Bad day at the well….hello world

Have you ever had a bad day?  Or a worse day? How about a bad week, or bad month? 

I have been having a bad day at the well for over a month and don’t know why?  I prayed about it. Today, I read my bible and sought the Lord for a reason to what is going on, but I have had no answers. 

Today, I decided it is just a season of drought. You know, where the rain doesn’t fall for weeks on end. 

Today I went to the well and let down the bucket to see if the water level was high or low. I wanted a cold drink of water, not a tepid or cool drink.  Today, I needed a icy cold, teeth chattering drink from the well. I wanted to meet with Jesus and receive a new revelation. I wanted  relief from the drought.

I have been writing a book and I wondered if the time the book takes me away from spending time with the Lord is causing the drought. A few minutes ago, when I ask the Lord, He gave me this answer:

Nothing takes you away from me. I AM in your heart and where ever you are I AM.  Whatever you are doing, I AM doing it with you. My holiness demands a separation from sin and evil. I do not partake in the sin and evil of this world. I AM silent when sin or evil is working in your flesh. When you repent of the sin you commit,  My love will rescue you. My children do not recognize the sin they commit sometimes because it is so easy to slip into something without recognizing what you are slipping into. In your case, My Child, you have neglected your prayer time and your reading time and your worship time with Me. In this neglect, you have slipped back into flesh-working out problems, instead of Spirit-led working out of your problems. Your tongue has flapped more with deceit than you care to admit. Repent and run quickly to My arms. I will deliver and rescue and put you back on the path I sat you on in the fist place. You have left your first love and I desire you back in My arms.

Lord, I repent and I run to you. Thank you for showing me my sin. Thank you for directing my path into your arms. Thank you for rescuing me and setting my feet on the narrow path and thank you for loving me.  I am over  my bad day at the well.  The water is COLD!  I am HOT!


Without Spot….hello world

How do you see yourself each day when you get up and look in the mirror? Do you see  someone who is laden with temptations of your old life? Some one who is  burdened with the battle of the bulge, some one who gets angry when people act dumb and stupid in your presence and what you really want to do is haul off and slap the stupid out of them?

Guess what?  God knows exactly how you feel, but He does not want you to act upon your impulses. He wants you to act like His Son Jesus and respond with His will and Word on the subject.

If you do fall off the wagon and hit the floor with a scream, Father will actually pick you up, dust you off and put  you back in the wagon along the path He has set for your life.  All He ask, is that you ask Him to forgive you and actually mean it.  Do you know that when He looks at you, He does not see you. He sees Jesus. Remember that time you said, “Father, forgive me of my sin.”  He took you for your word and did that. He let you exchange your sin for Christ’s One righteousness and you became the One He sees when He looks at you.  It is no longer you but Christ payment for your sin that He sees.

You are without spot before the Father if Christ has taken your sin and you have received His righteousness.  Simple exchange.

Does that make me free to sin?  Heaven forbid!  It makes Father free to keep you in the center of His will even though you don’t deserve to be kept. Sin should have no place in your life because He has given you power over sin and you don’t have to sin. 

Sin is now a choice. If you willfully sin after Christ has taken your sin, you have no more sacrifice for sin and it falls squarely on your shoulders.  Remember that ole saying, “what goes around, comes around.”  

Be careful to walk in righteousness, trust God for cleansing daily and seek first the kingdom… You don’t want to be caught  in the ‘comes around.’


Priority One…hello world

Today I got up in a hurry. Jumped out of bed. Ran downstairs. Ate my breakfast. Jumped into my house coat because it was too cool for running around in my P.J.’s. Brushed my teeth.  And while standing there looking at myself in the mirror, I heard the Lord say: 

          “Forgot to say ‘good morning Lord’, didn’t you?”

Yes, I did.  Every morning when I awake, I open my eyes and say, “Good Morning, Lord!” and have a conversational prayer before I get out of bed.  Today I just jumped.

Loving Father is my first priority.  I call it “Priority One”.  He is the One I love with all my heart, mind, soul, and I never want that to change.  He is my number One Priority each day and everyday.  . . . . . and I don’t every want to forget to speak to Him daily.

I don’t want to take Him for granted. I want to show Him thankfulness for all He does for me, with me and to me.  I want to show Him love everyday, all day and even through the night.  When I show Him love and thankfulness, my mind will be focused on all the things that really matter in this life. 

