Hello World…..Now And Forever

Markeeta:   this is for you!

   When you follow Me, dear Child, you will suffer some form of persecution. Some people may laugh at you or talk behind your back; some may even be so bold as to call you foolish.      My precious Son was treated with disdain — even to the point of death.  When you face persecution because of your faith in me, know that I will enable you to stand before your enemies without fear.  I will give you the wisdom to say what needs to be said, with words so true and clear that your persecutors will be unable to prove  them wrong. I will strengthen you and comfort you and give you peace, but most importantly, I will be with you.    Now and forever.                 HC

This is the kind that goes not out but by prayer and fasting….Matthew  17:21

You must live a life of communion and prayer if you are to save others.  Take the Word of God as He has commanded, “By prayer and fasting.”  Pray and deny yourself, and you will be used marvellously to save and help others.  He will give you wisdom to say things that none of your enemies will be able to stand against or prove wrong.  Just give Him all the glory and thank Him for providing everything you need the moment you need it…..

To  God be all the glory!

Love and prayers agreeing with you as you pray!  


Hello World….Tangled Skeins

The bible says ‘in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.

   Feeling that helps me trust in the Lord that  He is leading us safely, faithfully and will always do it.  Will you believe God that all this is really to bring the answer to your prayers?

When I remember that God is the Supreme Being who created this world, made everything, knows all and can control all, but gave us freewill  – my mind seems to want to go there and see it as well as faith it…..

Everyday as I put my affairs, my confusion, my difficulties into His hands I began to effect a cure  of all disharmony and disorder in my life. I know that my Father will cause me no more pain in the doing of taking control of my life than a physician who plans and knows he can effect a cure would cause his patient.  God will do all that He plans to do in my life with tenderness and love.   My place in all this is to trust Him and allow Him to do in me all that is good for me to grow and become all He has called me to be.

I must be quiet and in confidence let Him take the tangled skeins of my life and weave them into a beautiful  cloth that He may use at the table of life.

How about you?

Hello World…. Friend of God / or / Man

Today I read a post that made me so sad. I was in such pain after reading it that I wanted to cry…. I asked the Lord to give me peace over what I had read and His reply to my request was this:   ‘Beloved, I sent my Son Jesus so that mankind’s life would be more than just  business as usual, more than living day-to-day, struggle to struggle, hand to mouth, week to week.  Life’s struggles to  survive was meant to lead you to the Cross and to a Relationship with My Son.  It was meant to draw you to a longing to see Him and to know Him intimately as Lord as well as Savior.’

God gave us His Word to help us to live our lives preparing for that Day.  He wants us to get ready for His coming back.  When He lives in your heart, you see things differently and know things other people do not understand or know.  He reveals real life to you so you can live according to His will for you and gives you power to do it.  He will renew you mind daily, He will share the abundant life with you, He will fellowship with you and I mean, He takes time to talk to you personally about life with Him.   If you have never heard Him speak to you then you better be careful because spirit’s can speak to you from the realm that isn’t godly.

We should model our lives after the One who gave His life for us. Jesus will return as sure as the sun will rise. We must live as if today will be that day…

Hello World….Friends are precious

Friends are precious and a gift from God. 

Today an old friend called me and at first I didnt’ recognize his voice.  While we were getting re-aquainted, my phone disconnected so I redialed the number and when he answered I did finally recognize my friend Shukri.  He had called to tell me that his sister, Markita had moved to the Atlanta area and had read my blog.   I have never been one to answer emails because I don’t know that much about what I am doing… I just love writing and sharing what the Lord has done with me so I told him I didn’t know if I had answered her email to me….. SO, Markita, if you are reading my blog…… You brother gave me your phone number and I will give  you a call. He said he would be talking to you in a couple of days to let you know he had spoken to me, so I will give him time  to call you before I do so you will have a heads up.

My friend, Barbara, is coming to visit me soon. She wants to go to the movies and does not have anyone to go with her so she is traveling 2 1/2 hours to go to the movies with me.  I told her I would pick a good   G   movie because I don’t like going to the movies…. She laughed and said she didn’t care what rating it was as long as it was clean, clear and disinfected. . . . . . .  she had not been to the movies since she and I had gone to see 2012 on release date years ago.  I stated to laugh and told her we would go see 2016 and keep up with the movies we have seen by their dates….

