Hello World…. What is God doing today?

I have watched this past month so many ‘bad’ things happening everywhere to every body. It is a daily occurrence that bad things are happening to good people and they don’t seem to understand what is happening.

I was ministering to a lady who was having a hard time with somethings going on in her life. As I listened to her plight I  could hear the Lord saying ‘this situation has to change. I AM not in this and she has to realize that I AM not in this.’   I prayed as she talked; asking the Lord to show her what her choices were doing to keep this going wrong in her life.

Human beings think that someone else causes the problems in life. But when you stand back and look at what is going on in life – YOU have to take responsiblity for everything that happens in your life. Why do I say that?     Why do young people treat their parent with disrespect?  Why do they not see that this is their only set of parents and they gave birth to you. When you disrespect your parents… you are showing disrespect for God.  God does not cause all your little problems in life. Let us look at a scenario.

Two women who raised children:

#1  Raised 3 children.  Her husband worked away from home 5 days a week so she had to take care of the children by herself Monday to Friday. Having no  money except what the husband gave her when he came home on Saturday morning.  Frustration began to grow in the woman’s life and she began to abuse her children. ….especially the oldest one. There was only two-year age difference in the children. The baby cried all the time, the middle child was very unruly and the oldest was given responsibility to help take care of the two younger even though she was only six years old. One day the father came home from work early on a Friday and caught the mother beating the oldest child with a belt.  The child was screaming bloody murder because the mother was using the belt with the buckle hitting the child. The child was badly bruised from head to toe. When the Father opened the door, the mother was enraged with anger and could not even hear the door being opened. As he ran to the rescue of the child, he began to yell at his wife to stop hitting the child. One of the neighbors heard and came running.  All three stood looking at each other while the child cried in pain. 

What would you have done in this circumstance? 

#2  Raised  children with out a father. He divorced her when the youngest was only months old.  She had to work full-time, pay a baby sitter to raise her children. She had no sisters, and her brothers were demons in human clothing. When she needed something she had to save the money and do without something else to buy extras for the children. I am talking about extra milk, extra cereal, extra warm socks or new pair of shoes because little feet grow fast. When these children grew up, the son became like the world and the daughter became a ‘christian’.   The son loved his mom, the daughter disrespected her every time she got around her. The son claimed he believed and still ran with the world, but he honored his mom. The daughter went to church and cursed her mother and showed disrespect to her calling her names and taking every thing she could from her leaving her mom destitute and wanting even the necessities of life.

What would you do in this circumstance?

We come across choices every day.    Unless we know the WORD, we are not going to make right choices.  Unless we serve the God of Goodness and Mercy, we are not going to make the right choices. We can stand in the garage all day long, but that is not going to make us into a Car. It is time for America to wake up. It is time for individuals to open eyes wide and read the Word and begin to obey what thus says the Lord.  Being a true Child of God is a responsibility that comes with rules whether you like it or not. You must love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul and Love your neighbor  (Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters and your enemy’s) as yourself.  Do you hate yourself, do you disrespect yourself, do you curse your self, do you starve, steal, beat up yourself?)     WAKE  UP~!!!!!!!

Choose this day whom you will serve……Take responsibility for your life……

Hello World….Maranatha, my friends….

All day long I have had an expectancy in my heart for the Presence of my Father……

He never fails to meet with me some time during the day or evening and as I was preparing for bed after I had spent some time with a dear sister on the phone praying, He spoke to my heart:

       Our prayer time  together is precious to Me, Child. Especially when you set aside everything and turn your attention and heart to Me, I rejoice over you. You are my girl and I love spending time with you. Your name brings joy to my life and I run to you when you cry Abba. My heart longs for those moments when we come together in quite prayer and your prayers turn into praise and worship. I rejoice when You dance before me and delight in  My touch. You have learned that you can not do it alone and you delight in Me as much as I delight in you.       I am glad you remember to come and talk to me, I am glad when you sit still at My feet and learn my Word. I see you when you cry and hear your whisper ‘will this pain last forever?’     The answer my Child is No. …. for I wipe away every tear, every pain, every disappointment in your life and give you my joy to replace your pain.   Do not fret about your child that has come home; she is in My hand and there  is no more lack for her. She is experiencing the promise I made to her when I gave my angel charge over her at age 4.  Do you remember what she told you?   No more bed wetting, no more pain, no more hurt, no more crying, clean clothes, pretty clothes, purple socks……. Yes My Child, she now has all the promises I made to her fulfilled in her new home.

