Hello World…A Good Reputation..

People are watching you and they know that you know the Lord and they wonder what that really means. They see you doing things just like they do it and react just like they do and they wonder…..   ‘is it really real, if they can’t behave any differently than I do, is it really real?’

People may never read the bible, but they read you daily as you go about your daily life. They see your reactions to difficulty, your attitude when someone gets your parking place at the mall, how you react when someone gives you a bad time over nothing, how you scream at your kids because they aren’t doing what you told them to do in the first place, how you kept the money the clerk gave you back and it was too much, how you tell your kids, ‘tell them I’m not home’ when you don’t want to talk to someone calling….

You are building a reputation every day when you walk out the door of your home.  People see you react to running a traffic light, being cut off in traffic, mall etiquette, “I was here first’,  sleeping in on Sunday morning because Sunday school is just another class and there will be Church the next Sunday – so why not?  Studying the bible is a chore and coming to early Sunday school is an even bigger chore because ‘that is the only day’ I can sleep in……

People are watching….what are you being an example of?   Can people honestly say, “there is a man in your kingdom who has the spirit of the holy gods in him’ or are they saying, ‘he is just like the rest of us Monday thru Saturday, but he ……’  or are they saying, ” You can count on him/her  Sunday thru Sunday. They never change and are always the same good, kind and helpful people all week-long.”

People are watching….they know  if you know…….  Does anyone see God in you?

Hello World… If My People….

American is in trouble. We have people who pronounce all forms of wickedness over our nation and think nothing about it, the speak sickness and disease over people watching television, they tell you the symptoms and what to look for and even how you are going to get it if you don’t take ‘this’ medicine. People declaring America is not a Christian Nation; Evildoers are all over the television with their witchcraft and sorcery, murder and killings, shows so gruesome that if you are like me, just walking thru the room when it flashes on-screen makes me nauseous  to my stomach.

The Word says God will rescue us from evil doers and protect us from the violent who devise evil plans in their hearts and stir up war everyday.  He will remove those from your land whose deeds are evil and whose hands are filled with acts of violence. Those that pursue evil schemes, and acts of violence mark their ways for the way of peace they do not know. There is no justice in their paths. Anyone who walks along with them will not know the way of peace.

What should we do?         God says, IF My people, who are called by My name will humble themselves and PRAY and SEEK My face and TURN from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and HEAL their land.

If you call yourself a child of God,   PRAY without ceasing for America  and don’t stop until God says “Come up here My Child.”

SOON and very soon we are going to see the King……..


Hello World…. Better Together….

Have you ever felt so alone   you did not know where to turn? Even in the presence of friends and family and neighbors; Have you wondered where all the people are? Why are you feeling so alone in the midst of all those around you? Are you surrounded by multitudes, yet feel like there is nobody near enough to reach out to touch or speak to at this moment?  Do you hear what is happening around you, but feel all alone in the crowd? Are you passing through circumstance that threaten to drown you, encountering  fires of doubt, committing  acts of unkindness for no reason, are you yelling in silence and everyone seems to be passing by; ears not hearing, eyes not seeing, arms empty of all emotions?

These things assail everyone at one time or the other, last longer for some than others, come more often than necessary for some,   BUT God says it is better together; so come and set aside some prayer time; set aside everything and turn your heart to Him. Bring your heart-felt friends in prayer, bring your neighbors and family in prayer and come sit quietly  in His presence for a moment and get your heart prepared to pray one for another. Meditate on Him, pour out your aloneness, fears, feelings, doubts, acts, yelling, emptiness to Him and He will fill you up with His joy, love, peace.

Make prayer a priority and spend time in the presence of the One who can empower and equip you to do all things.  There are times that you need fellowship and encouragement from other believers. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a primary source of strength. If you seek first the Kingdom and bring your friends along, God will fill you up, run you over and shake you together with His Spirit and equip you to do what He has call you to and all these things that have come to hinder you will be turned into power to over come.

Lord, we come before you now seeking your help in all things. We bring friends, family and neighbors to Your throne of grace and receive from Your hand all our needs met!

Hello World….Maranatha, my friends….

All day long I have had an expectancy in my heart for the Presence of my Father……

He never fails to meet with me some time during the day or evening and as I was preparing for bed after I had spent some time with a dear sister on the phone praying, He spoke to my heart:

       Our prayer time  together is precious to Me, Child. Especially when you set aside everything and turn your attention and heart to Me, I rejoice over you. You are my girl and I love spending time with you. Your name brings joy to my life and I run to you when you cry Abba. My heart longs for those moments when we come together in quite prayer and your prayers turn into praise and worship. I rejoice when You dance before me and delight in  My touch. You have learned that you can not do it alone and you delight in Me as much as I delight in you.       I am glad you remember to come and talk to me, I am glad when you sit still at My feet and learn my Word. I see you when you cry and hear your whisper ‘will this pain last forever?’     The answer my Child is No. …. for I wipe away every tear, every pain, every disappointment in your life and give you my joy to replace your pain.   Do not fret about your child that has come home; she is in My hand and there  is no more lack for her. She is experiencing the promise I made to her when I gave my angel charge over her at age 4.  Do you remember what she told you?   No more bed wetting, no more pain, no more hurt, no more crying, clean clothes, pretty clothes, purple socks……. Yes My Child, she now has all the promises I made to her fulfilled in her new home.

