Hello World…Can you take me at my Word?

He asked  that question?  Can you take me at My Word?

Yes, I can, but can anyone else? Does anyone else really  listen closely and hear what is being said?   My friend told me she has never heard the Lord speak to her. I told her I hear Him speaking to me all the time.  Sometimes I don’t want to hear it because of what He is getting on too me about..  Sometimes I say something or do something I should not be doing or saying and He corrects me and tells me to apologize when I really want to let it all hang out all over the person I am addressing.

The other day He told me He set all things into motion with just a Word.    At His word He created the world.       At His word, He moves mountains and causes rain to fall.

Words are very powerful entities and His word should be taken seriously. Faith in connection with the Word can produce a powerful change in things around and in you.  Faith moves the Lord into action when you truly believe what you say.  Faith plus speaking the Word will bring results. 

The words that God speaks unto us, they are Spirit and they are Life.            Life, joy and peace and healing belong to the Children of God in full measure. You will see this as you grow and go from life experience to life experience.  The disciples receive power to speak the word and receive answers to prayers.

Can you take Me at My Word?    When we all come to the place where we can say yes and do it. Life will truly become abundant.


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