Hello World….All Things New

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away; and He that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new……….Revelation 21:4

Beloved,  one day God will gently touch your face and wipe away your tears.  Tears you have shed in sorrow over sin.  Tears you have shed from the pain in your heart over the loss of loved ones.  Tears of regret, tears of hurt, tears of anger and frustration.   ALL TEARS is what the Word states.

God knows about your tears.  The ones you shed when your father, mother, sister, brother, children, pets, grannies, papas died.  Tears you shed at the wedding when the preacher asked, “Do you take ?………….”  Tears shed when the marriage went all wrong and the judge asked, “Do you have settlement?……………”   When the boyfriend/girlfriend broke the engagement…………. When you lost your job………  When your best friend ran off with your …………….   God knows all about the tears and He will, one day, wipe all tears away and there will be no more tears for there will be no reason to cry any longer for He will remove  all regret,   all loss,   all hurt,   all frustration and all anger.

ALL GONE….for He will replace all sorrow with Himself, with His love, with His Presence.   He will make all things New…..

Hello World….Politically Correct

I am not A-political,   B-political  or politically correct.   I am a child of the living God and He is king over me.

I was reading  the Word of God and ran across this scripture in the bible.  1 Samuel 8: 6-7  But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the Lord, and the Lord said unto Samuel,  Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto you….For they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them.

I have heard from many people this comment:  “God’s will is being done in America with the choice of our government.  Look how many people voted a second time for the president.”

If you pray and the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob answers you with this being the question, “God did you make it so that we should go here again?”  I believe you would get the same answer that Samuel got.  It is the will of the people to have what they have because they have rejected God as being KING over them. 

How have we rejected God, you ask?    Let me count the ways.    Voted to put God out of school.  Voted to put God out of our court houses.  Voted to put God out of our hospitals.  Voted to put God off our money. Voted to put God out of our government.  Some folks have even voted to put God out of their churches.  Made laws against prayer at the school football games,  soccer games, basket ball games,  softball games.   So, when you reject God…….Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say…..   YOU GET WHAT YOU ASK FOR.

Are you happy now?

Hello World….Dreams

                Sometimes you hold back and you don’t talk very openly about Jesus Christ because you know that’s controversial. Listen, don’t hold back! That’s the power for answered prayer – Jesus’ Name. It’s the power that clarifies the real issue to people. Jesus is who they have to deal with. You’re not deciding about my belief. You’re deciding about Jesus. That’s where the power is to change lives.   Daily Bible Guide 

That is a direct quote from a site on the internet that stated the reason people don’t speak up. I don’t have the power to change anyone in any way.  I can only tell you what He did for me, is doing for me and what I believe He will do for me in the future.  I have to deal daily with my life before Him and if I am doing what I think He wants me to do.   You have to deal with Him and your life in your own way.  My best friend told me that for years, she would hear the Lord speaking to her and she would listen and within hours forget what He had said to her.  She said it bothered her so much that she decided to get a pen and notebook and write down what He was saying to her and write down her prayers. She told me that action changed her life.  She could remember what He was telling her and she could go back and see the answers to prayers she had prayed.  I do the same now, because I forget things if I don’t write them down.  Like a dream I had a couple of weeks ago. 

I had a dream that He told me to tell my class at Sunday School. I got ready, took my bible and got there early so I could write down my dream to tell the class. Then I thought, I will remember it. They will be in class in about 15 minutes.  Class started, I remembered and told everyone, “as soon as everyone gets seated, I have to tell you about this dream I had last night.”  We did our morning prayers, prayer request, took up the Sunday School offering and I told them I would tell them about the dream after we finished the lesson for the morning.  We finished the lesson and it was almost time to dismiss class so I told them I would tell them next Sunday Morning. As soon as church was over, I would write down the dream I thought. 

When I got home from church, I thought about the dream and told my husband not to let me forget to write down the dream I had last night. “OK.” he said to me. Right before bedtime, he said, ‘did you write down the dream?’  I said, “What dream?”  He said, “The one you asked me to remind you to write down.”  I stood there for a moment and racked my brain. . . . . . .   the dream was gone.

Still to this day, I can not remember the dream.  When He tells me/you something,  we need to either do it right then or write it down so we can remember what He told us. The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy and he does.  The enemy stole God’s dream right from me because I didn’t obey as I was told. 

What is it that He is asking you to do daily?  Where is He leading you?  When are you going to get on the path and do it? Why aren’t you running the race as He directed?    How many times is it going to take for you to catch the dream and fly with it?

