Hello World….Tangled Skeins

The bible says ‘in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.

   Feeling that helps me trust in the Lord that  He is leading us safely, faithfully and will always do it.  Will you believe God that all this is really to bring the answer to your prayers?

When I remember that God is the Supreme Being who created this world, made everything, knows all and can control all, but gave us freewill  – my mind seems to want to go there and see it as well as faith it…..

Everyday as I put my affairs, my confusion, my difficulties into His hands I began to effect a cure  of all disharmony and disorder in my life. I know that my Father will cause me no more pain in the doing of taking control of my life than a physician who plans and knows he can effect a cure would cause his patient.  God will do all that He plans to do in my life with tenderness and love.   My place in all this is to trust Him and allow Him to do in me all that is good for me to grow and become all He has called me to be.

I must be quiet and in confidence let Him take the tangled skeins of my life and weave them into a beautiful  cloth that He may use at the table of life.

How about you?

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