let go of the little fox’s because they spoiled the vine.  He then reminded me that my job was to do whatever He told me to do and His job was to make it happen.  Somehow that seemed to take a load off my mind.  I don’t have to make it happen….I don’t have to make it happen….Glory to God in the highest…..I don’t have to make it happen!!!   He told me to just give Him my worries and He would give me His peace because He has it all under control.   Nothing will happen that He does not give me the power to overcome, do, or that He won’t take care of.     Then my husband came up to me and said, “I love you more than anything in the world!” Then he squeezed my hand and walked away……

WOW…. God has it all in control………………

Hello World….Termites

Dealing with termites is a problem.  Or maybe I should say that dealing with unforgiveness is like dealing with termites.

Termites are not noticeable at first.  Termites eat away at your home and in the beginning you don’t notice that they are damaging the foundation of your home.  Here a little, there a little; everything seems to be OK.   But if you don’t deal with the problem, they can eat away your entire foundation and you will be living in a situation that will cost you your entire life savings and more…..

The same goes for problems in your life that have festered into serious unforgiveness toward folks that have hurt you.  The past, present and future happiness can be wiped out just by letting a moment of unforgiveness turn into a life-time of pain, anger and hurt.  When you let anger turn to bitterness, it takes on resentment and you begin this downward spiral to hatred which can lead to murder. Keep it up and you could spend your life in jail…..

God does not want us to wallow in the past or the present. He wants to give us a future that is filled with joy, peace and happiness that is called abundant life.  If we get bogged down by some stupid mistake we made or someone else made toward us, we become tangled in a stronghold that will take over our life and make us the most unhappy, depressed, hateful, grumpy individuals.  If the enemy can get an angry response from you toward another, he will use that against you and make you into a negative just like him. 

An unforgiving spirit is an evil spirit that will cause devastation in your life and the lives of all around you.   I have found that if you keep a short account of what others do to you by immediately turning to God and stating:  “Father, forgive them, they know not what they are doing. Help me forgive right now.” HE DOES IT for me and in me.  When I was young and a lot dumber, I would get mad and seethe over everything, cuss and cry and carry on like a wild woman, develop headaches that were monsters, feel like I wanted to hurt someone, and this would last until some time had passed and I could get over it. But I still had this mean spirit about what had taken place and every time I would see that person I would get all tied up in knots thinking about how they had talked to me, treated me or acted toward me.  It would all fly right back up into my face and  I would be getting mad again.

That all changed when Jesus came into my heart.  When I understood that He had been done a lot worse than anything I had ever encountered and He never sinned, I wanted to have that same ability.  The ability to live above and not below.  I wanted to be able to walk like He walked and do the things He had done and live seriously happy.   He taught me how to deal with termites.

This is just a short version of what I have learned over the years.  One; take life seriously and recognize that you only have one life to live.  Two; assume responsibility for your own life and realize that God made man in His own image, but satan stole the joy. By that I mean; everyone has sinned and all human-kind has the same propensity to do evil.  You alone are responsible for your sin. Another person may have played a part in what happened, but you are totally responsible for your own unforgiving spirit.  Three; say out loud and agree with the Lord that your unforgiveness toward another is sin.  Four; Get rid of it by laying it down, surrender hostility, surrender anger, and the unforgiving spirit will flee. Tell God, “I forgive so and so – forgive me!”  He will and you will be too.

If the enemy tries to come back, tell him, “I am forgiven, God said so.  Take it up with the Lord!”

Have you ever thought about these words?       DO EVIL.       Take the   O   out and what do you have?

IF you take the O out of your hurts and tell the devil to be gone, grow up and become a responsable human being, the enemy can not turn you into a negative termite like himself.   That is the difference between being human and being like the devil……

Think about it…..

Hello World….One Rule

“Beloved, Jesus came a long way from heaven for you. You certainly matter to Him. He came to give you life and life more abundantly. (John 10:10) You are not just a face in a crowd or a number. No, He knows you by name and has a personal love for you. And in spite of the mess which you might be in, He wants to meet your every need and make your life beautiful!”  said  Joseph Prince.

