Bad day at the well….hello world

Have you ever had a bad day?  Or a worse day? How about a bad week, or bad month? 

I have been having a bad day at the well for over a month and don’t know why?  I prayed about it. Today, I read my bible and sought the Lord for a reason to what is going on, but I have had no answers. 

Today, I decided it is just a season of drought. You know, where the rain doesn’t fall for weeks on end. 

Today I went to the well and let down the bucket to see if the water level was high or low. I wanted a cold drink of water, not a tepid or cool drink.  Today, I needed a icy cold, teeth chattering drink from the well. I wanted to meet with Jesus and receive a new revelation. I wanted  relief from the drought.

I have been writing a book and I wondered if the time the book takes me away from spending time with the Lord is causing the drought. A few minutes ago, when I ask the Lord, He gave me this answer:

Nothing takes you away from me. I AM in your heart and where ever you are I AM.  Whatever you are doing, I AM doing it with you. My holiness demands a separation from sin and evil. I do not partake in the sin and evil of this world. I AM silent when sin or evil is working in your flesh. When you repent of the sin you commit,  My love will rescue you. My children do not recognize the sin they commit sometimes because it is so easy to slip into something without recognizing what you are slipping into. In your case, My Child, you have neglected your prayer time and your reading time and your worship time with Me. In this neglect, you have slipped back into flesh-working out problems, instead of Spirit-led working out of your problems. Your tongue has flapped more with deceit than you care to admit. Repent and run quickly to My arms. I will deliver and rescue and put you back on the path I sat you on in the fist place. You have left your first love and I desire you back in My arms.

Lord, I repent and I run to you. Thank you for showing me my sin. Thank you for directing my path into your arms. Thank you for rescuing me and setting my feet on the narrow path and thank you for loving me.  I am over  my bad day at the well.  The water is COLD!  I am HOT!


Priority One…hello world

Today I got up in a hurry. Jumped out of bed. Ran downstairs. Ate my breakfast. Jumped into my house coat because it was too cool for running around in my P.J.’s. Brushed my teeth.  And while standing there looking at myself in the mirror, I heard the Lord say: 

          “Forgot to say ‘good morning Lord’, didn’t you?”

Yes, I did.  Every morning when I awake, I open my eyes and say, “Good Morning, Lord!” and have a conversational prayer before I get out of bed.  Today I just jumped.

Loving Father is my first priority.  I call it “Priority One”.  He is the One I love with all my heart, mind, soul, and I never want that to change.  He is my number One Priority each day and everyday.  . . . . . and I don’t every want to forget to speak to Him daily.

I don’t want to take Him for granted. I want to show Him thankfulness for all He does for me, with me and to me.  I want to show Him love everyday, all day and even through the night.  When I show Him love and thankfulness, my mind will be focused on all the things that really matter in this life. 

“Good morning, Lord!  I love you and thank you for this day! I submit my mind, will and emotions to Your handling this day and take on the mind of Christ that I may know Your will for me today! I desire to walk in the light and stay out of the darkness.  In Light, I know the promises You have made to  me and I will walk therein today. I will honor You with obedience to Your will and serve You.  Lord, You are my way, my truth, my life today and everyday.  You are my Priority One!   Amen”

Heart’s Desire…hello world

What is your heart’s desire?   If you could ask for and received your most intimate desire, what would you ask for?   Would it be money to travel,  live anywhere in the world like Hawaii for the winter and Colorado for the summer?

Would you ask for houses, boats, cars and trains?   Maids to do your house cleaning, butlers to open your doors, pool-boys to clean your pool in the house of your dreams?  Would you ask for patience, peace and property, health and wealth? 

I thought about it one day for a long time and I decided I would ask for wisdom. Solomon asked for wisdom and it pleased God.   God gave him wisdom and to wisdom, God added to him to be the riches man ever to live.

I would pray in the getting of wisdom from God that I would use it wisely and not turn to the riches and  become a despot.  I would pray that God would keep me on the path He set down before me and that I would come to the end of my life with love as the primary thing, able to give unto others as He has given unto me.  

