Hello World….Obey Me…not man

This mornings message to me was short & sweet……

Obey God rather than man…Do not let sin reign in your mortal body, or obey it in its lust….If you obey my Voice and keep My covenants, I will be a special treasure to you. Turn to Me when you are in distress, turn to Me and obey My Voice. I will not forsake you or destroy you, nor will I forget the covenant that I swore to Your fathers.

What is a covenant?   It is a binding agreement made by two or more persons – a solemn vow made in agreement between two parties.

When you hear that still small Voice speaking to your heart and you know that Voice belongs to Father, you can be certain that whatever He tells you to do will be for your good and not your hurt.

Mark 14:24 is the New Covenant made with me and can be yours if you so choose….


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