Hello World….. Rejoice

My heart will rejoice in the freedom that God has given me to forgive and be forgiven.  

He calls me precious and My Child; He calls me Beloved;  He says I am His daily delight, therefore I will rejoice and be glad in Him.  Can I rejoice when people are taunting me and abusing me verbally?   Does He know how painful it is to hear the words spat at us during a verbal abuse session?

Yes, beloved.  He does know for His Son endured much worse than we can even consider thinking about and He endured it for us.  Forgiveness could not have been easy for the Son of God when all was done to Him, but on the cross He said, “Father, forgive them.”. . .  and we can do the same.   Father will give us grace to endure and grace to forgive as we forgive those who abuse and taunt us.

Forgiveness brings freedom to the person who does the forgiving. Forgiveness allows you the grace to let go and let God handle them and it also allows you to follow God up close and personal in a relationship as  Son or Daughter.   You will be able to pray with love and sincerity of heart the same prayer that Jesus used, “Father, forgive them.”

You will be blessed in the forgiving and forgiveness. You can rejoice and be glad in Him.

Luke 23:24

Hello World….My Pain belongs to God

My Abba Father spoke to me in my suffering today.   I had a headache from the fall I took on the cement driveway last week.  Father told me that He grieved over everything I suffer  – whether it was pain from falling, betrayal from a friend/foe. He told me that when I hurt, He hurts; when I cry, He crys with me; my pains are His pains, my bruises are His bruises, my headache is His headache.   He loves me with an everlasting love and He knows everything about me.  When the enemy allows someone to treat me wrong, Father does what any good Father would do, He rises up with anger just as any good father would.  

  Today He asked me to give Him my headache, the pain in my knee, the pressure in my forehead and rest in His healing power  and be an overcomer.     I did and I do feel much better.  I know that my pain belongs to God because His Son took my place on the suffering cross so that I do not have to suffer pain and rejection.   I AM an overcomer and I trust that He will remove from me all those things that would cause me to suffer.

HE is  THE WAY,  THE TRUTH and THE LIFE that I have chosen to live and each time my mind drifts away from the right path, Father calls me gently to His loving arms and reminds me….You choose to follow Me and I choose to lead you the right way.   . . . . . . . .my job is to follow Him, trust and obey and live the abundant life set before me..

Abba, I love you and thank you for leading me, healing me and setting me free…..

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