Because God is the source of wisdom, using wisdom make God  and me partners in the life I live before Him and others. I pray that He and I would partnership to a long and health relationship with each other and all that we come in contact with and no matter what He called me to do I would do it for His glory and honor and we would walk side by side till I walk on home to be with Him in His house. 

1 Kings 6:12

Wisdom for the Journey…

How does your day go?    Do you jump out of bed, rush to get dressed, grab a quick dry toast and cup of coffee and be running on down the road as quickly as possible to get to work?

Father said for all of us to come first thing in the morning to His presence and talk to Him.  He wants us to walk with Him along the ‘life-journey’ He has prepared for us and to get there, we have to go to Him first. If we remember to go to Him to ask Him for wisdom, direction, advice,  before making decision, He will help us to avoid some hazards along the way. 

Sometimes we make plans and leave Him out of the equation. We run ahead without seeking His advice.  We jump off the cliff thinking it is a bump in the road and when we fall head long down the long dark tunnel, He will reach down and pick us up and put us back on the right path….sometimes it takes longer than others to get back on, because we fume and fight and blame Him for our big mess.

When we draw near to God and His Word, when we pray and seek His face, He will guide us along the green pastures, by the still waters, across the great divide and out on the right road.   He has the best plans for us….we just need His wisdom for the journey on a daily basis.

Think about it…..

Message from Who?…hello world

Children of God, be on your guard. Many people are teaching nice sounding messages–but messages that are contrary to God’s Word.  How can you tell the difference?   Read God’s Word and test the spirits (messages) against what thus says the Lord.  Do a little checking to see if what they are saying lines up with what God’s word says…..Do a little checking up on what they are teaching, take notes and compare it to what the Word says.  Check to see what the teacher believes about God’s Word…do they believe that every word is inspired by God,  are they Holy in their teaching, are they telling the total Truth about God and who He really is? Does their lives match up with what they say they believe?

There is only One Way, One Truth and One Life that ever lived up to the scriptures?  Keep your eyes on the messenger and if his/her life does not match up with what is written, be very wary of the message.  Remember, God gives you wisdom and He helps you if you ask Him… be wise and discerning and listen with the Spiritual Ears to hear if it matches to the written word.

The message from God lines up with what is written….always.

Bless not Curse….hello world

Bless the Lord, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless His holy name! Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits:  Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases…….Psalms 103:1-3

In a world that is cursing the Lord, cursing their family members, cursing their neighbors, cursing their children, cursing each other and cursing perfect strangers……how long do you think this can go on before the End comes?

The fool has said in his heart, there is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity, there  is none that does good.  God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God. Every one of them is gone back;  they are altogether become filthy; there is none that does good, no not one.   Psalms 53: 1-4

You reap what you sow.  It is a law of nature and it is true of the good and evil.  So if you continue to curse, you will reap cursing…..if you bless another, you will reap blessing….

The meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace; the wicked plots against the just, and gnashed upon him with his teeth.              The Lord shall laugh at him, for he sees his day is coming…Ps 37: 11-13

Why don’t we wait patiently upon the Lord???.   You know that He will bring us up out of a horrible  pit and a miry clay and set our feet upon a ROCK and establish our goings?  He will put a new song in our mouth, even praise unto our God, and many will see it and fear, and shall trust in the Lord.

Rejoice Children, Obedience brings rich blessing.  Read My Word, listen with the ears of Spirit… because My Word is full of power, it will give you power to hear it and to keep it and in the keeping it, you will be blessed.

He is Risen! ….hello world

He is Risen….that is the truth and if He was not risen, you would have nothing to worry about if you believe not….

God gave us choices to make and even told us to ‘choose life’  –  many times we forget that He who created us with an amazing mind also gave us a brain that controls actions in us that are involuntary….like breathing..How many of us think to breath and to tell our hearts to beat….??????

