Hello World…. Best News Ever

Have you heard the News?   The best news ever told?  The news that will change your life and make your day?  Is it the stock market gain, is it the job market upturn, is it a cure for the common cold?    Noooooooooo…..the best news ever told is:

…………the announcement of the birth of the Son of God-given to the shepherds over 2 thousand years ago.  The statement made to the earthlings  when the angel of the Lord shared the good news that ‘a savior is born.’       They went to find the savior. They went to see this good news for themselves.  They believed the news report and they passed the report on to others – wonderful good news that amazed all who heard.

God’s Good News, the best news ever, is still making the headlines today.   Are you sharing what God has revealed to you with others?  

Let me tell you what He revealed to me.

         Soon and very soon I AM coming back.  Now is the day of salvation so get ready to see the glory descend in the clouds and take you to the marriage supper.  The Son is ready to receive His bride and I AM coming soon to receive her to me.    BE READY!

Ok… folks – I have told you the good news….it is up to you to believe and get on your clothes and get ready to go to the wedding….


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