Hello World…Yesterday, Today, And

Yesterday I got up with a headache that I had for 5 days. I had told my sister, “Jan, I don’t think I can keep going with this headache.” But I went about my day doing the usual Sunday things:  Sunday School Teaching, Church, dinner, cleaning, supper and back to Sunday night church then bath, bed and sleep.  Just before Church started, while the Praise Team was practicing, I went into the sanctuary to pray for the morning service.  As I was praying, I felt  the headache stop and I began praising the Lord, suddenly I began shouting and jumping  because My Abba Father touched  me and healed me completely of the head pain.  Great and wonderful day, right?   Yes it was and this morning I wake up with laryngitis and unable to talk.  What happened over night? Good question so I asked Father,  “Lord what happened over night to change from a wonderful day to a new day and I can not even talk.  …don’t feel bad, just no voice and tired like ‘lets stay in bed today’……  His reply was:

         Precious One, do you know who is responsible for your life?   Sometimes you live as if it’s you and you alone—-a surefire path to exhaustion, isolation and bitterness.  But I say to you, Child, you belong to me and you are my responsibility. So trust in my goodness. I will only work good in your life.  Trust also in My greatness , because I can do anything. Orchestrating the details of your life is no  more difficult than setting the planets in their orbits—-and I did that with ease.   I know you can’t talk today and I know that you need to rest.   So take this day and stay off the phone and just do for yourself for an entire day….Spend this day – just you and Me….Yes, you can do your post and as soon as you do….no more computer today either.  JUST REST – turn off everything except your time with Me.  Follow the example of my servant Mary, who willingly entrusted herself to me in a time when she least understood my plans. Have faith in Me and Me alone. Remember:  when you feel stressed, nothing thrills Me more than hearing you say, “Lord, I am your servant. I place myself and my life in your hands.            

Taking  time for me today Lord?  Oh, thank you for reminding me to take some time for me.  For the past two weeks, I have been running to and fro taking care of others and seeing that people just released from the hospital was fed every day and were in need of nothing, cleaning house and cooking meals and washing clothes and checking on parent and taking care of  Selah, buying groceries, cleaning the basement, washing the car and so on and so on……  

Yes, Lord, I am your servant and I place myself in your hands….I am going back to bed now…..    THANK YOU LORD!

Hello World…Audience of One

What has the Lord done for you?

Look what the Lord has done for you…. Each day we must put on the eyes of trust and look in our lives for what the Lord is doing.  Love never fails and when we know that God loves us, we are searching daily for evidence of what He is doing.  Last week, I saw the Lord high and lifted up working in the lives of many around me.  I saw the smile of a child as I threw the ball over the fence to him.  I saw a woman cry over the joy of her child receive a lost toy. I saw a man rejoice over the woman he loves coming home after a long trip.  I saw a puppy cuddle  his master coming home from work  I saw the sun rise early morning and sun set in a hot afternoon.  I saw rain drops on a rose blooming in the garden.  I saw peace in a wife’s eyes as she saw her husband get up off the sick-bed in the hospital. I feel peace daily.

What has the Lord done for you today?

Hello World…when I don’t understand..

Sometimes I don’t understand…… and yet my heart desires too.

I finally realized today that NOTHING is beyond God’s ability and My Abba Father  has NO LIMITATIONS.

He is always what He says He is and He says what He means and every WORD from His mouth comes True; because HE IS The Way, The Truth and The Life.  THE is the operative word here.  When you get down to the nitty-gritty and put your TRUST in Father God and really look at Who He is and really put your mind to really thinking about it, You have only one choice to make……..

Like Zechariah who lost sight of these truths, even after God sent an ANGEL to assure him of His plan and was told what God was going to do in his and his wife’s life: (By the way, they were too old to have children – they were too old to make what God said,  happen)  God put his plan to work in their lives anyway.    Why and How did God do that?

God is not bound by human and earthly limitations and constraints.  Your age, your inabilities nor your circumstances can or will prevent God’s Word from being fulfilled because God CAN AND DOES do all things according to His Word and His Will.   His plans are not aligned with our reasonings and will seem to be totally illogical and without our ability to get it done.   So instead of worrying about  when, where, why and how to fulfill what God has said for you to do:  JUST  trust Him with your lack of understanding and run to His arms of safety and let God do what only God can do in you and your life and watch Him make you into all He says He can and will make you INTO.  Trust means lean on, rely on and believe He can.

…..grow UP.   Just grow UP because true spiritual maturity means trusting God in every area of your life, especially when you don’t understand, for He is THE  GOD  OF LOVE.  A generous, benevolent God. It is His nature to give often and give much to believing and unbelieving alike. Sadly not everyone is willing to receive. Jesus was and is God’s ultimate Gift to the World.  When you don’t understand , when His plans don’t always line up with your reasonings, when they seem downright illogical, instead of worrying —- why don’t you just accept His gift of His Son and trust God whether you understand it or not….  His ways are not our ways, but God is more than able.

