You Think?….hello world

Someone near to me asked me a question.  If the world is coming to an end, is it going to happen suddenly or slowly?  I started to think about that question and set my mind to what does other people think, what does the world think,  what do you think?

Well, as I contemplated the question, I decided to ask others:  You think the world is coming to an end?  Here are some answers I got.

Yes, in a million or so years.

Yes, but I don’t have a clue when!

NO.  The world won’t every come to an end unless maybe someone blows it up.

Yes, Someday in the future when we run out of everything.

Yes, but not in my life-time!

Yes, when the world gets into another world  war and blows itself up.

I got a lot more yes’s than I did no’s and i wondered if any one had read the bible of those asked.  Well, none had so they are just going on ‘what they think.’

What does the bible say? 

Read Eph 3:21



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