Hello World…Spiritual Depth Precepts goes on..

Today is my Song of Joy…..

As the picture of me and Jesus was portrayed by artist Danny Hahibohm, in the previous days post, this morning I have a song of joy in my heart. Last night I realized a new depth with Him, the Beloved of my heart, and this morning I thank God for sharing Himself with me all these years and the years to come. He is my inspiration to worship Him. He is my all in ALL, the great I AM. 

I realized, last night, when He told Moses I AM that I AM what He ment by that explanation of Himself.

When He told me I will never leave you nor forsake you; you are mine and I AM yours, forever – what He was saying is:

I AM   your opening of  eyes  at  the beginning day with the Son rising in your heart when you awaken

I AM your breath as you open your mouth to praise me

I AM your heartbeat as you begin work

I AM your resting place at lunch when you eat

I AM your hug of children running to meet you at the end of day

I AM the one who hold you close when your heart is breaking

I AM the breath-taking sunset you behold each evening as you gaze across the field with your last cup of tea

I AM your peace when you snuggle down to sleep

I AM watching over you through the night Child, waiting for you to awaken in the morning and us going into the next day together.

The Great I AM affirms His love to me as I worship Him in truth and spirit. I love Him in the songs I sing, the gratitude of thanksgiving for the life He bestows upon me, the talents and treasures He pours into me, even the stumbling words of praise, and the sighs of amazement when my words fail. He told me that even these sighs  can be high praise when His Spirit inspires me.  He has called, I answer…. Yes, Lord!   and I run to Him….

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