Hello World…..Pure in Heart revisited

Thank you “L” for your comment…..That is what the Lord showed me along with the reason most people ‘say’ they believe, but when it comes down to the test, they fail miserably because the ‘saying’ does not match up what is in the heart.  Another trip around the mountain to see if you really believe what you say you believe.  How do we prove what we believe?   By the way we obey is the answer I received when I asked Him that question.

This morning, Father spoke to my heart and this is what He spoke to me:

        My beloved Child, Your coming to me each day and sharing your life in prayer and believing that I AM, shows me that you truly are seeking to know me thru an intimate relationship that only comes through time spent with the one you love.  When you seek Me with all your heart, I AM obliged to reveal Myself to My beloved and you qualify as My beloved by the blood that you received and  spending time seeking Me draws you to My Father heart.  There is no mystery to knowing Me.  There is no mystery to finding Me.  All you have to do is, spend time seeking,  asking and knocking.  As you pray I AM listening,  as you seek my thoughts, I AM remembering who you are too Me because  IAM your Father  who has strong shoulders for you to cry on, lean on,  rest on.  I AM your protective Father, who fights your battles so you win,  I AM your forgiving Father who wants to help you do the best each day; I AM your strongtowner  Father that builds you up, who deals with your sin when you repent, who wipes away your tears when you cry and who picks you up when you fall.    Just take the time to talk to Me and I will always respond.  I AM your Father!

Jesus came to give us life, spiritual, mental, physical and abundant life   –  A life filled with power and joy.  So many people just do not see the goodness of God. They blame God for all the ills of the world when He is actually the One who created the world and He created it Good because He is a good God.  Did you ever think about why so many bad things are going on in this world?  This thought came to me about Pure in Heart and what it means…..

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God  Matthew 5:8

Follow after peace with all men, and the sanctification without which no  man shall see the  Lord: looking carefully lest there be any man who falls short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you and thereby the many be defiled.  Hebrews 12:14

First – Peace is the only way to sanctification and sanctification is the only way to be able to see the Lord.  When one is defiled, one can not see God.  One must be washed in the blood sacrifice to be able to see God.   The sad fact is, more people are lost than saved….because they will not accept the gracious gift of eternal life God’s Way.  Man wants to have a part in making it to heaven and God has already done everything necessary for man to go to heaven.  Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.  Earth’s richest choicest gift came and most men have rejected that precious gift because they want to do it “MY WAY”>  Because it isn’t what man wants to do, man rejects that precious gift of life, will have none of it because  “I would rather do it myself, my way, in my time, when I get ready too, when I feel like it, when I want too, if I want too and how I want to”.  Man fight one another over territory, water, jobs, girl friends, wives, children, cars, boats, houses, money, beliefs, whose got God and who doesn’t.    ..  …    and all the time,   salvation has been taken care of  for all mankind, every where, in every nation, under the sun and man wants to say, “No thank you, I will do it my way.”  Some religions tell other religion, ‘You will accept my god or I will kill you.’  Some religions tell others, ‘You wrong, I’m right…so submit or die.”  Some ignore all others. Some demand they are exclusive and there is no god. Some say satan is god, some say man is god, some say it does not matter who is god, just leave me alone.

In the end, every one will KNOW because the One True God will stand and every knee shall bow to Him because He is the creator of this world – He owns every thing and every one in this world and one day He will come back and take back what the devil stole from mankind and return it to the children of the kingdom.  , , , , , and everyone shall  see Him.   He is good, He is God and He is coming soon….

Are you pure in heart so you shall see Him?  Seek Him while He may be found. Don’t depend on what anyone else says….ASK and you shall receive, SEEK and you shall find, knock and the Way, Truth and Life shall be opened to you.  It really is that easy…..Man makes it difficult by demanding, “I want it my way.”

P.S.   Terri said, “You are not at Burger King!”


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