Hello World….Ungodly Soul Ties #2

Hello World

You Will Walk in MY Spirit of Ecellence

Yes She would not give him up so the Lord interveined and took the controll of dividing light from darkness. Darkness could not continue to dwell where the light was or the light was about to go out. God does not loose what He saves. He came in from work one day and attacked her with a verbal slander and cursed her and her family member with words that came straight from the pits.

She could not listen to such and she began to scream and tell him he was not going to talk to her like that. But he continued and drew his hand to hit her and she defended her self with a broom. She hit him upside the head and he left. He left and called the police and filed a warrent against her for assult. He wasn’t hurt but he was leaving….. one way or the other he was leaving.
That was all it took to seperate light from darkness. He is gone but she has to go to court for assault over something she could have easily took care of by just telling him to leave a week earlier.
She said she will never let him back into her life. I know soul ties must be hard to break but when God does it….it is done.

Hello World….Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties

Do you know what an Ungodly soul tie is?   I didn’t until someone I knew got caught in a relationship and could not break free.  She is a christian and she got involved with a man who is a confessed atheist. She said she thought she could change him is why she continued the relationship. The relationship went from friends to the bed without a marriage contract and he moved in.   He was smooth talking, easy-going, loved what she loved and even went to church with her to satisfy her.  But going to church did not change him, it began to change her. She began to get angry and upset that he was not the cleanest person in the house.

She began to see that he was using her money to pay for his bills.  He didn’t bath regular and the odor was strong.  His new clothes she bought him were worn to work on his vehicle and came in the house greasy and  unwearable again. This went on for 5 years until the Lord intervened and gave her a word that she had to make a decision between good and evil or something huge was about to happen.

God was calling her out of this relationship and from among the world.  She was to keep herself from the unclean things  and separate herself from him and come back to God …

Father God told her that because she had offered her body as a living sacrifice to Him, holy and pleasing; she should not be conforming herself to the pattern of this world.  He had given her power and authority to live in holiness but she had chosen to go back into the world and this was her last chance to choose life.

Repentance was the key to turning her life around and it was her choice.  She told me, “I haven’t done anything wrong. God loves me and forgives me, He knows  that I am flesh and blood and need someone. I can’t tell him to leave, he has no place to go.”   Thus says the Lord, I have given   you power to lose yourself from all ungodly soul ties that you have established with the enemy of your soul because of your sins and impurity. You have to choose between unrighteousness and righteousness,  good and evil, right and wrong.  You have to work out your own salvation by the choices you  make

Righteousness and holiness have NOTHING in common with sin. If you belong to God and you are His temple, then you are no longer bound by the soul ties to SIN. As a Child of the living God you have the authority and the power to bind and loose your spirit and soul from any soul ties the enemy creates in your life with anyone past, present and future. You do not have to be yoked with any one except the LORD JESUS. You have the power to overcome the world, flesh and devil by the word you speak and the company you keep.

Choose this day WHO you will serve……

Hello World….Readiness of God

God is ready to help you.  Everyday He waits for you to open your eyes and come to Him with asking on your lips. He says ‘no weapon that is formed against you can be successful.’    He has established you in His righteousness and any thing that raises its head against you, any form of demonic activity, any oppression are to stay far away from you.  You are not to be afraid of the enemy that try to show force against you because God is with you.  You are not to be afraid – you are not to show fear – you are to stand in the power that God has given you and through the Holy Spirit, you are to fight the good fight of faith. You are to stand firm, and be secure in the knowledge that God will see you through anything that is coming your way.  Faith means to have confidence in TRUTH. . . . . Now faith means right this minute you trust, rely, and persevere.

Put down any thought that you are not strong enough to withstand  the foe that is coming against you.  God has called  you “Beloved”   and that means He will stand in front of you and take it first. He has blessed you to be a blessing and He has given you power in His Name to see you through. He will deliver you from the power of darkness and He has translated you into the Kingdom of Light where you will dwell with His Son for eternity.  God is your fortress, your high tower, He is your refuge. When you make Him your dwelling place  – He will dwell in you and you in Him and nothing can harm you.

