Hello World…. Friend of God / or / Man

Today I read a post that made me so sad. I was in such pain after reading it that I wanted to cry…. I asked the Lord to give me peace over what I had read and His reply to my request was this:   ‘Beloved, I sent my Son Jesus so that mankind’s life would be more than just  business as usual, more than living day-to-day, struggle to struggle, hand to mouth, week to week.  Life’s struggles to  survive was meant to lead you to the Cross and to a Relationship with My Son.  It was meant to draw you to a longing to see Him and to know Him intimately as Lord as well as Savior.’

God gave us His Word to help us to live our lives preparing for that Day.  He wants us to get ready for His coming back.  When He lives in your heart, you see things differently and know things other people do not understand or know.  He reveals real life to you so you can live according to His will for you and gives you power to do it.  He will renew you mind daily, He will share the abundant life with you, He will fellowship with you and I mean, He takes time to talk to you personally about life with Him.   If you have never heard Him speak to you then you better be careful because spirit’s can speak to you from the realm that isn’t godly.

We should model our lives after the One who gave His life for us. Jesus will return as sure as the sun will rise. We must live as if today will be that day…


Hello World….Friends are precious

Friends are precious and a gift from God. 

Today an old friend called me and at first I didnt’ recognize his voice.  While we were getting re-aquainted, my phone disconnected so I redialed the number and when he answered I did finally recognize my friend Shukri.  He had called to tell me that his sister, Markita had moved to the Atlanta area and had read my blog.   I have never been one to answer emails because I don’t know that much about what I am doing… I just love writing and sharing what the Lord has done with me so I told him I didn’t know if I had answered her email to me….. SO, Markita, if you are reading my blog…… You brother gave me your phone number and I will give  you a call. He said he would be talking to you in a couple of days to let you know he had spoken to me, so I will give him time  to call you before I do so you will have a heads up.

My friend, Barbara, is coming to visit me soon. She wants to go to the movies and does not have anyone to go with her so she is traveling 2 1/2 hours to go to the movies with me.  I told her I would pick a good   G   movie because I don’t like going to the movies…. She laughed and said she didn’t care what rating it was as long as it was clean, clear and disinfected. . . . . . .  she had not been to the movies since she and I had gone to see 2012 on release date years ago.  I stated to laugh and told her we would go see 2016 and keep up with the movies we have seen by their dates….

My friend, Martha, called and said she was praying for me and my husband. My husband has retired and he does not know what to do with himself. He has worked all his life and now he has no hobbies, no interest in cleaning and throwing away, no friends that don’t work and we live 2 1/2 hours aways from his family. I told her he would find himself eventually as we pray for him.   God is faithful in all He does and He will find that man something to do.

My friend, Jackie, is a prayer warrior.  When she prays mountains move and she is praying for him.  So are my friends, Myrna,  Deborah, Joyce, Bea, Carolyn, Nancy, Rita, Lillian, and Janice.   That man has nothing to worry about when it comes to finding something to do now that he is retired.   These women praying have enough power to move heaven and earth to get it done….

Friends are precious and I am so glad God gave these women of God  to me for  friends.  Jesus  is Lord of  our lives…  is He Lord of yours?

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