Hello World… Discipline is

How do you feel about discipline?  How do you feel about being disciplined?  What does discipline mean?  A lot of people think it is giving or getting a good spanking or having to stand in the corner for being bad, or ‘time out’ in a special chair.

The dictionary states that discipline means:  1. training that is expected to produce a specified character or pattern of behavior, especially that which is expected to produce moral or mental improvement. 2. Controlled behavior resulting from such training.        3. systematic method to obtain obedience:  a military discipline 4. A state of order based upon submission to rules and authority.        5. Punishment intended to correct or train. A set of rules or methods, as those regarding the practice of a church or order.                  7. A branch of knowledge or of teaching.

A lot of people won’t discipline their children and when the child gets to be a teenager, the parent has no control and the child is into drugs, alcohol, all kinds of sexual activity and the parent wonders WHY.                    


And it should be done as training, not a beating.

Our Father loves us and He trains us.  How do I know?  Been there, done that.

If He didn’t love us, He would not discipline us.  Think about it….Would a loving Father who loved His child allow that child to act in rude and hateful ways?  Would a loving Father continue to let his child run wild, do drugs, drink alcohol and sleep with anything laying down?

I don’t know about you, but my loving Father watches over me day by day. It is He that is maturing my faith and walking me through the daily grind of life with joy. For the joy of the Lord is my strength. Father wants us to grow strong in Him and walk with Him and live our lives in a manner worthy of the calling He has placed in us. If we will obey and follow Him, He will lead us and guide us on the right road, the narrow road to life, abundant life and we will be more than conquerors.  He will keep us safe.

When life gets difficult, we should learn from that training and go forth understanding that correction offers us a chance to take hold of stronger faith.  Faith comes by hearing the Word, going through the test and coming out on the other side with wisdom. The path of life depends on our choices.  Choose good and good things come.  Choose bad and bad things come.  Simple.  So simple that most people miss it: that it was their choices that brought the result.  Healing comes to those who trust His Word.   What does His word say?  By Jesus stripes you are healed.  Do you believe that?   Then walk in that faith and be healed.

I believe that God, my Father, loves me so much that He will allow short-term pain to bring me long-term peace.

…………..that is why I can say, “Thank you Father for a love that wounds, then heals.

Jesus died (wound) and Jesus resurrected  (healed)–He is my eternal life.

P>S>   You can also discipline yourself…..


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  1. JD Blom
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 23:00:43

    I believe that God is much more concerned with the condition of my soul than the comfort of my body; He uses the discomfort of the one to improve the condition of the other.


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