Hello World…. Time together with Him

Time together with the Lord can be achieved in many ways.  One of the ways that I take time to be with the Lord is worship. I love to worship Him and I love to read His Word. Last year I read the entire bible all the way through and He revealed many things to me that I had missed in the last reading through. 

Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen for Him to speak to me and He always does. Sometimes I read my devotional and meditate on what it says and He always speaks to  me.   Sometimes when I am riding down the road praying, He will speak to me and tell me to turn off the radio and stop praying and just listen to Him….so I do.  One day I was watching TV and He told me to turn it off and lets talk….I did. 

This morning He called me, Dearest Child and told me to sit and close my eyes and recall all the good times we have had together and let Him calm my troubled mind.   What in the world am I troubled about I thought. I don’t feel troubled: but I do it anyway… These are the Words He spoke to my heart;

       Dearest Child:  Sit down and close your eyes and recall all the good times we have had together and let Me calm your troubled mind.  Do not let the things of this world crowd into our time. Do not let what other people say disturb your peace. Do not fret about what other people think because you, dear child, only have to please Me.  I come when you need me, I bring joy to your heart and laughter to your lips. Remember to live much in Me and let Me live much in you. Go out into the sunshine and let me refresh you there,  walk in the rain and let me refresh you there, smell the roses and hug a child, let me refresh you there.  Forgive all who despitefull use you, release those who would oppress you, give Me your heartaches, pains, hurts, disappointments, loss ….. I long to spend time with you, now and forever.  I love you and I know you love Me so as My heart reaches out to you, I desire that you reach back like a little child and receive all My love, tender care, blessing that I have in store for you.  Eternity began the day we met and I AM as near as your heart.  Embrace only Me as I embrace only You, Beloved!

Today is forever in eternity and I do embrace My Abba Father!

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