My friend, Martha, called and said she was praying for me and my husband. My husband has retired and he does not know what to do with himself. He has worked all his life and now he has no hobbies, no interest in cleaning and throwing away, no friends that don’t work and we live 2 1/2 hours aways from his family. I told her he would find himself eventually as we pray for him.   God is faithful in all He does and He will find that man something to do.

My friend, Jackie, is a prayer warrior.  When she prays mountains move and she is praying for him.  So are my friends, Myrna,  Deborah, Joyce, Bea, Carolyn, Nancy, Rita, Lillian, and Janice.   That man has nothing to worry about when it comes to finding something to do now that he is retired.   These women praying have enough power to move heaven and earth to get it done….

Friends are precious and I am so glad God gave these women of God  to me for  friends.  Jesus  is Lord of  our lives…  is He Lord of yours?

Hello World… Falling into His Arms

OMG!     Have you ever been trying to do something good for someone and end up hurt beyond your own ability to handle the situation?  Let me praise the Lord today for what didn’t happen to me last week.  I was on a mission to help someone and I drove to meet them.  As I got out of the car, I bent over and placed my little ‘Baby Girl’ on the  sidewalk so she could go to grandma’s house on her own.  (Baby Girl is my 4 lb gray poodle who believes she is a human being.)    As I placed her on the ground to walk, she takes off running to granny’s back door like a streak of lighting and I see a truck on the road to the right of the house and my mind thinks, “Stupid why did you put her down?”  I stepped forward about three or four steps and the next thing I know I am waking up on the cement driveway,  face forward with pain in my left knee, forehead and nose, and my right hand and back. I began to try to stand up and see my sister coming out mom’s back door.

“What happened to you?” she yells at me as she direct  Baby Girl into the house.   “Oh, I guess I was trying to move to fast and fell down hollering at her.” I replied as I slowly lifted my aching body off the cement and stumbled into the house.  I fell into the sofa and then decided that was too soft. I got up and went into the bath room and took off my jeans and looked down at my bleeding left knee. I checked all the open wounds to see how bad I was hurt and realized that it was only the left knee that seemed to have taken the brunt of the fall.  My hands were not skint but my nose was. My forehead had a bump and so did my nose but other than that I seemed to be fine….no broken bones. Thank you Lord!

My sister, who is the comedian of the family, came to check on me and said, “You dummy, you fall on your guardian angel and almost kill him and forget to praise God you didn’t kill yourself or break any bones!”  I smiled and said, “Thank you Lord, that I didn’t break any bones or get hurt so bad that I couldn’t get up by myself. I know comedian’s can only lift funny words!”  She just smiled and handed  me an ice pack.   I decided not to go to the doctor, just pray and take care of it at home ….  Did you know that muscle pain comes on the second day after a fall?   It does, if you didn’t know that.  The first day after the fall, I felt fine, only a little soreness in my knee where it was skint up. On the second day, I could hardly stand up — I moved and I wanted to scream due to the pain in my muscles and knee. My other half told me that it was a wonder half of Georgia wasn’t taken out by the earthquake when I fell as he handed me a pain-killer to swallow;   I just realized there are two comedian’s in the family and both were having a good time with this calamity.

On the third day, I was exhausted just trying to get up and down and move around…..so I decided to keep moving to see what would happen.  Guess what, the more you move the less you hurt.  This was the first time I had ever fallen  on cement. I had fallen in the yard on the grass…didn’t get hurt at all. I fell down the steps in my house and got bruised but nothing hurt like this fall. 

I put my trust in the Lord that He kept us from something worse since we were going to be traveling to another state to transact some business for my sister.  She told me that when she got up that morning she had a bad feeling and thought that we should not go that day. She said she wanted to call me and tell me we should stay home and not travel but decided it was  ‘just a feeling’ and she got over it.  After the fall, she followed me home and told me:  “I knew we weren’t supposed to go anywhere today and I wish I had called you and told you what I was feeling.  I know it wasn’t this fall that He kept us from, it was a far worse scenario and the only way we would not go, was this happening to you.”   I laughed and told her to stop feeling so bad about something that  was not her fault, nor did God cause it.  This was my fault for not having my shoes on, for trying to save  “BG” from a truck that wasn’t even coming this way  and my not paying attention to how low my blood sugar was.”   God had protected me from getting hurt any more than I did and He kept me from braking any bones and He gave His angels charge over  me and BG,  so stop feeling like it was your fault!”