Ask, Knock, Seek.

Hello World…Conditions of Love

1  John 5:3  says ‘loving God means keeping His commandments and His commandments are not burdensome.’

My first thought was, what does burdensome mean?  So, I looked it up.  It means, heavy, hard to bear, oppressive, harsh, demanding, rigorous, exacting.

Goodness gracious!        Loving God means keeping His commandments   AND  His commandments are not   heavy,   hard to bear, oppressive,   harsh,    demanding,    rigorous   or exacting.      Then, what is all the fuss about being a Christian????

Why do folks believe being Christian is hard to bear,  harsh, demanding, oppressive, heavy, rigorous or exacting?  Could it be that if you are a  harsh person,    if you are a demanding person ,    if you are  a hard to bear person,  if you are an oppressive person or any of the other adjectives mentioned person, you are not a Christian????   What a concept?

Maybe the key word here is LOVING?    Is a person who is hard to bear, loving?   Is a person who is harsh, loving?   Is a demanding person, loving?  How about an oppressive person, are they loving?    If you put on the garment of love, can you be these adjectives toward another person?   Do we humans know what love really is?    I love my car, I love ice cream, I love brushing my dog, I love walking in the rain, I love my husband?  Are we speaking of the God kind of love or the people kind of love?

What is God’s kind of love?  The meaning of God’s kind of love is derived from the word  Agape.  In the N.T. it is used to describe the attitude of God toward His Son, the human race, and to such as believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. It is used to convey His will to His children concerning their attitude one toward another and toward all men to express the essential nature of God.   Love can only be known from the action it prompts.

Action it prompts from human to human.  Think about that.  If your action toward another is harsh, you are not loving that person.  If your action toward another is demanding, oppressive, heavy, hard to bear, rigorous or exacting, you are not loving that person.

True LOVE seeks the welfare of  ALL.   Well, why does God allow  this, that, and the other to happen?  Free Will means that man can choose to do this, that, and the other so you are not a slave to God.   You have choice and the choice you make is the reason it happens.  If I gave you a list of Do’s and Don’t and told you according to the choices you make, this other list would happen to you, would you read just the do’s and don’t or would you read both list to see what the outcome of your actions would bring?  If I told you that according to your choices, you will be the one to decide where you will end up at the end of your life, would you read the instruction book to find out all the details?   

In a world of 7 billion people and a lot of them can not read, a loving God gave His Son and He didn’t say, read this book, He said, the heavens declare My glory.   It is written on the heart of man by a loving God and He gives you a choice to choose. 

Your actions speak louder than words.   Goodness, kindness, peace, longsuffering, meekness, humbleness, joy, these are the attitude of love.  You can call yourself a Christian, you can call yourself a Buddhist, you can call yourself a Latter Day Saint, you can call yourself a Baptist, Methodist, Hindu, or you can call yourself Child.  The only thing that really matters is the garment you have on when you are called.

Are you dressed and ready to go?  Do you have on the spiritual armor that was crafted for you by the blood? Does your garment fit all seasons and under all conditions?  Is it a protective garment of comfort?  Does it fit all circumstances?  Is is flexible enough to bring freedom to you and to those around you? Is it easy to move in?  Does it provide eternal peace as you wear it, not only to you but to others in your presence?   Does it respond to others with love and not hatred, not anger, not demanding, not oppressing those you are in contact with?    Think about it…….Ill fitting, heavy laden, impossible actions do not show the true lover of your soul, does not express Agape Love;  unconditional, forgiving, peaceful, joyful, happy love that comes only from the LOVER OF YOUR SOUL..

Love and obey. That is all He ask.

Hello World…In Deed and Truth

             Are you God’s Child?  If you are, He has a word for you:  

You are my Child by faith, and your faith shows itself in how you live. Your deep faith in Me causes you to act to serve a brother or sister in need, to offer a second chance to someone who has offended you, to go where I send you.  And because of My willing sacrifice for you, faith even motivates you to be willing to lay down your life for a friend.     I can see in your heart that your love is more than words..It shows up in your life,  your actions, your reactions, your attitudes.  Your desire to serve Me, honors Me. As you love in deed and in truth, you show a watching world my kind of love……love that lasts.      HC

We should heed His Words of love to us. We should read it daily and we should obey as He calls us to His Father heart.  Life would be so much better in this old world if people could get the vision  God wants to give to us daily. We should be glad and rejoice.    Abba, Thank you for loving us. Your love is amazing!   Let me not forget that sometimes we entertain angels unaware.  Clothe me in obedience as I walk in your amazing love.