      Soon and very soon all my children will be with me for it is My promise to you and to all who call on the name of the Lord. Rejoice my Beloved, when fear whispers that life will always look as it does today, remind yourself of My promises to you that ‘this too shall pass’  and then put your eyes on Me and My Word, and the Kingdom I have given unto you.   I love you, Child Maranatha….

My eyes are upon the One who gave Himself for me that I may inherit eternal life……

Hello Beloved….Children Story continued….

Amber:  Her name fit her personality and life in general.  She had curly dark blond hair, blue eyes and pink cheeks. Her mouth was running most of the time once she got to know you. She didn’t put up with much from the other kids and she knew what she wanted and when she wanted it. She could stand her ground with the older kids and usually did. Nobody was going to run over her and she let everyone know it. She was loveable and sweet in the most adorning way, but she was ready always to let you know she was going to do what she was going to do.

Jandy:  A spirited blond blue-eyed cutie. She was one who could speak up and speak out with an answer you would least expect. At the Little Miss padget, she competed against some really cute girls, but standing there on stage looking like Shirley Temple, I spoke out loud to everyone around me, “That little cutey will walk away with the trophy tonight”  and she did. When asked what her name was, she chirped up with both hands on her hips and turned to the audience and stated in a loud voice, “Why my name is Jandy and I’m cute!” She was the smallest in the contest and the youngest. She had just turned three.

Hope:  Small and petite all her life, Blond curly hair that hung in ringlets all over her head when she got hot and sweaty. Learned to walk and talk before she was a year old because she had so many other kids talking and pulling her around with them during the day after she could sit alone. She was a “I love yogurt!” child who would sit on your lap, lay back like a baby doll and want you to spoon feed her even when she was 7 years old. She would laugh and smile and say, “I’m not a baby, but i want my yogurt like a baby.”

Shelly: The oldest and belonged to me. She was a little jealous to start with but after she got use to having all those ‘brothers and sisters’ she loved having them around each day. She liked to organize them into playing whatever she wanted to play and have softball games in the back yard where she could be the pitcher. She didn’t like to run bases, but she loved throwing the ball.

Jason:  Blond and bold, blue eyes and ready to obey only if caught and made to do it. He stood in the corner so much that he would come and tell me he had done something he wasn’t supposed to and go stand without being told to.  He told me once that when he was in the corner, he could be still and his mind didn’t keep him in trouble.  I just laughed and asked him what he ment. He smiled and said, ‘In the corner, I can think why I shouldn’t have done that.”

Brandon:  Dark hair, dark eyes – cute and sweet as he could be. His smile would disarm a nuclear weapon. He was a gentle spirit and happy child. He was never in trouble and most of the time he was laughing and cutting up with the girls who thought he was a “star” right out of the movie magazine. He was my ‘helper’ most of the time because I could ask him to do something and he would get it done immediately.

Kara: If dolls could come to life-like Panchito then she was one who had.  At three she was the lovely child. Obedient in all things, smiling all the time, happy to do whatever she was told to do and did it with joy. Love everyone and everyone loved her. She loved any kind of food you put in front of her and never quarled with anyone about any thing. If you spoke harsh in front of her, tears would jump into her eyes until you made it clear that it had nothing to do with her.

Jessica:  The girl with fire in her soul. She was the one who addressed everyone else with “My way or else”. Whatever she wanted to do, everyone else had to want to do it to or she would talk them all into it very shortly. She was sweet but firm. She wanted everyone to do it right and right now.  When I would tell the group something, she would take command and make sure it was done. She never asked for approval. She just took charge. I worked that to my advantage many times.