      Soon and very soon all my children will be with me for it is My promise to you and to all who call on the name of the Lord. Rejoice my Beloved, when fear whispers that life will always look as it does today, remind yourself of My promises to you that ‘this too shall pass’  and then put your eyes on Me and My Word, and the Kingdom I have given unto you.   I love you, Child Maranatha….

My eyes are upon the One who gave Himself for me that I may inherit eternal life……

Hello World…No Condemnation….

There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.  Romans 8:1

What does that mean, you ask?  Well, I asked that same question once and the answer I received saved my life. 

I drew a line in the sand of time and life. I changed a happening into a challenge that comes to all people….from friends who tempt you to pull away from God. Your co-workers, who encourage you to ignore company policy, people who ridicule you for your stand with right and think it is ok to do it just a little bit.  God took notice of the stand I took just like he took notice of the stand Daniel took when he was taken into exile, when he was taken away from his family at a young age and put into the service of a Babylonian King who did not know God ,,,  But Daniel knew, foreign land or not, God was with him and he stood up for what he believed and let God be God in a foreign land when he defied the order not to pray. He opened his windows wide and bow before his God and prayed as he always had done. He drew a line in the sand and took a stand and continued to worship his Lord and Savior in spite of a decree that said he would die if he prayed.     Daniel 6:10

Sometimes we wonder if drawing a line in the sand makes us look stupid, silly or weak in the eyes of those around us.  Guess what! It does not —  Actually the opposite is true.  God grows you stronger and more attractive to those around you every time you take a stand in His favor.   When you honor Him, you receive the favor of God and He honors you with more wisdom and more knowledge and more understanding in  WHO HE IS and you grow in grace.

I pray that the Lord teach you and empower you to be a faithful and obedient witness to His honor and glory each day.  Time is short, no matter how old you are…. 

Stand for something or you will fall for anything…

Hello World….Spiritual Life

I will put my Spirit inside you, and you will come to life.   Ezekiel 37:14  NCV

How do you trust the Lord to take care of you?  What is your participation in the work of the Lord? 

Salvation is a FREE gift. Don’t cost you anything. I once thought everybody in the world should be saved since it is so easy to be saved. One man did it all for all mankind and all He requires is that you have faith that He did it for you, believe what He says about sin and repent, believe what He said about receiving His free gift to you and receive it and He does all the rest in you from then on if you obey His word. What do you have to believe?

1. You are a sinner,  have you ever lied, cheated, cussed, got drunk, done anything your mama told you not to do, stolen something,  — then you are a sinner.

2.  Believe what the basic instructions before leaving earth says about Him.  He died in your place for all the sin you have ever committed, are committing, will commit.

3.  Confess who you are to him and confess who He is to you.   I am a  sinner,  He is the savior.

4.  Accept what He did for you —  died in your place for your sins – and believe He did it for you.

5. Receive Him into your heart by faith and confess who He is in you.  I am saved by the savior, Jesus Christ,.

Ephesians 2:8     For by grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.

Romans 1:17      The just shall live by faith….

Hebrews 11:1      Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seem.

Romans 3:10    There is none righteous, no, not one…

Romans 3:23     For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

If you read the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth – you shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free….I know this is true, it happened to me…

 Prayer is easy too.  You just talk to God like He is sitting right there next to you,  like you would a friend.

I will start this for you:    Here I am and I don’t know if you hear me, but I am believing by faith that You do. I come confessing that I am a sinner and I need a savior. I don’t know a lot about this but I trust You will teach me. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for me and I want him to come live in my heart and help make my life pleasing to Father. I believe what Father says about his Son. He died  for me and shed his blood in my place and I receive your forgiveness for all my sins and I receive the free gift of eternal life right now. I believe your word to me that I am now saved and Jesus is my savior. Amen

Your life will never be the same……..I  know…mine has never been the same since I received Him….

Hello World….Obey Me…not man

This mornings message to me was short & sweet……

Obey God rather than man…Do not let sin reign in your mortal body, or obey it in its lust….If you obey my Voice and keep My covenants, I will be a special treasure to you. Turn to Me when you are in distress, turn to Me and obey My Voice. I will not forsake you or destroy you, nor will I forget the covenant that I swore to Your fathers.

What is a covenant?   It is a binding agreement made by two or more persons – a solemn vow made in agreement between two parties.

When you hear that still small Voice speaking to your heart and you know that Voice belongs to Father, you can be certain that whatever He tells you to do will be for your good and not your hurt.

Mark 14:24 is the New Covenant made with me and can be yours if you so choose….


Hello World…The Word of the Lord

The Word of the Lord remains……

My husband told me  he is retiring from his job.   As I prayed about this, because he did not talk to me about it, I ask the Lord His will on this matter… because with the retirement of my husband I have no insurance. I don’t have a job, and with no insurance, until I turn 65, I have only one choice.