1 John 3:18

Hello World…Wake Up!

Christmas Eve and all through the  house not a sound was made for all were sound asleep,  everyone except me.  I decided to stay up and pray for God to open the eyes of those who fell asleep in 2012 and can’t seem to wake up for anything that is going on.  I have some questions for the folks who are asleep and are not concerned about the future.

1.   What lies ahead for this world?

2.   What does the future hold for the Children of God?

3.   How can we properly prepare for what we are about to face in the future?

I believe that God has a divine plan for this world and that we are rapidly moving toward the plan He is working out for our future. I don’t believe that we can alter anything that is coming, but I do believe that He wants us to be awake and fully understanding and actively participating in the plan along side Him.   When He was on earth and spoke to Peter about prophecy. He said, “And I will give unto thee the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.  Matt. 16:19   Peter was the  preacher to the gentiles. He was to bring the key’s of the good news to gentile’s and teach gentiles’ the precepts  to the kingdom of heaven and how to use the spiritual keys to open the wisdom of prophecy to those who would study to understand.

What are these keys?   Key number 1 is to understand that we have authority over the enemy, Satan.  We have the ability to command binding and loosing.  We have the authority to stop the enemy in his tracks before he attacks. We have authority over the storms of life, the storms of wind, rain and tornado’s.  We have authority to open and shut the door to the knowledge of the kingdom of God.  When we learn to obey God, He will perform that in us to His glory.   How do I know that?

I was once in a storm that was filled with torrential rain, hail, and tornado’s forming.  My husband had a new truck that he was worried would get hail damage. The news media said hail the size of golf balls was falling in different area’s where tornado’s were forming and he was very upset that it would hit our area. We were away from home and could see the black clouds coming our way. We stopped in a large parking lot area and went inside a store to get somethings we needed and a lady told us as we went in, the news media had just announced a tornado was on the ground coming our way.  She said they were warning everyone to stay inside because the hail was falling just ahead of the tornado causing extensive damage. The wind was blowing the trees sideways.  My husband turned around and said, “Let’s go. We have got to get home before it hits here!”   As we got to the truck, I  could see that it was too late to run for we could see the tornado in the distance. I told him to stop and turn the truck facing the tornado and get out of the truck and hold the door open on his side and I would do the same on my side. I asked him to pray for God to lift the tornado off the ground and to stop the hail and rain.  We stood out in the howling wind. My hair was long and the wind picked it up blowing it in circles around my head as we prayed.  We took authority over the wind, rain and hail in Jesus Name and commanded it to be still.  I took authority, with  my husband, and commanded the tornado to lift and cease in Jesus Name.  We continued to do this until we saw the tornado begin to go back up into the cloud from where it had formed. We felt the wind dying down and not one drop of rain or hail fell where we were standing.

We got back into the truck and drove to the chicken place and ordered snacks and drinks. As we were pulling off, it began to rain and he said,  “IT”S BACK!”  I told him to drive to the side of the building and roll the windows down.  Hold my hand and pray.  He did and we did.  We asked God to protect the truck from any hail that should fall…….to keep the truck and us safe from hail damage in Jesus Name.  We sat there and watch the hail fall all around our truck, about a foot away from all sides and front. NOT ONE piece of ice hit our truck – but it was hitting the ground all around  us.  We both  kept praying.  As we prayed, we both looked up and out the front windshield and our mouths fell open at the same time as we both gasped at what we were seeing. “Oh, MY GOD,” he said to me, “Do you see what I see?”  “If you are seeing the biggest angel you have ever seen standing in front of the truck with his sword drawn over our truck, I am.” “I am seeing the biggest anything I have every seen standing in front of our truck.”  Suddenly the angel disappeared and it stopped raining and hailing. My husband said to me with a smile on his face. “NOT one piece of hail hit this truck, but look out the window at it on the ground around the truck”…we opened the doors and took a closer look.  We closed the doors and backed up and took another look.  Where the truck had been sitting was dry cement and about a foot out from the dry cement was hail on wet cement. It looked like we had been sitting under a box somewhat larger than the actual truck and no water or hail had gotten on the area where the truck had been sitting.  

That was the time when my husband began to understand what it means to exercise your authority by the Word.  Command loosing and binding on earth. We have power to do things supra-natural on earth as it is in heaven.  When two come into agreement concerning anything they ask, it shall be done in Jesus name.

