Hello World….Spiritual Depth Precept.. Con 3

Do you remember God when you wake up each morning or do you climb out of bed with head scrambled with all you have to do today?

This  morning when I woke up He spoke to  my heart and softly said:

“I have heard your prayers and I know the desires of your heart, My Child. I see your hopes and dreams and your longing to live a meaningful life. I know you yearn for purpose and direction and significance. That is why I invite you to remember me in every stage of your life. Come, join with me and let us enjoy this moment together. While it is still today, let  us explore all that I have provided for you to experience. Some people want to put me off until they are old and grey, but trust me, there are things I want to show you now that can not wait until tomorrow. Do not just seize the day —- seize hold of Me. I can’t wait to venture out with you today!”

As I went to Life Group Class, I reflected upon His Wonderful care of me each day and how He brings such peace in the midst of the storm. He wants us to envision all the blessings that he does on our behalf. It really does not matter what the problems are in our life, He knows and He is bigger than they are.  The book of Psalms chapter 91, we learn that if we dwell in the secret place of the Most High God –  WE shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty God.  God is our refuge, our fortress, He is our deliverer, He truth is our shield and buckler.  We have nothing to be afraid of.   Trust  means – firm reliance on the integrity , ability or character of a person or thing; confident belief, faith……We need to get under Him and Trust Him….

Can not lose!  We Win!!

Hello World….New Spiritual Depth Con # 2

My Lord spoke to my heart, this is the word  to me:      COMMIT TO COMMITMENT

Father said, “True love staves your thirst like a cold drink of water on a hot day. It satisfies, refreshes, and make you feel alive. That’s why a lifelong commitment in marriage is beautiful to me”… My husband and I have been married 45 years in September…….

Thursday, his doctor said he needed a colonoscopy because of the pain he has been having and blood that won’t stop. His heart doctor said he is not able to go through that procedure because he has just had 4 stints placed in his heart within the last year and can not stop taking the med’s for seven days prior to the procedure.  He has a  total of 14 stints, placed in his heart over the period from 1985 to last year. He has over come prostate cancer, 17 heart attacks in the past 17 years, and now the enemy is attacking him with pain and blood.

Father said to ‘guard your heart my Child, Be wise, be careful, be pure and exercise your power with me to pray without ceasing, command the enemy in My Name, and stand on the promises that I have given you and will continue to give you and I will protect you and your husband.’

This day I trust my Father, because I have written His promises on my heart and mind. I know the Word will guide us and nourish us and Keep Us all the days of our lives. We will be faithful to give Him all the praise and glory for He is more than able to do exceedingly above what we can ask, think or do. In Him we will hide and ask Him for wisdom daily so that we will guard our heart and Trust Him to see us over this hurdle.


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