“Good morning, Lord!  I love you and thank you for this day! I submit my mind, will and emotions to Your handling this day and take on the mind of Christ that I may know Your will for me today! I desire to walk in the light and stay out of the darkness.  In Light, I know the promises You have made to  me and I will walk therein today. I will honor You with obedience to Your will and serve You.  Lord, You are my way, my truth, my life today and everyday.  You are my Priority One!   Amen”

My Times In His Hand…hello world

I have been gone for a while…have been taking some time alone with Him…have been pondering the times we live in and how it is going out there for you, wondering if you are  feeling like we are living in a ‘wonderland’ of what is going to happen next…..

During this pondering-time, I have come to the conclusion that we are called for such a time as this.  I know my times are in His hand. All of us that have been born in 1948 and forward are in the last generation with the God of all times and all circumstances.   He has called us to be His servants  in this time and place and at just the right time and in the order to usher in change, hope or deliverance to those we come in contact with on a daily basis.

He has established us where we are today and has called us to this exact time, this exact place, these exact circumstances, all the situations we run into, every person we come in contact with is part of our purpose.   He knows our fears, He knows He can trust us and He knows that we will follow His Word and do it.   He is the promise that we must give to others, He is the peace that passes all understanding that we can provide as we are faithful to obey His very word to us to go and make disciples.

He who has called us is faithful to perform that for which He is sending us to do.  Seeing what God is doing and getting in there to be His hands,  His smile, His listening ear; we can know for certain that with God all things are possible and rest in the knowledge and the assurance that we have been called to such a time as this  and know that our times are in His hand.

We need, as I have come to understand, to rest in  God.  I mean REST in GOD!

Don’t do anything unless He tells you to do it and get busy when He speaks and DO IT! The doing will be easy and you will be at peace in the doing.  His work is His doing and He will give you the grace and the authority to do it.

Ester 4:14

Hello World…Wake Up!

Christmas Eve and all through the  house not a sound was made for all were sound asleep,  everyone except me.  I decided to stay up and pray for God to open the eyes of those who fell asleep in 2012 and can’t seem to wake up for anything that is going on.  I have some questions for the folks who are asleep and are not concerned about the future.

1.   What lies ahead for this world?

2.   What does the future hold for the Children of God?

3.   How can we properly prepare for what we are about to face in the future?

I believe that God has a divine plan for this world and that we are rapidly moving toward the plan He is working out for our future. I don’t believe that we can alter anything that is coming, but I do believe that He wants us to be awake and fully understanding and actively participating in the plan along side Him.   When He was on earth and spoke to Peter about prophecy. He said, “And I will give unto thee the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.  Matt. 16:19   Peter was the  preacher to the gentiles. He was to bring the key’s of the good news to gentile’s and teach gentiles’ the precepts  to the kingdom of heaven and how to use the spiritual keys to open the wisdom of prophecy to those who would study to understand.

What are these keys?   Key number 1 is to understand that we have authority over the enemy, Satan.  We have the ability to command binding and loosing.  We have the authority to stop the enemy in his tracks before he attacks. We have authority over the storms of life, the storms of wind, rain and tornado’s.  We have authority to open and shut the door to the knowledge of the kingdom of God.  When we learn to obey God, He will perform that in us to His glory.   How do I know that?

I was once in a storm that was filled with torrential rain, hail, and tornado’s forming.  My husband had a new truck that he was worried would get hail damage. The news media said hail the size of golf balls was falling in different area’s where tornado’s were forming and he was very upset that it would hit our area. We were away from home and could see the black clouds coming our way. We stopped in a large parking lot area and went inside a store to get somethings we needed and a lady told us as we went in, the news media had just announced a tornado was on the ground coming our way.  She said they were warning everyone to stay inside because the hail was falling just ahead of the tornado causing extensive damage. The wind was blowing the trees sideways.  My husband turned around and said, “Let’s go. We have got to get home before it hits here!”   As we got to the truck, I  could see that it was too late to run for we could see the tornado in the distance. I told him to stop and turn the truck facing the tornado and get out of the truck and hold the door open on his side and I would do the same on my side. I asked him to pray for God to lift the tornado off the ground and to stop the hail and rain.  We stood out in the howling wind. My hair was long and the wind picked it up blowing it in circles around my head as we prayed.  We took authority over the wind, rain and hail in Jesus Name and commanded it to be still.  I took authority, with  my husband, and commanded the tornado to lift and cease in Jesus Name.  We continued to do this until we saw the tornado begin to go back up into the cloud from where it had formed. We felt the wind dying down and not one drop of rain or hail fell where we were standing.