Revelations 2:7 says:  He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches.  Most people believe the church is a building they go too on Sunday to worship.  I believe I am the church. I worship my Father and I am the temple He lives in.  He is resident at home with me all the time.  I don’t have to go anywhere to worship Him. I just do it. I go to the building to meet with others who are like-minded and like to come together to praise and worship  together.  I pray that in 2013 more people will become churches and let Him reside at home in His temple.  This old world could become the kingdom of heaven on earth as it is in heaven.

Wake up, people…….Listen to what the Spirit says unto the churches.

Hello World…Believing Unbeliever

I was reading a wonderful post on believers living up to and doing what they believe God’s Word says. I was also having a conversation with a dear to my heart person in my life who asked me this question; “Why do you use the phrase, ‘believing unbeliever’?

My answer was:   There are so many people in this world who say they believe, but they don’t DO what they say they believe.  They use their will against God’s will and do their will and live by what they ‘will’  to happen in their lives and leave God completely out of the picture even though they say, “Oh, yea! I believe the bible.  I believe in God. I believe in tithing.  I believe you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  But when the trial comes, they balk and start hollering all this gibberish about, “Yea, I know what the bible says, BUT…..   I know what I should do about tithing, BUT…….     I believe in God, BUT …….. I know I should treat him/her/them better, BUT……..

A relative of mine who goes to Church every Sunday morning….and  Wednesday night to eat because the meal is only $2.00, never reads the bible, ‘can’t understand what it say’ is the excuse, told me she didn’t care what the bible says about living with a man she is not married to and does not intend to marry – he is just a convenience to have someone to go eat with, dance with, sit beside her in church so ‘she isn’t there by herself’.  I saw her get angry at a woman and cuss her out over a slight toward her while she was shopping, and she gives a dollar in the plate every Sunday morning…ooopps, one Sunday she gave 2.00.  .  .  .  and she has millions in the bank.   This is the picture of a believing unbeliever.  I am not judging her, there are millions of people just like her and they all think they are believers…..Wake up people!  You are just like satan who fell from heaven because of his I WILL HAVE IT MY WAY!

God does not save you to have it your way.  Only Burger King allows that.  God saves you so you can come back into relationship with Him and have abundant life that will keep you centered in God’s Will.  You repent and give your will to God and He gives you eternal life. More than a fair trade.  You repent and confess you are a sinner, He gives you eternal life later and abundant life now.  What do you have to give up?  Suffering, sin, selfishness to name a few things.   I actually didn’t give up anything.  God made me so happy, I just turned my life over to Him and told Him, What ever you want from me,  You show/tell me what you want me to do, You help me do it and I  will gladly DO  it.  He said “read MY WORD and I will guide you!” Every morning He gives me a fresh start. He tells me to come and drink from the well of belief and faith. He told me that even when I do wrong, He still here for me….Just come and talk to Him..He wants me to tell Him everything that is on my heart.  (He already knows it anyway).   So if I just talk it out with Him, we can work it out together  and deal with whatever takes place.

When I sin or do something wrong, it bothers me and when I tell Him all about it and confess it, He makes me feel better and I know He understands and will help me not to go in that path again.  When I confess and repent, I am forgiven and it is forgotten. He does not hold it against me. He teaches me what to do next time so I don’t do it again.  He heals my broken heart, He heals my mind and my emotions and He makes me clean. I like clean better than dirty.  I like the fresh start. In the beginning it wasn’t as easy as it is now, but the older I get and the more I trust Him – the easier it gets.    Worship is exciting, reading the Word is exciting, praying is exciting and sometimes I am overwhelmed by His mercy and grace.  I am also very thankful for His ever forgiving heart toward this Child.

One day I was just worshiping Him and suddenly I felt this loving  tug on my heart and I heard Him say, “My sweet adorable cheerleader. I love the way you worship Me in truth and Spirit.”…… and I began to shout my love to Him.  I felt wave after wave of the most loving feelings I think I have ever known.  When He touches you, you know it.  Rejoice and be glad!

