Hello World…..IAM Where?..

Child, I AM Where?…..at work in You  especially in the times when you don’t since my presence or understand  me…. IAM here in your questions….even when you are anxiously seeking me …..wondering where I have gone—- I AM  with you, I AM in you …so do not fear…     Sometimes you fret and worry…..worry  if I AM still watching over  you.   Things happen that don’t make sense,  causing you concern,  ….  My Child, I AM never apart from you; I never lose control or forget you. You are engraved on the palms of my hands. You are the apple of my eye as David.  No need to  go  looking…..Be still before Me…. I AM  here in your heart. I AM present all the time in you and You in Me. We are One..

Don’t forget who you are and Who you represent…. He never leaves nor forsakes you…When it seems like He is not there, it is you that has moved…

Father, help us to remember that your temple is our body and we need to be still and know that You are God.

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