Hello World….My Child

I woke up this morning and heard, “My Child”. 

  As I lay quietly to listen to the voice of MY Father, my heart knew that today was going to be a special day with Father because last night He had sung a new song over me as I lay down to sleep.  I don’t remember the song He sung over me, but I do remember the peace that passes all understanding that developed me, transported me from tired to calm and into deep restful sleep. I do remember  Son vs Sin and what filled my mind with peace.  

Sin is a dreadful reality in this world. He said to me that Sin and Son are intertwined for eternity because He, Father, had to give up His only Son so He could have more children.  Sin did not originate with man, sin originated with an angel in heaven that rebelled against Father and fell from grace taking 1/3 of the angels in heaven with him.  When  sin entered the earth realm, it entered in the mind of an angel who was cast out of heaven with no way to enter back into the right relationship he originally had because of pride.  Pride is purity ruined in demonic envy.  The day pride entered the heart of Lucifer is the day sin originated. 

He infected the human race, God’s joy creation of Children who would be raised in a garden that was perfectly suited to take care of all.  The infection of pride was a lie, ‘you shall be like God.’ and it is still going on down thru the ages…… God made His children in His image.   He gave us breath, He gave us life, He gave us freewill to choose and He gave us His only Son so we can be reconciled to the Life of heaven.  The Kingdom of heaven is within you is what the Son told his disciples.  

Everyone has a choice:     Life and Death. Father says “Choose Life”.   

When you choose life, you become Fathers Child and His word to you is:

        “I call you MY CHILD because you are.  It does not matter to me how old or how young you are, when you accept My Son as your savior, you become MY CHILD.  As my child, I have a responsibility as your Father to take care of you.  You are precious to Me, you are loved, you are my baby girl, baby boy, sometimes you are twins born of the same heart as My first Child, willing to obey unto death. My love for you is that of a perfect Father because I will guide you, I will care for you, I will watch over you and I will provide all your needs and yes, I will discipline you when necessary. My love for the children I created in the garden , who choose the wrong way, made it necessary for Me to provide a Way home and He, being My first Son, accepted the plan because He wanted brothers and sisters that this relationship makes possible between all of us.  Light came into the darkness of your life and My joy over His birth into the earth realm life of a new child made Me rejoice  . . . . .   My Beloved Child, and I love calling every one of you who come to Me thru My first Child,  MY CHILD, you are clean by the blood that was shed in your place.. You are pure and clean and spotless as you stand before me in the grace He provided for you.   When you battle temptation, remember, I AM there to see you through. I  AM there to pick you up and dust you off and carry you to a place of safety.  I AM there to place you back on the path home.  IAM there to make sure you make it home for I have provided my Son’s sacrifice that has made you clean and pure and spotless.  That is what I see when I see My Child, whether  first or last.   You are Precious to Me.”

I just wanted to share Father;s love with you this day.  I don’t know about you but I am so thankful that Father loves me and talks to me and cares for me and I am so thankful that the Lord Jesus loved me enough to want me as sister.   Thank you Lord for loving me and giving your life for me that I can come home…. 

See you soon!

Hello World….Pure Delight

Last night I could not sleep.  No kidding, I went to bed  around 10:30 p.m. and lay there for over an hour trying to go to sleep. At a quarter to twelve, I got up and went to read emails. I read them all and answered some.  Then I decided to play an internet game to bore me to sleep; at 2:30 a.m. I was still wide awake but I knew I needed to lay my body down and try to go to sleep. I kept saying,, “Sleep will be pure delight, so all I have to do is close my eyes and pure delight will roll over me and I will go to sleep.”

At 3:15 I was still wide awake. Pure delight just would not come my way. . . .   so I began to pray. I prayed for everyone I could think of and then the presidential election and then the people I didn’t know and at 4 a.m. I was still wide awake.  Nothing was bothering me, I just was not sleepy for some reason I could not fathom.

I decided to talk to Father…. and I said:  “Here I am Lord, wide awake and not sleepy at all.  Where are You?”   Silence……  “Well, if I am awake, and I am your child, DADDY, WAKE UP – your child needs to talk to you!”… silence…….”DADDY< WAKE  UP I WANT TO TALK TO YOU NOW!”   

        I have come to sing a song over you, my Baby Girl for I am the good shepherd who delights in you and watches over you – who leads you besides still waters, who guides you down the path of righteousness for my sake. I lead you  to peaceful places and give you strength when you are weak. When you get lost, I find you and bring you home.  When you walk thru the valley of the shadows, I AM right beside you watching over you, guarding your footsteps, protecting and comforting you along the way to our safe haven.   I know when you need rest and I provide you that needed rest and you know when you cry Daddy, I AM at your side.  My Child, I wanted to spend this night with you but you went to the internet, email, games on-line and I allowed you that time playing for I knew you would come lay down sooner or later and cry “Abba” ….So close your eyes and listen to the small still voice sing over you as you fall to sleep in pure delight of knowing I AM with you always……….

I slept about 3 hours in pure delight. I woke up feeling like I had slept 10 wonderful hours in soft clouds and I just want to praise Him….. forever

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