Hello World… Conquerors,

My Beloved friend has passed through the fire and come out as gold in the hand of the Lord. 

Prayers and petitions unto the Lord have been answered and every one can praise the Lord for what He is doing and for the love He has bestowed upon His Children.  When we go through trials, our Father sends the Comforter in human flesh to put arms around the child in need at that moment. He sends words of comfort in human flesh that will speak the Word  in love and see you through all aspects of the trails, who will walk with you, pray with you, fight the good fight with you.  Love never fails.

Our Lord says to us:

       Child, when the Son arises, the darkness will flee.  Darkness can not stand in the Presence of the Son Light.  Fear that comes to take control of you will flee at the Presence of the Light.  Fear is the opposite of FAITH. . . . . .  and when faith is exercised in the face of fear, fear will become a smoke that will dissipate and flee from you.   The blood of Jesus will make you more than a conqueror and the message that comes from the Word of God will continue the work of growing your faith.  Instead of sinking sand, you will stand on the Rock and the power of the Holy Spirit will rise to conqueror.   When fear plagues you, kill that plague with the Word, stand on the Word and speak the Word and you will be equipped to over come all fears by the Spirit.   I will give you spirit-power to see past the fear and understand the Word that will dispel the darkness and bring brilliant LIGHT into your spirit and soul.  Don’t worry, be happy for the Good Shepherd,   I AM  always as near as a whispered prayer.

Ex 3:14


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