When you call on Him, He will answer you and He will be with you in troubles and He will deliver you….

God is ready to answer you, are you ready to ask?

Hello World…Legal Authority

Hello World…Legal Authority.

Hello World…Legal Authority

My Father says we are not to be intimidated by the enemy that arrises to tell us that we belong to him and we will never be free from him.   Father said that we are to exercise His Word against the enemy because that is the Spirit of God in our life and Father has given us legal authority to bind and loose the enemy’s influence in our life. When the enemy comes in,  like a flood God will raise up a standard against him and we can be free just by speaking the Word and pleading the blood over our situation when one arrises.    

Our  mediator in this new covenant is God’s Son and His death paid the price to set us free from sin. We  have the power to live free from anything that the enemy brings in our direction just by speaking the Word.   We are not to use our freedom to excuse, cover up or continue to sin. We are bound by the blood of Jesus to  live in the new and better covenant thru His death, burial and resurrection.  Father will put His laws in our mind and write them on  our heart so that we  can live in freedom continually.

As God’s child, we  have an obligation to Him to obey our Father’s will for us. Doing that as His Child, we  can over come the world, the flesh and the enemy because we walk continually in His Legal Authority and we do not have to fear man or devil or worry about the works of darkness overtaking us because we  have the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE with the mind of Christ to be taught by the Holy Spirit  how to obey, how to walk daily, how to live, how to love, how to overcome all enemies.

We should  want to be like our  Savior – more of Him and less of me daily…..is my prayer.

Hello World…..Grace, is it greasy?

I have noticed people who call themselves by the name of Christ,  Christian,    are sometimes saying one thing and doing another.. Why would you do that?

Example:       Married – having an affair with another man / woman        Stealing from  someone by taking pens/paper/paperclips/ from work site     Lying about where you have been/spent the night/friend you are running with       Drinking and driving        gossiping about what   SHE  did the other night   

Oh, but I went to church Sunday and asked forgiveness.    Well, yes, I did go drinking again on Thursday night with my friends  and yes I did sneak into the movies with my friend and well, yes we did smoke a joint when we went clubbing.  Oh, but we are going to church Sunday to ask forgiveness. 

That should not be!   God sees the challenges you face each day. ….the people who tempt you to pull away from Him, the co-workers who encourage you to ignore company policy, the girlfriend/boyfriend who encourages you to just take one puff,  the husband who has an extra marital fling, just one night, and swears it will never happen again or the man who beats you twice a month because he came in drunk even though he is pastor of the church.  God also notices and celebrates those who take a stand for Him.

When God’s servant Daniel was taken captive and brought into Babylon, no one would have blamed him if he had bent a few rules. He was a prisoner in a hostile land; why should he stand for what he believed among heathens or even among those he well knew, maybe the old loyalties no longer applied.

But Daniel knew his God.  Foreign land or not, God was with him and Daniel stood loyal to the One who was there, day and  night watching over him. He stood strong in the face of the world, the flesh, and the King who wanted to slauder  him and all his friends.  Daniel stood up for God, he drew the line in the sand and refused to cross it even when his enemies realized there was a God taking care of him.

When you think drawing the line in the sand makes you look like a fool, like a dummy, like a weak and silly human, stop and think.  The Good News is, it does not make you look like any of that.  You actually grow stronger and more attractive to God every time you seek to honor God. He is the one you have to please, NOT Man.

Grace cost God His only Son.    What is it costing you?

Hello World…. What is God doing today?

I have watched this past month so many ‘bad’ things happening everywhere to every body. It is a daily occurrence that bad things are happening to good people and they don’t seem to understand what is happening.

I was ministering to a lady who was having a hard time with somethings going on in her life. As I listened to her plight I  could hear the Lord saying ‘this situation has to change. I AM not in this and she has to realize that I AM not in this.’   I prayed as she talked; asking the Lord to show her what her choices were doing to keep this going wrong in her life.

Human beings think that someone else causes the problems in life. But when you stand back and look at what is going on in life – YOU have to take responsiblity for everything that happens in your life. Why do I say that?     Why do young people treat their parent with disrespect?  Why do they not see that this is their only set of parents and they gave birth to you. When you disrespect your parents… you are showing disrespect for God.  God does not cause all your little problems in life. Let us look at a scenario.