Abba Father, help us accept your free gift  and help us trust you whether or not we understand your ways.

Hello World….. Responding by Faith

He asked, “Who do you say I AM?”  

Peter replied, ” You are the Christ of God.”

……And He straightly charged  them, and commanded them to tell no man that thing; saying the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders and chief priests and scribes and be slain and be raised the third day, and He said unto them all; If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me…..

Peter had the right answer. Even though he didn’t fully understand what it meant for Jesus to be the Messiah, he still recognized Jesus for who He was.

The Son asks the same questions of every person in every generation that he asked of Peter. Who do you say that I AM?  I guess people will be asking that same question until they day they die and then they will see face to face but until then we have to go on faith. …. we have to respond to God by faith…. We can not go by what other people say but by what the Spirit of the Lord says to us.  Peter did not understand everything and neither do I; but I know that Peter and I have this much right,  we know that Jesus was who He claimed and claims to be and we trust that our Father will grow that faith that we have by teaching us through the validity of the Holy Spirit within.

I know that the more I seek Him, the more I find Him and the more I find Him the more I love Him….  He reveals Himself to me each day in the little things as well as the big things and I believe Him and in Him.  

Why don’t you pray and seek first the kingdom and see what He does in your life……   ????????????


Hello World… Knowlege from God..

The Word says there is none Holy as the Lord: for there is none beside thee: neither  is there any rock like our God..Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by Him actions are weighed… 1 Samuel 2:2-3

So how do we come to get the knowledge we desire in the economy of living our lives to the fullest?  What are we supposed to do to acquire the necessary knowledge to live abundantly in this world that we live in?

I was reading a book that had these headings:   the Menace of Terrorism,   the menace of murder and mayhem, the menace of violence in our nation, the menace of famine and hunger and so on and so on….. As I read about the menace of terrorism, one of the sentences stated:   It is a reality in our time, …it is a reality in our newspapers,….people are asking the questions, when is this going to end?  Why is everyone so angry?  What is this all about?

Has America become a nation void of counsel?  Do we no longer have Godly understanding?  Have we lost the ability to consider the latter end of things we do?

God will and has already won the battles.  If you are on His side, you have already won.  It is time we start acting like we have won and get off the pity party horse and ride the stallion that has come thru as winner already.  I read the last chapter of the book and We Won….so that means we win daily if we keep the right attitude, the right state of mind, the right choices, the right understanding.

Psalms 119:66 states:   Teach me good judgment and knowledge:  for I have believed your  commandments.  So if we are teachable, when He gives us knowledge, if we apply it correctly, we will grow because we believe His commandments.  Try re-reading them today.  They all apply to daily life.

Lord, I pray that you teach us all good judgment and knowledge and give us wisdom to walk worthy of the calling you have placed in us.



Hello World…Come Follow Me…..

I have been on vacation….Not a real vacation, but like four days away from home visiting other members of the family. . . .  for me that is a vacation, because I get to see people who I haven’t seen in a few months, weeks, days…..       and I get to do a few things I don’t normally do,  like cook, clean and pick up after people I don’t normally cook, clean and pick up after….  

I spent a lot of time reading Kirk Cameron’s book about himself and growing up in Growing Pains sitcom. Very interesting book with lots of advice on how not to grow up in Hollywood. God was very good to that young man and his family. He now has a growing ministry leading others to the Lord.

I saw a lot of heartache and pain going on in someone who needs lots of prayer.   I saw God working in the lives of a couple who need lots of prayer.  I saw a Bluegrass Singing that has been covered in lots of prayer….the gospel side was wonderful music coming from four wonderful people who knew how to sing Bluegrass music, real down home Virginia/Tennessee Bluegrass.

I missed writing.  No internet where I was and I mean NO INTERNET.  The phones didn’t work half the time. The heat was hot enough to make me think about hell more than once and wonder if God was just giving everyone a taste of what it was going to be like if  you missed that train to heaven. Needless to say, I rested and enjoyed my time away. ………..  and this morning I woke  up in my bed thanking God for another opportunity to hear Him say, 

                                           COME FOLLOW ME TODAY my Child  for I offer you life—-life that does not require a certain status or wealth. In fact, I welcome the poor in spirit to feast at My table.  Yet time and again seekers turn down my offer, just as the rich young man did.  If only he had understood:  I AM not against you having possessions; it is a heart tied to possessions—-or anything other than Me—-that grieves Me.  Once My gifts to you start competing with your devotion to Me, they become distractions.  And I never want you to be distracted.   Dear One, cling to Me and the life I offer.  Focus on Me, rather than on what you think your possessions can provide.  When you follow  me with all your heart, you will always have everything your need.

I spoke with a man and asked him “If God would grant you the two main desires of your heart, what would you ask Him for?”