We got back into the truck and drove to the chicken place and ordered snacks and drinks. As we were pulling off, it began to rain and he said,  “IT”S BACK!”  I told him to drive to the side of the building and roll the windows down.  Hold my hand and pray.  He did and we did.  We asked God to protect the truck from any hail that should fall…….to keep the truck and us safe from hail damage in Jesus Name.  We sat there and watch the hail fall all around our truck, about a foot away from all sides and front. NOT ONE piece of ice hit our truck – but it was hitting the ground all around  us.  We both  kept praying.  As we prayed, we both looked up and out the front windshield and our mouths fell open at the same time as we both gasped at what we were seeing. “Oh, MY GOD,” he said to me, “Do you see what I see?”  “If you are seeing the biggest angel you have ever seen standing in front of the truck with his sword drawn over our truck, I am.” “I am seeing the biggest anything I have every seen standing in front of our truck.”  Suddenly the angel disappeared and it stopped raining and hailing. My husband said to me with a smile on his face. “NOT one piece of hail hit this truck, but look out the window at it on the ground around the truck”…we opened the doors and took a closer look.  We closed the doors and backed up and took another look.  Where the truck had been sitting was dry cement and about a foot out from the dry cement was hail on wet cement. It looked like we had been sitting under a box somewhat larger than the actual truck and no water or hail had gotten on the area where the truck had been sitting.  

That was the time when my husband began to understand what it means to exercise your authority by the Word.  Command loosing and binding on earth. We have power to do things supra-natural on earth as it is in heaven.  When two come into agreement concerning anything they ask, it shall be done in Jesus name.

Revelations 2:7 says:  He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches.  Most people believe the church is a building they go too on Sunday to worship.  I believe I am the church. I worship my Father and I am the temple He lives in.  He is resident at home with me all the time.  I don’t have to go anywhere to worship Him. I just do it. I go to the building to meet with others who are like-minded and like to come together to praise and worship  together.  I pray that in 2013 more people will become churches and let Him reside at home in His temple.  This old world could become the kingdom of heaven on earth as it is in heaven.

Wake up, people…….Listen to what the Spirit says unto the churches.

Hello World… Discipline is

How do you feel about discipline?  How do you feel about being disciplined?  What does discipline mean?  A lot of people think it is giving or getting a good spanking or having to stand in the corner for being bad, or ‘time out’ in a special chair.

The dictionary states that discipline means:  1. training that is expected to produce a specified character or pattern of behavior, especially that which is expected to produce moral or mental improvement. 2. Controlled behavior resulting from such training.        3. systematic method to obtain obedience:  a military discipline 4. A state of order based upon submission to rules and authority.        5. Punishment intended to correct or train. A set of rules or methods, as those regarding the practice of a church or order.                  7. A branch of knowledge or of teaching.

A lot of people won’t discipline their children and when the child gets to be a teenager, the parent has no control and the child is into drugs, alcohol, all kinds of sexual activity and the parent wonders WHY.                    


And it should be done as training, not a beating.

Our Father loves us and He trains us.  How do I know?  Been there, done that.

If He didn’t love us, He would not discipline us.  Think about it….Would a loving Father who loved His child allow that child to act in rude and hateful ways?  Would a loving Father continue to let his child run wild, do drugs, drink alcohol and sleep with anything laying down?

I don’t know about you, but my loving Father watches over me day by day. It is He that is maturing my faith and walking me through the daily grind of life with joy. For the joy of the Lord is my strength. Father wants us to grow strong in Him and walk with Him and live our lives in a manner worthy of the calling He has placed in us. If we will obey and follow Him, He will lead us and guide us on the right road, the narrow road to life, abundant life and we will be more than conquerors.  He will keep us safe.

When life gets difficult, we should learn from that training and go forth understanding that correction offers us a chance to take hold of stronger faith.  Faith comes by hearing the Word, going through the test and coming out on the other side with wisdom. The path of life depends on our choices.  Choose good and good things come.  Choose bad and bad things come.  Simple.  So simple that most people miss it: that it was their choices that brought the result.  Healing comes to those who trust His Word.   What does His word say?  By Jesus stripes you are healed.  Do you believe that?   Then walk in that faith and be healed.

I believe that God, my Father, loves me so much that He will allow short-term pain to bring me long-term peace.

…………..that is why I can say, “Thank you Father for a love that wounds, then heals.

Jesus died (wound) and Jesus resurrected  (healed)–He is my eternal life.

P>S>   You can also discipline yourself…..

Hello World… Ashamed

Mark 8:38   Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when He cometh in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.