And I agree.   Jesus came a long way just to tell you the mystery of the kingdom of heaven.  So many people want to get into a debate about  that, but you know what?  IT DOES NOT MATTER what you say, He did it and is about to do it again.   I mean, He is coming back and when He does, He won’t be a baby lying in a manger, He will be the King of kings and Lord of lords.  He will set up His kingdom here on earth and rule with a rod of iron.  

When God made man and woman on this earth, He had communion with them every day until the day they hid from Him and He had to ask, “Where are you?”  He knew where they were and He asked to see if they knew where they were.  Before they hid from Him, He walked every day with them. He talked to them, He communed with them in an intimate way.  Personal love for the two He created to be His family.  I am sure that this was His greatest delight to walk and talk with His family in the garden He had made perfect for them.

He only set down one rule.  ONE RULE.  They had to obey only one rule.  Does this not prove His love for them?  They had choice just like we have choice today.  They were walking in a perfect garden, with perfect water, with perfect harmony, with a perfect Father who loved them without condition.  Even when they broke the ONE RULE, He still loved them. He made provision for them and He called out to them   to come out of hiding back to the light.  He brought them back into His presence so He could correct them from the error they had just made.  He taught them that because of their error in judgment they would now have to toil to make a living for themselves.  He would no longer provide at will for them.  Their disobedience brought judgment and they would have to pay for that along with the rest of us until the Son came and died for the sin they committed to make a Way back home.  Faith, believing, opens the door to blood that cleansing from sin.  When you fail at doing what is right, you always want to run and hide.  But God wants you to be free from sin. He provided the blood covering for Adam and Eve and He provides the blood covering for us.

Animals were killed and their skin used for clothes then.  Jesus death, burial and resurrection provides the blood covering for us today.  

And there is still ONE RULE>    OBEY.

Hello World… New Year’s Eve

Hey there ya’ll… It is New Year’s Eve and hubby is watching T.V. and I am blogging.  I had the most remarkable night last night and day today.   You would not believe what  took place with me last night if I told you.   And I am not going to tell you…I am just going to say that this next year is going to be different for me and you. 

Different how, you ask and I am glad you did.   Have you looked in the mirror lately?  Have to sat down and just thought about how your life is going?  Have your friends called you lately and told you that are worried about you?  Or have they just ignored you and not made any attempt to contact you at all?  Do you sometimes feel like you are living in the twilight zone and I don’t mean the one filled with vampires?  I am talking about the Rod Sterling type of Twilight Zone……

Let us look at what has been  going on in America this past year…..   Floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts,  snowstorms, straight-line winds, murders, fiscal cliffs, prices soaring, lighting storms, hail the size of soft-balls, job losses, gas prices, Dow Jones, foreclosures.  Just the normal every year same old, same ole….you say. 

Do you think next year is going to be better or worse than this year?  Does it matter what you think? 

I would like to present this ‘think’ to you.   What if I told you that you are God’s masterpiece of creation?  God’s crowning jewel and that you are worth more to God than the earth, the sky, the animals, the trees, oceans, grass, or anything that is made.  You are made in His image and you are greater than and more valuable than the butterflies and bees and birds.   You are the most precious creation because you are unique from all things great and small that God has created.  You are special to Him because He made you in His image and gave you a human spirit that He wants to energize with His Holy Spirit that you may know Him. ….  not just know about Him but that you may know HIM.  It is your choice this new year to think and then ask; “God, may I know you this year?  May I be able to see you this year?”     How can you see God?  The Word says, ‘ the pure in heart shall see God.’ It is so easy to see God, all you have to do is ask, seek and knock.  He will guide you to the place where you shall see Him.

I believe that this next year people are going to get what ever they ask for; only it is not going to be exactly like what you are asking for because of the way you are thinking.    This year, people, it is time to be still and know that you must think before you speak.  Think before you do.  Think it through and then pray and ask for His Will.   His will for you is what you want.  So stop and think it through, then ask in faith and say it correctly so that you will be blessed in what you are asking for.

Happy New Year!

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