You Think?….hello world

Someone near to me asked me a question.  If the world is coming to an end, is it going to happen suddenly or slowly?  I started to think about that question and set my mind to what does other people think, what does the world think,  what do you think?

Well, as I contemplated the question, I decided to ask others:  You think the world is coming to an end?  Here are some answers I got.

Yes, in a million or so years.

Yes, but I don’t have a clue when!

NO.  The world won’t every come to an end unless maybe someone blows it up.

Yes, Someday in the future when we run out of everything.

Yes, but not in my life-time!

Yes, when the world gets into another world  war and blows itself up.

I got a lot more yes’s than I did no’s and i wondered if any one had read the bible of those asked.  Well, none had so they are just going on ‘what they think.’

What does the bible say? 

Read Eph 3:21


Priority One…hello world

Today I got up in a hurry. Jumped out of bed. Ran downstairs. Ate my breakfast. Jumped into my house coat because it was too cool for running around in my P.J.’s. Brushed my teeth.  And while standing there looking at myself in the mirror, I heard the Lord say: 

          “Forgot to say ‘good morning Lord’, didn’t you?”

Yes, I did.  Every morning when I awake, I open my eyes and say, “Good Morning, Lord!” and have a conversational prayer before I get out of bed.  Today I just jumped.

Loving Father is my first priority.  I call it “Priority One”.  He is the One I love with all my heart, mind, soul, and I never want that to change.  He is my number One Priority each day and everyday.  . . . . . and I don’t every want to forget to speak to Him daily.

I don’t want to take Him for granted. I want to show Him thankfulness for all He does for me, with me and to me.  I want to show Him love everyday, all day and even through the night.  When I show Him love and thankfulness, my mind will be focused on all the things that really matter in this life. 

“Good morning, Lord!  I love you and thank you for this day! I submit my mind, will and emotions to Your handling this day and take on the mind of Christ that I may know Your will for me today! I desire to walk in the light and stay out of the darkness.  In Light, I know the promises You have made to  me and I will walk therein today. I will honor You with obedience to Your will and serve You.  Lord, You are my way, my truth, my life today and everyday.  You are my Priority One!   Amen”

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