Hello World…Inspiration from…..

A word came to me while reading a book.  The word is  inspiration. Do you know what that word means and how important it is to a believer?

Inspiration means in Latin; to be in-breathed or blown upon by the wind…..by the breath…..by the Spirit.  It is defined as, ‘ a supernatural or divine influence upon the prophets’, the apostles, and the sacred writers or upon men, to enable them to communicate divine truth.’

Communicate means to express oneself in such a way that one is readily and clearly understood.  Latin: to make known.

When Isaiah stated the prophesy in 53:5 (NIV) He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him and by his wounds we are healed…. when Isaiah wrote that prophesy, I don’t think he realized at the time what it would mean to us who read it or what it ment to God who inspired him to write it.   Isaiah could not have known the measure of what God the Father had to give up in order for us to have a relationship with the One True God. He could not comprehend how deeply God loved Jesus and us. God, as Father to Jesus and to us, had to give up his only son that we could become his adopted sons and daughters in a kingdom of love, peace and joy.

Jesus took the weight of our sin, he was afflicted and pierced, beaten and punished for us and in our place. He, who had never sinned, paid the price for Sin. Our punishment was placed on Him so we could receive forgiveness and peace —He took all Sin upon himself  and Father had to look away; and in that moment of looking away, His only Son died in our place – grace and unmerited favor to us. He died as us, for us — that we might live as him in him.

Father’s love is greater than any love we humans can come up with.  We fight, fuss, quarrel over stupid stuff, puff and non-sense over trivia, fear the unknown, argue the unimportant, moan and groan over our lack……while right in front of us is the salvation that brings peace and contentment.

When are humans going to wake up out of the darkness and come into the light and begin to love one another as God loved his Son!     and    us?

Lord, my heart breaks under sin, but rejoices in your salvation!

Hello World….Talking to God

Question:   Why is that when you talk to God, you are praying, But when He talks to you, you’re crazy?

The bible is full of examples of God speaking to His people and His people speaking back to Him. So why is it that some times when I tell someone that God talks to me, they look at me funny and say, “Aw, you are crazy.”?

The very first moment He saved me, He spoke to me and I will never forget what He said to me. “I will never leave you nor forsake you; you are mine and I AM yours, forever.”  His voice has not changed since the first time I heard Him. There were times when Father and I were at odd’s about something He told me to do and His voice took on a stern and warning tone, but His love never failed nor faltered toward me.

You mean to say that you argued with God?    Well, yes, one time we got into a very heated argument and He told me to calm down and do what He asked me to do and I would see a change in circumstances….but I did not think He was doing it fast enough to suit me so I stomped my foot and said, “NO! I will do it my way and it will get done sooner”.   He allowed me to do it my way and it did not get done sooner.   I went around that mountain several times before I learned my lesson. I got into all kinds of trouble trying to work it out, get it done, make it happen.

When all is said and done, He takes good care of it — and everything I did in those months turned to ashes and dust.   I ended up in all kinds of trouble over a stupid decision I made without His help.  Took me years to recover from that one…Several times I tried to work it out on my own. NEVER worked out for the good. As I grew older and wiser, I learned that whatever needed done, if  WE  did it together – it always worked out for the best for everyone.

Youth has it’s advantages sometimes….But age with wisdom  gets you peace that passes understanding, happiness that comes with inner joy, godliness with contentment.


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