Hello World…Spiritual Depth Precept..# 15

Depth is the condition or quality of being deep, deepness, the extent, measurement or dimension downward, backward or inward. the middle inner or most remote or inaccessible part.  

As I allow the Spirit of the Lord to take me into the depths of the Spirit, I pray that He give me wisdom to understand so I do not make the same mistakes twice. I really want to learn how to live this life He is leading me into. I do not want my life to be in vain or worthless. I want to live an abundant life that has meaning and worth and is to His glory and honor. I don’t want to wonder in the wilderness and learn nothing from it.  He has told me that my concerns about evil, pain and loss in this world are valid because He created me to care about such important issues. He cares about these issues! His heart is my heart and my heart is His heart, because that is where He lives now.  I know people blame God for trouble and question why He allows  suffering. I have learned the truth is,  my enemy roams the earth, seeking to influence  and destroy us. Any time I see deception, senseless violence or experience unexpected  loss, I know the enemy has a hand in it.

At this time,  the Lord has not banished all evil from this world and Satan still roams about for he wants to destroy us like he tried to destroy Job, God’s faithful servant.

I have learned that satan is a formidable foe and pain is his ugly tool, but he is no match for my Father God. I have learned that as long as I remain close to Father, I have nothing to fear. My Father has overcome him and I am a overcomer too – my bible and my devotional says so. I believe!


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