Are you ashamed of the talents the Lord has given you?     Why?   You think about that for a minute…..while I tell you about a talent I saw in a lady who was walking and talking but grew tired because she said, “I can’t sing like her!”    “I can’t teach like her!”    I can’t travel like her and go places I want to go.”   All the time I was around her, she kept telling me what she CAN’T  do.  One day, I asked her, “what can you do?”  and she lowered her head and said, “Nothing. I can’t even get myself dressed half the time, because I am so depressed.”   ” What did  you do before you got depressed? ”   I asked.    She looked at me and said, “I use to be a teacher and taught  school, but when I retired, suddenly I just could not do the things I used to do.”

She told me that once she retired she could not do things like she use to because she didn’t have money, didn’t have time, didn’t have students, didn’t have the will power……..      Will Power?   That was all she really needed.  She needed to get her will power back and begin doing the things she was talented to do.  I knew of all kinds of volunteer groups that needed a teacher….she could do that.  I told her about a group and she just looked at me and said, “I can’t.  I am so ashamed of the way I look. They won’t like me. They don’t even know me. So, I can’t do that.”

I told her they would love her and she should go and just meet the group and talk to them.  They were a christian group and would welcome her….all she had to do was go with me and we would do it together.  I asked her, “Are you a christian?”    “Well, yes, I have been since I was born. I was born into a christian family.”   I just looked at her and said, “Have you asked Him into your heart and repented of your sins since you got old enough to know the difference?”   “Well, I have never sinned.  I don’t smoke, drink or cuss and I was a virgin when I got married.  I never been with anyone except my husband and I haven’t ever sinned.  I’ve gone to church all my life, but I have never talked about the Lord to anyone. I am too ashamed to talk about him, I don’t know that much about him.”

She was raised in church and never heard the gospel truth.   She was a very talented teacher, able to teach students social studies but she had never read the bible, she had never been listening when the preacher preached evidently or she was in a church that didn’t teach and preach the TRUTH.  Whatever it was, she was about to hear the truth and she was about to know the Truth.

Jesus came to this earth to die on the Cross for the sin of mankind so mankind did not have to die….just believe Jesus did it for you, repent of being a sinner and ask Him to come into your heart and make your life pleasing to the Father.   When I told her that, she just smiled and said she had never heard that simply word. She thought you had to be good and do something for the Lord to be saved.   With child like faith, she bowed her head and repented, asking Jesus to forgive her and come into her heart and make her life pleasing to the Father.  She raised her head, with tears in her eyes and the biggest smile and said, “I can go with you now. I know what I am supposed to be doing.”

For years. she thought she was saved.  She wasted her talent after she retired and it left her.  When she got saved, God restored her talent and now she teaches under privileged children to read and write as a volunteer.  She is happy and her life now has a new word:   I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

What are you ashamed of and what can’t you do?

Hello World….Rejoice Be Glad

WOW!   God is so good  — all the time He is good.  

Beloved, God loves to surprise us with His grace, mercy and bounty–so abundant is His grace and mercy and bounty that we sometimes fail to see the answer right before our very eyes.   He is God and He can do anything…… …… Can you imagine the love light in His eyes as He watches us receive   the answer  to our prayers and as He hears the joy and gladness  in our voices as we praise and   worship Him for the answers coming forth?

We are quick to ask, but not patient in waiting for the answers.          Years ago, I prayed for my husband to become the Mighty Man of God that I know He can be.      I am still praying for that prayer to be answered. 

Yesterday, I wondered if I was praying the wrong prayer… Should I be asking for Him to become the Mighty Man of God that God knows He is and just begin to thank God that  my husband is what    God says he is and stop fretting when I see him mad and angry, cussing and throwing things. 

Today I asked God:  “Why is he still like he was 30 years ago. And this is the answer I got.

       He is not the same man he was 30 years ago, he is a better man, but he still has a lot of rough edges to  be ground off.  Also, I use his rough edges to polish you, my Child.  When you stop fretting and fall into constant rejoicing  in all things, you will see the glory of the Lord go before you.   Stop praying and start rejoicing in WHO he is right now and watch Me change him into what he is becoming.  You expect a miracle by believing it is done and you won’t be disappointed. 

God, I believe You can do all I ask of you.  I rejoice in this right now!

Hello World… Holy Spirit Power

Where does your power come from?   Where does my power come from?   If you have no power, why not?