Trust the Lord to be my insurance.  I have been diabetic since I was 26 years old, insulin dependant. When I got saved, I asked the Lord to heal me and the word that came to me was:  My grace is sufficient for you.   At 36, I asked the Lord again to heal me and the word that came to me was: My grace is sufficient for you.  At 44, I went before the Lord in prayer, with thanksgiving. Sitting on my back porch, head bowed, I asked the third time and the word that came to me was:  My grace is sufficient for you so do not ask me again. I will take care of you.  

So I have never asked again.  He has always taken care of me. I have never had any of the things happen to me that happen to other diabetics. I have 20/25 eye sight in both eyes, I feel good, heal very well when any accident happens,  And He takes care of all my needs as well as my body day and night. When I told my husband that I would trust the Lord with my health and God would be my insurance carrier, he looked at me like I was crazy and then said, “Whatever.” 

Insulin is very expensive, so is needles and items used for checking my blood sugar.  But my insurance carrier owns all the hills and the cattle upon those hills. He created the universe and He created me. He knows what I need and when I need it and His Word says he will supply all of my needs by Christ Jesus…..because I am His Child and I am a special creation. There is no one else exactly like me and He loves to share this world with me. I know this because He saved me and we walk together in peace and happiness with the joy of the Lord as my strength each day.

The adversaries who oppose me or confront me or trys to drag me away or make me doubt will be put under my feet because He said so.  When the enemy comes in, like a flood, my Father will raise up a standard against him and nothing they do can keep Him from me or me from Him. Nothing they can say can ever diminish His passion for me because He said so.  I am His Child, adopted into His Kingdom and loved without measure…..deep upto deep because He said so.  It is not by might but by His Holy Spirit power that we will resist and stand fast in the liberty whereby we have been called.  I can resist the evil forces of this dark world because HE SAID SO!

The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.       I believe Him……Don’t you?

P.S.  Look what He said in Genesis  1:3, 1: 6, 1:9, 1:11,  1:14, 1:20, 1:24,  1:26, 1:29,  and look what He said to me in a previous post…about my health….

Hello World…Understanding blessing/obedience

This morning as I read Galatians 5: 1-26, a still small Voice began the emerge from my innermost being speaking words of love and encouragement to me. I will share this still small Voice with you and let you experience the peace and understanding He gave me.

You shall forever always love me with all your heart as I have spoken in My Word; You shall love me with all your mind, will and emotions; You shall love me with all your strength, for my joy is your strength.  As I bestow my Spirit upon and in you, I know you will cast down all high things and arguments from man that are brought against you in judgement pertaining to My Knowledge.  Any argument put forth to you by mankind as to what I have spoken and am speaking to you, you shall bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of My Ways. Do not argue with the enemy. Stand fast in all that I speak to you….obedience is better than sacrifice.

When you pass through the rivers, they shall not overflow you and when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon you, for I AM the Lord your God and I will help you to obey righteousness and disallow unrighteousness. You will obey My Truths with wisdom and understanding. Then will I keep My indignation and wrath far, far away from you and you will receive favor from My hand, blessings and favor because you choose to serve and obey My Word, My Commands, My Way, My Truth and you will also receive the blessings of My Life in you forever.   No more going in and going out. You will abide IN ME forever.

My understanding is with obedience and following Him, I will continue to learn  how to obey and follow — Him —   I will continue to learn what it means for the Spirit of the Lord to live big in me and me live  in Him and become God’s cheerleader making the most of each day He gives me to His honor and glory;  for in my weakness, He is my strength…. and I know that I know that I know what I know is coming from Him because I am His sheep and I know His voice and I will not follow another all the days of my life…    Amen

Neither will you if you are willing and obedient…….

Hello World….Breakthrough Comes..

This morning the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “You will experience great breakthrough in your life.”

Today begins a new series in my life. I have had great loss in my life during the past years. The loss of my father, the loss of my brother, the loss of  two of my Uncles, my brother-n-law, one of my husband’s sisters,  three  of my Aunts, the loss of my  nephew and the loss of my daughter. As Job exclaimed: “Shall we receive good at the hand of God and shall we not receive evil?” In all this did not Job sin with his lips.

This morning, He spoke:    My Child, I have anointed you for breakthrough. I am the Lord, your breaker, and I will go before you. I have reconciled you to Myself through my Son and have given you the ministry of reconciliation. Your light will break forth like the morning and your healing shall spring forth speedily. You will worship Me and sing praises to My name. The end of all things is at hand, therefore break through in your prayers and be ever serious and watchful for Me.

My answer to Him:   Yes, Lord! I am willing and obedient to Your Word to me. In You I will breakthrough in all areas of my life..In You, I will breakthrough in all my relationships, in my health,  and I will go to new levels of praise and worship to You. I will experience a deeper prayer life, I will watch and pray according to Your will and I will prepare a place in my heart to be more serious and watchful for You to pour out Your Spirit abundantly in my life to others……


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