Two women who raised children:

#1  Raised 3 children.  Her husband worked away from home 5 days a week so she had to take care of the children by herself Monday to Friday. Having no  money except what the husband gave her when he came home on Saturday morning.  Frustration began to grow in the woman’s life and she began to abuse her children. ….especially the oldest one. There was only two-year age difference in the children. The baby cried all the time, the middle child was very unruly and the oldest was given responsibility to help take care of the two younger even though she was only six years old. One day the father came home from work early on a Friday and caught the mother beating the oldest child with a belt.  The child was screaming bloody murder because the mother was using the belt with the buckle hitting the child. The child was badly bruised from head to toe. When the Father opened the door, the mother was enraged with anger and could not even hear the door being opened. As he ran to the rescue of the child, he began to yell at his wife to stop hitting the child. One of the neighbors heard and came running.  All three stood looking at each other while the child cried in pain. 

What would you have done in this circumstance? 

#2  Raised  children with out a father. He divorced her when the youngest was only months old.  She had to work full-time, pay a baby sitter to raise her children. She had no sisters, and her brothers were demons in human clothing. When she needed something she had to save the money and do without something else to buy extras for the children. I am talking about extra milk, extra cereal, extra warm socks or new pair of shoes because little feet grow fast. When these children grew up, the son became like the world and the daughter became a ‘christian’.   The son loved his mom, the daughter disrespected her every time she got around her. The son claimed he believed and still ran with the world, but he honored his mom. The daughter went to church and cursed her mother and showed disrespect to her calling her names and taking every thing she could from her leaving her mom destitute and wanting even the necessities of life.

What would you do in this circumstance?

We come across choices every day.    Unless we know the WORD, we are not going to make right choices.  Unless we serve the God of Goodness and Mercy, we are not going to make the right choices. We can stand in the garage all day long, but that is not going to make us into a Car. It is time for America to wake up. It is time for individuals to open eyes wide and read the Word and begin to obey what thus says the Lord.  Being a true Child of God is a responsibility that comes with rules whether you like it or not. You must love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul and Love your neighbor  (Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters and your enemy’s) as yourself.  Do you hate yourself, do you disrespect yourself, do you curse your self, do you starve, steal, beat up yourself?)     WAKE  UP~!!!!!!!

Choose this day whom you will serve……Take responsibility for your life……

Revelation …. The Book

Today I was reading the Book of Revelations, Chapter 4 and I began to look up some of the words in the Hebrew concordance.   I realized why we must study to show ourselves approved now.  If you don’t study for yourself and hear what the Spirit says, you can be fooled by ‘all those stories out there’.

The book is not scarey, neither is it hard to understand as many say it is.  You need a bible, a concordance of Hebrew and Greek words, and the Holy Spirit.  Pray and ask and He will give you revelation knowledge of what you are studying and help you understand it from heaven’s prespective.

Someone said to me, “That stuff about the first beast was like a lion, and the second like a calf, and the third had the face of a man, and the forth was like a flying eagle, that don’t make sense to me at all.”  When I asked why, they said, “what animal looks like a lion, calf, man and eagle?  That is just stupid.”

I just shook my head and smiled.  When I read it and looked up the word beast, it says living creature so when I prayed and read it, I heard this:   The first living creature was like a lion….. (strong, majestic, sleek, beautiful) and the second living creature was like a calf, (big eyed, sweet, gentle) and the third living creature has a face as a man  ( eyes to see, ears to hear, mouth to speak, nose to breathe with)  and the forth living creature was like a flying eagle  (able to rise to heights, able to see 5 miles, swift to fly, soar in the heavens)

And the four living creatures, individually had 6 wings, were full of eyes (all over and within their wings) and they rest not day or night saying, Holy, Holy, Holy  Lord God Almighty, which was,  and is,   and is to come.  (they worship God day and night crying holy, holy, holy to God Almighty….(He was in eternity past, is in the present, and is coming in the future)

It was very exciting to read this and to hear the beauty of what the Holy Spirit was saying as I read it out loud to myself. 