She smiled and said, “I will go home now and get over this.”

I smiled and said, “God is our deliverer. When I fall, I will fall into His arms. We will trust in Him absolutely and know that He will do the very best for us. We will be ready and willing to accept His will to be done and know that with God all things are possible.  Thank you Lord for your help in keeping all bones together.

Hello World….Yesterday….

I ran into an old friend that I knew years ago and I remembered yesterday. 

We talked for quiet a while and remanised about the old days. I listened as the conversation went back and forth between then and now and I heard the same reason I never trusted this person to the fullest. As I listened to the conversation I began to pray under my breath.  “Lord, reveal truth to me and why I have never spent time with this person over the years and why you gave me this chance meeting today?  Show me what it is that you want me to understand.” In my mind I had built up an image of what this person was like and I needed to see the truth.

An invitation was given to go for a ride to see a house that was being remodeled and I accepted thinking that this would be a good way to spend a little more time listening to the past/present/future of this person.  I heard the laughter coming from the innermost being and felt a pang of the past sliding toward me.  I saw a smile lingering in the corner of the mouth as the entity  took my hand to help me off a high step. I listened as a foul word slipped across the tongue that made my skin scrawl. I watched the eye of the cat seeking a mouse to devour.

Suddenly I woke up and realized. ….The enemy goes about seeking whom he can devour was a true statement and it was up to the child of God to recognize the enemy and speak out.  The reason the enemy can devour is, you don’t speak out and resist the enemy. You wine and dine and accept and guess what; you get devoured by your lack of knowledge as to how powerful the enemy is that comes against you.

I bowed my knee and cried “Holy is the Lord –  No to the enemy and Yes to the will of God!” …..slowly the enemy receded from me and then ran from me as I said, “Jesus, you are all I need, you are all I want, and I am Yours now and forever! Praise your Holy Name!”

Now my eyes are wide open to the wiles of the enemy that comes from yesterday and trys to make it today; and I have power to win all battles even the little skirmishes are mine in Jesus Name!

Don’t let yesterday spoil today….or your future with Christ Jesus.

Hello World… Spirit of Rebellion

Do you believe  spirits   roam this earth? Do you believe that there is good and evil spirits?  Have you ever just sat down and think about why is there so much killing and mayhem on this earth all the time in every country around the world?    I have….and the other day this thought came to me and I let it pass until today.

Thought:  Good and evil abound on this earth but it seems that evil is getting the upper hand these days….Murder of mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, children,  friends, family, strangers, people down the street and people across the ocean, wars and rumors of wars. There is so much happening that sometimes my friend asks me this question: “Is God still on the throne?”   and my answer is “YES!” and He is getting ready to change the game plan. We voted for a president whose whole premise was;  ‘Lets have Change’

God created this world perfect with perfect people and because of sin – rebellion set in and it has gotten worse year by year down the ages of time till we have come to the beginning of the end.  Not the end of the world, but the end of rebellion.  The Lord does not want us to be ignorant of the spirit of rebellion in the world today.  He has written a book that give us instruction, explains how life works when you obey and when you don’t obey, gives us promises for being obedient and tells us what curses will happen if we disobey.  It also explains to us about the spirits that are roaming this world and how they influence lives and by our choices we are either in obedience or in rebellion.  Two choices and we are responsible for the choices we make.   Guess what?  The world is in the shape it is in because of the choices humans make.  The mess we are in is not God’s fault, it is OUR FAULT by the choices we make.   Wow, what a concept!  You mean we are responsible for the way things are turning out in this world?   Yes, we are.  Religion will kill you, but relationship with the Lord will give you eternal life and abundant life.  So take a great big look at the world and check it out.   Who is in rebellion? 

The Book  tells us that the kings of the earth rise up against God and His anointed, saying, “Let us break the chains and throw off their shackles. Let us do it our way and whatever we want to. Let us kill those who disagree with us and our way. Let us not return to the True Lord of Glory, but make our own God and worship war, fighting, lieing, cheating, killing, murder, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousies, wrath, divisions, parties, envying, drunkenness, revelling and such like….   It is your choice.

Choose this day whom you will serve!  It makes all the difference in the world on gaining the abundant life and living in the way, the truth and life that you deserve….

Hello World…. Time together with Him

Time together with the Lord can be achieved in many ways.  One of the ways that I take time to be with the Lord is worship. I love to worship Him and I love to read His Word. Last year I read the entire bible all the way through and He revealed many things to me that I had missed in the last reading through. 

Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen for Him to speak to me and He always does. Sometimes I read my devotional and meditate on what it says and He always speaks to  me.   Sometimes when I am riding down the road praying, He will speak to me and tell me to turn off the radio and stop praying and just listen to Him….so I do.  One day I was watching TV and He told me to turn it off and lets talk….I did. 

This morning He called me, Dearest Child and told me to sit and close my eyes and recall all the good times we have had together and let Him calm my troubled mind.   What in the world am I troubled about I thought. I don’t feel troubled: but I do it anyway… These are the Words He spoke to my heart;

       Dearest Child:  Sit down and close your eyes and recall all the good times we have had together and let Me calm your troubled mind.  Do not let the things of this world crowd into our time. Do not let what other people say disturb your peace. Do not fret about what other people think because you, dear child, only have to please Me.  I come when you need me, I bring joy to your heart and laughter to your lips. Remember to live much in Me and let Me live much in you. Go out into the sunshine and let me refresh you there,  walk in the rain and let me refresh you there, smell the roses and hug a child, let me refresh you there.  Forgive all who despitefull use you, release those who would oppress you, give Me your heartaches, pains, hurts, disappointments, loss ….. I long to spend time with you, now and forever.  I love you and I know you love Me so as My heart reaches out to you, I desire that you reach back like a little child and receive all My love, tender care, blessing that I have in store for you.  Eternity began the day we met and I AM as near as your heart.  Embrace only Me as I embrace only You, Beloved!

Today is forever in eternity and I do embrace My Abba Father!

Hello World…Beginning Small

God’s Kingdom on the earth began small.   A baby was born and laid in a manger in Bethlehem. He grew up and became a carpenter, a teacher, a Rabbi and he died at age 33.  No one killed him; he lay down his life so that His creation could be reconciled to the Father thru the Cross. He hung between heaven and earth, Father and mankind; and He shed His blood that all whosoever will call on His name shall be saved.  

You can not see the kingdom coming into this world because the Kingdom is not of this world, but it is within you when you call and repent and receive the Son who laid down His life so you can have eternal life.  Don’t cost you anything. You don’t have to work for it, you don’t have to die for it, you don’t have to kill anyone to get eternal life.  It is a free gift via the Son of God who paid the price for you.

One day. every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord and the Kingdom is come…For when you receive Him, the kingdom IS within you.

I invite you to come to the Way, Truth and Life now  …..  it is free to all whosoever will accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Hello World…..Worried? Call for your Warrior!

“I don’t have a warrior,” you say.     Well, stop saying negative things and  call on your warrior. He will come to you.   How do I know this?   He told me that He is the one who created the universe with His spoken Word.   He hung the moon and sun and stars  and ordered the sun to come up in the morning and set in the evening.   By His Word, He  balances the world and all creation, plants, animals and humans.  He moves mountains, shoots off volcanos, shakes the earth and allows the vegetation to grow.   His plans  allow you and them to flourish and grow and become all that He desires you to become.   But He asks you to ask Him and He will give so you can receive.  When you ask Him  –  –  –  ——- He can make it happen.  But if you fret and worry and murmur and complain and grip and fidget and fume and pull your hair out while you worry….He has nothing to work with because all that is negative….  Negative energy does not produce positive results…..Make sense????

Our God has given us a brain that we only use a minute portion of.  If you and I will stop fretting and fuming over trivia and begin to call on Him and trust Him to provide what we need when we need it and ask, keep our minds stayed on Him  in praise and worship,  GUESS WHAT?  Matthew 21:22  – And all things, whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.      “Weell?,” you doubt….”I have asked many times and didn’t receive…. ”    Guess what else?  there is a condition…. If you have faith and doubt not, you shall not only do what is done to the fig tree, but even if you say unto the mountain , be thou taken up and cast into the sea, it shall be done. (21)

Negative stops the positive from happening.   Doubt stops what you say from taking place.    Believing moves mountains. Doubting stops it from moving. 

Work on it. Call for your warrior, trust Him to provide what you need – when you need it and let Him be Lord and Savior over your life and put your worries to death.

Father, this is my prayer for my friends and family and those who are becoming friends and family:  Help us all to see that when we worry, we are actually doubting you and doubt stops Your hand from working in our lives.  We have to stand on what You say and believe and worship in truth and spirit.

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