All these kids were the best children in the world. I never had any trouble out of any of them and they all were obedient for the seven years they stayed with me. They all got along together and when we went on outings, they all obeyed every thing I told them. It was like having just two kids instead of 8 because they all wanted to be together and play together so they kind of policed themselves and each other so they could be together. We went on trips to the swimming pool, picnics at the park, the lake swimming,  the library, grocery shopping – where one woman asked me, “are all those your kids” and before I could answer all of them said, “YES” and we just kept walking. When we got to the car, they all just hollered and slapped each other on the back and giggled at me. I told them, “she thinks you all belong to me personally, y’all know that don’t you?” and they all said, “Uh Huh as they shook their heads up and down. “WE are your kids all day every day five days a week, the oldest one chirped up and they all laughed so hard that I began to laugh too.

It was a wonderful 7 years.

Hello Beloved……An Adventure Story about Children…

continued from  yesterday…..

Their Mom, and I will call her “Mommy B” smiled and relaxed. She knew what I knew, she had just found a baby sitter for her children. She told me she had to go back to work and she wanted to go back to work. She said she just could not handle three kids. I asked her where the other child was and she said, “At school. She is older than these two by a few years..I just need your help, you don’t know how much I need your help.”

She began telling me about losing her son in an accident.  They had a family outing and the two-year old baby boy was supposed to be asleep in the house. They were all playing outside and one of the older kids had left the door open to the car. Somehow the baby boy had gotten up and outside without anyone noticing and climbed into the back seat of the car and was playing. He fell asleep in the backseat. Someone had closed the door on the car without seeing the baby and he was not found until after he had gone to be with Jesus. They could not bring him back and she had gotten pregnant with this baby too soon and it was very hard coping with all the stress of loss and gain  and living like she felt like she had to live. She had to work… So I began taking care of her two girls, my one 8-year-old, and another friends two girls ages 3 and 6 and Debbie’s little girl age 3 and her son age 6.  I now have 7 children all under 9 years old five days a week plus my own  24/7. I prayed, “Lord, give me strength to do this and keep me in the center of your will as I take care of all these kids for their mom’s and for You.”

The first month was exciting and a large learning experience. The three-year olds were in pre-school till noon, the others in school till 2:30 and I had the baby from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.Each morning began with prayer and rocking the baby while I gave her morning bottle getting her ready to sleep from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.  Like clock work, as soon as she finished her bottle and got burped, she would fall asleep and stay that way until 10. She would whine and I would change her diaper and give her another bottle and back to sleep she would go until 12:30. This repeated all day long until 4:30 and at 4:30 she would wake up and whine till I picked her up and rock her, sang and talked to her and read a baby book to her and the kids would want to hold her and kiss and love on her –I would always say “No, she it too small for you kids to be playing with…. Leave her be and just talk to her if you want too.”

They would all sit on the floor together and I would read to them while I rocked the baby and tell them stories about the bible. Sometimes we would all play board games and then we would have a snack just before their parent came to pick them up. We began to meld together as a family, the kids and me. The began to pick out a name to call me, the younger ones called me Mo-ma, the older ones called me  MAJo but when the baby got old enough to begin to talk – she called me  “mama 2”.

That was my fault. She began talking at a very early age: 6 1/2 month old she said her first word. “No”. I would not let any of the kids pick her up or hold her and I would always say “No” every time they came near her. She was so tiny, I was afraid one of them would drop her or hurt her in some way so I was always saying “No” or “NO, NO”–so her first word was “No”.  At 8 months she was saying everyone’s first name and calling me ‘mama’. I would say “no, I am not your mama, your mama is the one who picks you up each afternoon and takes you home.” She would smile and say, “Mama” and point to me. My daughter would say, “This is my mama and you have a mama two. You go home with your mama at night” I spoke up and said, “Yes, she is your Mama at home and I am your mama two here.”  From that day on she called me “Mama two”.