Faith comes by hearing the Word.  Read it out loud to yourself and the Lord will build your faith daily.

Try it….I did….



Hello World…Abuse or aggravation

Abuse, in the dictionary, is defined as:  1. to use wrongly or improperly,  2. to hurt or injure by maltreatment 3. to assail with contemptuous, coarse, or insulting words, revile.

Aggravation is defined as:  1. the act of aggravating. 2. to annoy, 3. a thing that irritates or makes worse, more troublesome or more irritated 4. bothersome, exasperation.

I have finally come to understand that most people who have not come to peace with the Lord are both abusive and aggravating.  I was speaking with someone who was trying to be nice, but something in them jumped out with a comment so bothersome that I asked them to apologize to me for what they said about someone else. They looked at me so funny and then said, “I’m sorry I said that.”  I asked them why they let such nasties come out of their mouth and they didn’t know why.

When I told them that their heart was not right their eyes got big and a new comment came out.  At that comment I knew they were about to explode from the inside out so I smiled and said, “The Lord will not put up with abuse or aggravation from this old world forever. He will one day say, “Enough” and it will be the end of the age for people who are not going to submit their hearts to righteousness and change….then you are not going to be able to say, “I’m sorry.” and continue on abusing those around you. 

Today is the day of salvation.

I have found that salvation changes people. True heart salvation changes people and they are no longer petty abusers, blatant aggrevators, cursing people for nothing, road-rage hateful human beings living on planet earth taking their rage out on innocent folks. 


Hello World..Helping my Mama

Today I spent the day helping my Mama overcome the last few days of keeping her awake because of a leak in her roof that dripped water into her dining room. We had to meet with insurance man and roofing man and co-ordinate each to be there moments before each other, if not at the same time…..to examine the roof.  My beloved 82-year-old  Mama could not hear, due to hearing impairment, what they were trying to say to her so I did the ‘inbetweens’.

When I told her there was nothing actually wrong with the roof; that one of the pipes coming out of the ceiling had a dent in it and the water was leaking around the pipe, she could not believe they would not replace the roof. After paying home owners insurance for 36 years, and she had personally paid to have a new roof put on it 10 years prior, she could not grasp that they would do nothing toward paying for the roof to be replaced. 

The roofer man was really the one who helped explain so she would accept what was to be done. He explained that all she needed was someone to go up and caulk around the pipe with roofing tar and all would be well for another 5 to 7 years.  Her comment made me smile, “Well, if it leaks again inside my house, I won’t be here another 5 to 7 years. This has just made me too nervous and I haven’t slept a wink thinking it might rain inside my house again.” 

After a little more discussion, she finally agreed and he said he would do it for her for $150.00 dollars one day next week. That was just way too long for her to go without sleep so I told her we would get the tar and I would go up on the roof and do it myself this afternoon.  He told me that it was not a problem and I could probably do it in about 15 minutes after I got on the roof.

Hey, hey, hey…. I am 64 years old and he thinks I can do this myself????……I must be looking a lot younger than my age, don’t you think?  All I was trying to do was calm her down….After I thanked him for his support, and he left, I prayed about it and the Spirit of the Lord said to me:

“You can do it. I am your strength and I will be with you.”    So, I took myself by the nap of the neck and shook myself and grinned at my Mama and said, “Hey, let us go get the tar and a ladder and I will have it done by 3:30.”   We did ………..While sitting on the roof, a cool breeze began to blow and I had no fear. I began to pray in the Spirit and Mama got a chair and set it in the yard so she could watch me.  While walking around in the roof, I found a nail that had worked it’s way  upward and I nailed it back in, patted a little tar on its head and walked around looking to see if there were any more nails doing the same….found none so I climbed down, pulled off my gloves and got me a peanut butter cookie and smiled at my Mama and said:  “The Lord is good. The entire cost of repair was $41.00 for the bucket of tar. Now you don’t have to worry about it raining inside the house anymore!” 

She smiled and was happy,   so was I………. Thank  Your Lord!

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