His reply had not one word about God in it. It was all about himself…then he thought about it for a moment and said, “No, I want to change that. I want my daughter saved and then it turned back to all about him.   I though, ‘God, the focus of mankind these days is on self first. Then it goes to You and then back to self.  Mankind has it upside down.   We should be hearing the voice of our beloved Father every day when He calls “Come Follow Me!’ and quickly run to Him…

Everything we need is in the Great  I AM

Come Follow…………………………..

Hello World…Precious Child

Hello World…Precious Child.

Hello World…Precious Child

Did you know that people put labels on one another and have no clue what they are doing to one  another …….

Jesus came to this earth for one main reason and in the process of getting that job done, He accomplished many other supernatural feats as He walked among His creations.  God is watching all the time. He sees how people treat His children….He does not miss that snide remake made under whispering breath about you by a co-worker. He knows how their false words, ugly remarks about you and too you have hurt you.  He knows when they nitpick you to death and put you in a tiny box and down you every chance they get.  He sees and He hears all they are doing.     


…………..does not let them get away with this forever….Let me tell  you  a TRUE story.

My Aunt that lived in Atlanta, Ga. lived alone in her home for many years without anyone bothering her.  She kept a nice home,  clean-cut yards and was extremely good to all her neighbors.  She never turned anyone down that asked her for help or money or food to eat.  She loved the LORD  with all her heart.  One day a man showed up at her front door stating he needed a job and would work cleaning her yard, gutters or doing what ever she needed done for enough money to buy him something to eat.  She agreed and even offered to feed him so he would not have to spend his money on food.  He told her that would be fine and he would be back in a few minutes to get a list of what she needed done. She closed the door and began her list.  In moments he reappeared at her door with another man and a gun in his hand.  He told her to get in the bath room and stay there or he would kill her if she came out.   She did as commanded and stayed until she heard no further sounds.

Upon coming out of the bathroom, she found they had stolen her TV….a couple of dollars she had laying in  a dish on her coffee table, along with a few items that she could replace.  She called the police and told them what happened..they made a report but told her that she would probably never see any thing from it. …No finger prints could be found and the TV was the only thing  large they had taken.    Her answer to them was:  “God knows who they are and He will take care of them one way or the other.  All I am going to do is pray.”

Two weeks later, both men were killed by a transfer Truck that hit them crossing the road while carrying her TV set.  The police had a perfect description of both men and the TV had her number written inside the cabinet.       “Vengeance  is  mine”, says the LORD>

Jesus was more than just a carpenter…..you are more than a conquorer…..Remember who you are in Christ Jesus…..You are God’s Precious Child!


Hello World….True Rest

Are you rested?  Do you know how to rest? Is it necessary to rest and why do you think it is OK  to work 24/7 if you don’t want  to rest?

God spoke to my heart and told me   as His child, He wanted me to know that He created this world and the cycles of this world for rest and work.  He did all this because He knows that His people need  to rest as well as work.  Work is not something you do to make money necessaryly……working  should be as much fun to you as resting is…

Father’s Son went about doing good and healing the sick.  Healing was considered work as far as the religious community was concerned and He was accused of breaking the Sabbath when He healed someone. But contrary to their belief, He was providing true rest to the one who was burdened by their sickness or disease.  The rest that we are to enter into is one given by keeping the day of rest to spend it in the presence of the One who created it for rest.  He did not just create it for you….He created it for you and Him to be able to spend time together  so He could refresh and energize you with His Spirit for the week of work ahead of you.

This is not just God’s Day…..it should be Our’s Day spent together with the Creator who loves us enough to think about our needs even when we don’t….

Thank you Lord for setting aside your day…..our day….for rest and renewal.


Hello World….You are God’s Delight

You Are God’s Delight. He delights in His Children as we do our own children….

In 1 John 2:1 my little Children, these things write I unto you that you may not sin and if  any man sin we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ,  the righteous, and He is the propitiation for our sins and not  for  ours only,but also for the whole world.

In that one sentence there are a lot of word that you may not know what they actually mean…   like 

Advocate:   To speak in favor of,  recommend. A person who argues for a cause; supporter  or defender. A person who pleads in another’s  behalf,  an intercessor. A lawyer, one summoned to give evidence.

Righteous:   Meeting the standards of what is right and just, morally right, guiltless.

Propitiation:   A  conciliatory (bring favor) offering  to a God presenting  favorable  circumstances.  (He took our place in punishment for sin.)

Any God or person who would give up His only Child to pay for the sins of mankind, loves us with a love that we can not fathom.  Could you give up your only child for sinful mankind to be saved from punishment for the things they did, do and continue to do?  Father God’s love for us is greater than we  understand.  But  by faith we can come into that love walk as  He takes   delight in the salvation of each soul that comes to Him.

You  are  God’s  delight……

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