I had a very unlearned preacher tell me once that the Holy Spirit does not do the same things today as He did in century’s passed because  we didn’t need the Holy Spirit like they did in the beginning of the bible times.      I had read the bible from cover to cover within a few weeks after I got saved and I understood a scripture that said, “I AM the Lord, I change not; therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed.”  Malachi 3:6      If the Lord says He changes not, then whatever is passed, present and future with the Lord, changes not.

Doubt is not believing the Word of the Lord.    Belief is believing every jot, tittle and word the Lord says.   Therefore the Lord changes not and neither does the Word of the Lord change.  If it was true then, it is true now.   I look unto the Lord for the answers to all problem in my life,   in my mind and those brought about by what others believe or don’t believe.    I believe the Lord first whether anyone likes it or not.   I want Him to say to me, “Well done, you good and faithful servant!”

Right now I need prayer and you all to agree with me that the endeavor that I am about to embark on is God’s will for my life.  I have applied to the Church of God to become an Exhorter and I have to complete 6 months of schooling, classes and test to get my certificate.  Then I have to complete 9 months of classes, schooling, and test to get my license to become a Pastor;  with that license I can be a certified teacher of the Word.  I have been studying the Word  for 39 years so I don’t see any problems with passing the test.  I desire prayer in the area of my husband’s blessing on all of this concerning the classes and schooling and his agreement when I have to go before the Board with him at my side to answer questions regarding his agreement with all aspects of what I will be doing. 

Father has already said:   “Well, done, beloved!  You have been doing an incredible job!  I am so proud of your willingness to serve me  —  the many ways in which you have stepped  out to declare my praise in often hostile environments. Your deep love and passionate desire to serve me makes me glad.   You,  My darling Child, can rest in the fullness of My approval.   Continue to follow with passion and you will see the glory of My presence more and more in your life.   Keep your eyes on Me as I keep My eyes on you and together we shall over come all obstacles.”

All things in my life are powered by the Holy Spirit.  I can do all things that He presents to me by His power.

Pray for me!

L, J

Hello World…Across the Divide

Did you know there is a wall of division between every thing visible and invisible in this world?   You didn’t know that?  I recognized it the other day when my husband, who normally is a real nice fellow, turned into the grizzly bear from the north country.    All I did was, walk into the kitchen and say, “Good Morning, and how are you this morning?”  in my normal morning cheerful voice and suddenly the growling grizzly of the North bounded toward me with the word of a blasting North Wind across the divide…

I stepped back and whispered under my breath, “Lord, what is going on here? Into Your hands!”  The Wind blew by me and rushed into the living room chilling even the puppy sitting on the sofa. I opened my mouth and said in a lifted tone of voice, “What is wrong?”  and the Wind turned into a hurricane without rain. I just stood and listened to the raging word coming from the mouth of one who kisses me good night and hello  – and thought….his blood pressure is out of sight… I took a deep breath and prayed quietly “Lord, give him peace over this, whatever it is?”

It turned out to be that the garbage can stinks.  The garbage can should have been taken out the night before. Someone had put something that stunk in the garbage can and this morning the smell was putrid….. however, I didn’t smell anything at all…I asked where the garbage was and he had taken it out of the can and it was sitting at the front door to be taken out when he went to work… He sat down in his recliner and I smiled as the puppy climbed into his lap and began barking like a wild wolf of the North as she pounded her 4 lb body against his chest as if she was saying, “don’t yell at my mama!  don’t  yell at my mama!”  He smiled as she stopped and turned jumping down to come running to me. She laid her little head against my chest and began licking my neck as if to comfort me.  I smile and said, “Animals are smarter that humans, they know how to love and how others are supposed to love one another!  You could learn something from this little one>>>”

The Lord speaks to my heart:  His Word to me:………My Child, because I love, I desire that you love me.  I am grieved because My children are separated by a great divide  and they do not understand what it means to love one another.  They put on the flesh-wall of thinking they are loving one another, but to love one another means that you treat one another with the love you say you have for one another.  My Son laid his life down to destroy the walls between each other and in Him you have the power to walk in the way MY SON has shown you in the Word.  I give My Spirit to all whosoever will accept my Son and will walk in the Way, the Truth and the Life. Your friends, your neighbors, your family, need mercy and grace….even your enemy needs grace and mercy from you.   I am asking You to begin this love walk by granting grace and mercy to all who come like a frosty mighty wind who know not the Lord….Be assured that I am with  you and will help you to replace the walls of the divide with grace and love one for another….                                                  

Abba, help me to speak kind and loving to all I come in contact with, especially my husband.

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