Life with all the kids was so much fun. In the summer, we would go  to the Public Pool. I took the younger one’s to swim lessons, including the baby. She learned to swim by the time she was 2 years old. She almost caused me to have heart failure when she was three and her oldest sister, age 11, was in charge of watching her while I went to the bathroom. I came out and asked where’s Hope? and nobody knew where she was. I looked everywhere, asked the life guard if he had seen her, and the people near us and no one had. Suddenly, I heard this little scream of laughter and looked up on the high dive and there she stood at the edge looking down with arms raised like she was going to dive. The life Guard jumped up and hollered “NO, don’t jump”, just as she jumped from the high dive right into the deepest end of the pool. You could hear peels of laughter, screams of ‘OH NO”, gasps from every body there….. My heart stopped as I watched that tiny body hit the water like a professional diver and in moments come up laughing and clapping her hands. Her sister swam out and got her and brought her back to me where I immediately wrapped her in a towel and hugged her so tight she was gasping for breath.  I pulled the towel back from her as I was drying her off, she squealed, “Let’s do it again, Let’s do it again” ….I wanted to cry… but I smiled and said, “Let don’t and say we did.” and laughed with her as I hugged her tightly.

This was just the beginning of the most intriguing adventures………

I will tell you about each child I kept in the next Adventure…..


Hello Beloved……A Story for Children…

A young mother, baby crying, house upside down, clothes needing washing, dishes piled in the sink to the top of the window sill, phone ringing suddenly raised both hands in the air and exclaimed,  “I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IF IT WAS GOING TO BE EASY TO RAISE KIDS, IT NEVER WOULD HAVE STARTED WITH SOMETHING CALLED LABOR!”

Do you sometimes feel like that? Let me tell you a story:  Twenty seven years ago, a dear lady I did not know, someone who would become I bestest friend knocked on my front door with a 3-year-old in toe and a  7 week old baby in her arms. As I opened the door, I noticed the tired glassy eyes of someone who had been crying. I smiled and said, “Yes, may I help you?”  I opened the screen door and asked her to come and sit down. Holding a tiny baby in those tired arms made me want to reach out and take the baby and carry her to the sofa for the dear lady. To my surprise, she handed me the baby and walked in dragging the small child on her left hand. She hurried to the sofa and sat down moving the 3-year-old to the floor to sit down and with a rush she began talking.

I heard from a neighbor that you are going to be keeping kids and I need someone nearby to keep my girls while I go back to work. My company won’t hold my job any longer and I need to work, we need  me to be working and I need me to be working because I can’t, can’t” and suddenly she laughed and took a breath. “I am looking for a baby sitter. …  Are you interested?”  I introduced myself and she did the same. I pulled back the blanket and looked down into the face of the smallest baby I had ever seen in my life. She had a stock of blond curls and the cutest heart-shaped lips I had ever seen in my life. As I took the blanket from around her, I could see the tiny tiny fingers curled up in tiny fist. I though to myself: this baby can’t be more than a few hours old as small as she is. So I asked, “How old is the baby?” She is 7 weeks old and I know she is small, but all my babies have been small. Her name is Hope. My eyes could not help but mist up as I though “She really needs me to help her with this.”  I smiled at the 2-year-old and said, “and what is your name, honey?” 

She hid her face behind her dolly and whispered, “Amber and I am 3” I smiled back and reached out to her with my free hand and beckoned her to come to me. I wanted to know just how shy she really was. To  my surprise, she got up and walked to me, leaned up against me and said, “That is my baby sister. Her is so cute and I love her.” I kissed her on the top of the head and said, “Yes, me too.”

Their Mom, and I will call her “Mommy B” smiled and relaxed. She knew what I knew, she had just found a baby sitter for her children. She told me she had to go back to work and she wanted to go back to work. She said she just could not handle three kids. I asked her where the other child was and she said, “At school. She is older than these two by a few years..I just need your help, you don’t know how much I need your help.”

To be continued…

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