Wonderful Made in His Image…hello world

Hi My Beloved Friend and Family:

I have a word of encouragement for you today.  Did you know that before the earth was formed that Abba Father knew you and me.  Even before the universe came into existence, Abba loved us.  Did you know that He has wonderfully made us in His image?

Did you know that He put all things in place and knit you into your mama’s womb and with a loving breath into your soul, He gave you direction.  He told your eyes to be colorful, He told your nose to grow beautifully, He gave you lips to whisper His name, He gave you intelligence to know Him personally when you grew  up.  He gave you His love, His Son, His peace and whispered gently into your tiny ear, “you are mine and you can choose Me when you grow up —- I will be thinking about you all the time, I will send angles to watch over you daily, I will watch you while you sleep and when you wake, I will be there waiting for you to notice Me. I will never forget about you even if you forget about Me.  I will stand quietly waiting for you to come to Me to receive My free gift.  I AM eagerly waiting for your call, inviting Me in, My Child.”

Abba Father, thank you for watching over us and loving us and being there.  I am so glad that you have heard my call and have written my name in Your “Lamb’s Book of Life.”     How about you?

Dreams….hello world

Dreams are important.  Some dreams are more important than others.  Some of my dreams have brought me wisdom and understanding of something that was going on in my life that I needed some clarity on.  Some dreams are just the product of the pizza snack just before bedtime. 

However, some dreams stay on and linger in your mind and won’t let you go. These dreams are the ones I think you should pay attention to.  I just had one of those dreams lately and it won’t let me go. 

Father hears my prayers and I know He desires the best in life for me.  I desire to know Him better and better each day as life goes on and I give Him my hopes and dreams and the longing to live a meaningful life here and now.  I ask Him to help me fulfill the purpose for my life that He has laid out for me and not to let me forget that it is He that has called me and will provide me with strength and ability to perform that for which He has called me too.

I have said more than once that  we need to see what God is doing and get in there and do it with Him.  We should not just jump ahead and run head long into a project we devise.  When God says come and join me and let’s enjoy this moment together, we should just DO IT.  We need to run into His arms and explore all the possibilities He provides for us to experience and know that He will keep us safe in them.

We should not just seize the day, but seize hold of Father and run hand in hand with Him where-so-ever He takes us – the dream will become an adventure and He will lead us beside still waters to the table set before our enemies in His presence.   Sin will stay far from us if we will just stay close to His Father heart.

Lord, help us to use our time wisely and to pursue you for our daily bread!

My Times In His Hand…hello world

I have been gone for a while…have been taking some time alone with Him…have been pondering the times we live in and how it is going out there for you, wondering if you are  feeling like we are living in a ‘wonderland’ of what is going to happen next…..

During this pondering-time, I have come to the conclusion that we are called for such a time as this.  I know my times are in His hand. All of us that have been born in 1948 and forward are in the last generation with the God of all times and all circumstances.   He has called us to be His servants  in this time and place and at just the right time and in the order to usher in change, hope or deliverance to those we come in contact with on a daily basis.

He has established us where we are today and has called us to this exact time, this exact place, these exact circumstances, all the situations we run into, every person we come in contact with is part of our purpose.   He knows our fears, He knows He can trust us and He knows that we will follow His Word and do it.   He is the promise that we must give to others, He is the peace that passes all understanding that we can provide as we are faithful to obey His very word to us to go and make disciples.

He who has called us is faithful to perform that for which He is sending us to do.  Seeing what God is doing and getting in there to be His hands,  His smile, His listening ear; we can know for certain that with God all things are possible and rest in the knowledge and the assurance that we have been called to such a time as this  and know that our times are in His hand.

We need, as I have come to understand, to rest in  God.  I mean REST in GOD!

Don’t do anything unless He tells you to do it and get busy when He speaks and DO IT! The doing will be easy and you will be at peace in the doing.  His work is His doing and He will give you the grace and the authority to do it.

Ester 4:14

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