Hello World….You Are Mine

Tonight as I was getting ready for bed, after relaxing playing one of my mind games of how many bloons can you burst and how many points can you make in 3 minutes time, He spoke to my heart and said to me very quietly:

          You are mine and I want you to know who you are and help you to embrace your identity as my Child.  Sometimes you spend more time trying to improve your mind than you do taking on the mind of Christ.  Child, I AM your Father and everything changed between Me and you  when you asked my Son to be your Savior and Lord of your life. I sought you out, wanting to adopt you into my family and you responded to my invitation. Don’t you remember what happened at that moment?   Don’t you remember the excitement of My touch and how you laughed and cried and rejoiced that you could hear Me speaking to you?  In that precious moment you became My Child, not only My Child, but a princess and priest  with the privilege of  calling on Me directly at any  moment of the day or night and I  answer you. I chose you to be a royal princess in My kingdom. A child of the King. You, My daughter are holy for My Son died to take away your sin. You, My precious princess, are mine and I love you.  Now bow your head and come to Me and let us reason together about tomorrow.  I have a wonderful day planned for you!

I gather myself from the computer and close this down and go and do as He says, because He is my Father and I love Him.  We have a wonderful day going for us tomorrow.

1 Peter 2:9

Hello World… Discipline is

How do you feel about discipline?  How do you feel about being disciplined?  What does discipline mean?  A lot of people think it is giving or getting a good spanking or having to stand in the corner for being bad, or ‘time out’ in a special chair.

The dictionary states that discipline means:  1. training that is expected to produce a specified character or pattern of behavior, especially that which is expected to produce moral or mental improvement. 2. Controlled behavior resulting from such training.        3. systematic method to obtain obedience:  a military discipline 4. A state of order based upon submission to rules and authority.        5. Punishment intended to correct or train. A set of rules or methods, as those regarding the practice of a church or order.                  7. A branch of knowledge or of teaching.

A lot of people won’t discipline their children and when the child gets to be a teenager, the parent has no control and the child is into drugs, alcohol, all kinds of sexual activity and the parent wonders WHY.                    


And it should be done as training, not a beating.

Our Father loves us and He trains us.  How do I know?  Been there, done that.

If He didn’t love us, He would not discipline us.  Think about it….Would a loving Father who loved His child allow that child to act in rude and hateful ways?  Would a loving Father continue to let his child run wild, do drugs, drink alcohol and sleep with anything laying down?

I don’t know about you, but my loving Father watches over me day by day. It is He that is maturing my faith and walking me through the daily grind of life with joy. For the joy of the Lord is my strength. Father wants us to grow strong in Him and walk with Him and live our lives in a manner worthy of the calling He has placed in us. If we will obey and follow Him, He will lead us and guide us on the right road, the narrow road to life, abundant life and we will be more than conquerors.  He will keep us safe.

When life gets difficult, we should learn from that training and go forth understanding that correction offers us a chance to take hold of stronger faith.  Faith comes by hearing the Word, going through the test and coming out on the other side with wisdom. The path of life depends on our choices.  Choose good and good things come.  Choose bad and bad things come.  Simple.  So simple that most people miss it: that it was their choices that brought the result.  Healing comes to those who trust His Word.   What does His word say?  By Jesus stripes you are healed.  Do you believe that?   Then walk in that faith and be healed.

I believe that God, my Father, loves me so much that He will allow short-term pain to bring me long-term peace.

…………..that is why I can say, “Thank you Father for a love that wounds, then heals.

Jesus died (wound) and Jesus resurrected  (healed)–He is my eternal life.

P>S>   You can also discipline yourself…..

Hello World… Conquerors,

My Beloved friend has passed through the fire and come out as gold in the hand of the Lord. 

Prayers and petitions unto the Lord have been answered and every one can praise the Lord for what He is doing and for the love He has bestowed upon His Children.  When we go through trials, our Father sends the Comforter in human flesh to put arms around the child in need at that moment. He sends words of comfort in human flesh that will speak the Word  in love and see you through all aspects of the trails, who will walk with you, pray with you, fight the good fight with you.  Love never fails.

Our Lord says to us:

       Child, when the Son arises, the darkness will flee.  Darkness can not stand in the Presence of the Son Light.  Fear that comes to take control of you will flee at the Presence of the Light.  Fear is the opposite of FAITH. . . . . .  and when faith is exercised in the face of fear, fear will become a smoke that will dissipate and flee from you.   The blood of Jesus will make you more than a conqueror and the message that comes from the Word of God will continue the work of growing your faith.  Instead of sinking sand, you will stand on the Rock and the power of the Holy Spirit will rise to conqueror.   When fear plagues you, kill that plague with the Word, stand on the Word and speak the Word and you will be equipped to over come all fears by the Spirit.   I will give you spirit-power to see past the fear and understand the Word that will dispel the darkness and bring brilliant LIGHT into your spirit and soul.  Don’t worry, be happy for the Good Shepherd,   I AM  always as near as a whispered prayer.

Ex 3:14

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