Hello World….Prayer of Dedication…

Is America asleep, is America dying in the hands of wickedness, is American falling from grace, ???? 

Let us pray..

Father, Abba,  Oh God, let our nation fall at Your feet for You are  God of love and mercy…. You are able to bring us to understanding, and Your throne of grace will last for eternity….Let Your scepter of justice arise over us and protect us for You love righteousness and hate wickedness. Help us   speak only what You put in our mouth and let truth come forth, keep our  mouth from speaking evil and wickedness.  Help us keep our eyes on You and You alone  –  Help us to hear what the Spirit speaks to us and to trust in Jesus….. Help America to walk in righteousness and to trust in You and Your Word.  Open our eyes to see You high and lifted up.   Renew in American a right Spirit and cause us to wake up from the stupor we have fallen into….Help us hear error and search out where it is coming from and why it is being thrust on us as a nation….shake us up so we can get into Your will and stand for what is right…..Keep our eyes focused on You and deliver us from all evil and wicked men.   We will serve You with our life and do what is right in Your eyes, Lord.

We pray this in the name of Jesus who is the deliverer and we trust in You to see us through this ……….

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