Hello World…Beauty for Ashes

This morning as I awoke and went to Him, my heart was heavy. I felt a deep yearning to climb in His lap and lay my head against Him just to be able to breathe.  Why was this depth of yearning so strong and this deep urgency to be in His presence on me like this as I came out of sleep?  What had a dreamt that would cause this heaviness so early in the morning?

I bow my head and prayed,  “Lord, into your hands do I lay my body down; into your hands do I commit my thoughts, my feelings, my life today.  Into your hands do I submit myself;  body, soul and spirit that You may take control of my life and delivery me from any thing that is displeasing to You, anything that does not meet Your requirements for my life-living this day. I take the manna from Your hands and I eat that which You place before me from Your hands that refresh my life and make it an abundant life this day . . .  amen.”

The heaviness dispersed and left me immediately and I knew He was taking the ashes of the fires of yesterday and making them into beauty for today. Manna is only good for the one day it is received.  

He told me to lift my eyes because I AM His beloved Child; I AM His blessed Child;  I AM His from the first day I received Him as my Lord and Savior till the last day I take a breath of life.   The Great I AM has called me His own and  I AM.   The Great I AM has called  me Loved and I AM.   His mercy has called me and His grace has kept and guided me daily.  He will continue and I AM  healthy, wealthy,  loved, filled with His Spirit, living a holy life, helping those in need, sharing as He shares with me, loving others as He loves me  for  I AM His Beloved Child and HE is My Abba Father.  

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Fathers words will never pass away.  With my Father, I will have a wonderful eternity, for I AM having a wonderful life with Him right now…….He takes the ashes and makes life beautiful…..

How about you?


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