If you got a brain today,  choose wisely and do right.   It makes God happy to see you using the brain He gave you to think before you speak, act wisely about the things of this world and seek peace with all men and with God. 

God will give you wisdom as He sees you making good choices.


Hello World….Dreams

                Sometimes you hold back and you don’t talk very openly about Jesus Christ because you know that’s controversial. Listen, don’t hold back! That’s the power for answered prayer – Jesus’ Name. It’s the power that clarifies the real issue to people. Jesus is who they have to deal with. You’re not deciding about my belief. You’re deciding about Jesus. That’s where the power is to change lives.   Daily Bible Guide 

That is a direct quote from a site on the internet that stated the reason people don’t speak up. I don’t have the power to change anyone in any way.  I can only tell you what He did for me, is doing for me and what I believe He will do for me in the future.  I have to deal daily with my life before Him and if I am doing what I think He wants me to do.   You have to deal with Him and your life in your own way.  My best friend told me that for years, she would hear the Lord speaking to her and she would listen and within hours forget what He had said to her.  She said it bothered her so much that she decided to get a pen and notebook and write down what He was saying to her and write down her prayers. She told me that action changed her life.  She could remember what He was telling her and she could go back and see the answers to prayers she had prayed.  I do the same now, because I forget things if I don’t write them down.  Like a dream I had a couple of weeks ago. 

I had a dream that He told me to tell my class at Sunday School. I got ready, took my bible and got there early so I could write down my dream to tell the class. Then I thought, I will remember it. They will be in class in about 15 minutes.  Class started, I remembered and told everyone, “as soon as everyone gets seated, I have to tell you about this dream I had last night.”  We did our morning prayers, prayer request, took up the Sunday School offering and I told them I would tell them about the dream after we finished the lesson for the morning.  We finished the lesson and it was almost time to dismiss class so I told them I would tell them next Sunday Morning. As soon as church was over, I would write down the dream I thought. 

When I got home from church, I thought about the dream and told my husband not to let me forget to write down the dream I had last night. “OK.” he said to me. Right before bedtime, he said, ‘did you write down the dream?’  I said, “What dream?”  He said, “The one you asked me to remind you to write down.”  I stood there for a moment and racked my brain. . . . . . .   the dream was gone.

Still to this day, I can not remember the dream.  When He tells me/you something,  we need to either do it right then or write it down so we can remember what He told us. The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy and he does.  The enemy stole God’s dream right from me because I didn’t obey as I was told. 

What is it that He is asking you to do daily?  Where is He leading you?  When are you going to get on the path and do it? Why aren’t you running the race as He directed?    How many times is it going to take for you to catch the dream and fly with it?

Ask, Knock, Seek.

Hello World… Discipline is

How do you feel about discipline?  How do you feel about being disciplined?  What does discipline mean?  A lot of people think it is giving or getting a good spanking or having to stand in the corner for being bad, or ‘time out’ in a special chair.

The dictionary states that discipline means:  1. training that is expected to produce a specified character or pattern of behavior, especially that which is expected to produce moral or mental improvement. 2. Controlled behavior resulting from such training.        3. systematic method to obtain obedience:  a military discipline 4. A state of order based upon submission to rules and authority.        5. Punishment intended to correct or train. A set of rules or methods, as those regarding the practice of a church or order.                  7. A branch of knowledge or of teaching.

A lot of people won’t discipline their children and when the child gets to be a teenager, the parent has no control and the child is into drugs, alcohol, all kinds of sexual activity and the parent wonders WHY.                    


And it should be done as training, not a beating.

Our Father loves us and He trains us.  How do I know?  Been there, done that.

If He didn’t love us, He would not discipline us.  Think about it….Would a loving Father who loved His child allow that child to act in rude and hateful ways?  Would a loving Father continue to let his child run wild, do drugs, drink alcohol and sleep with anything laying down?

I don’t know about you, but my loving Father watches over me day by day. It is He that is maturing my faith and walking me through the daily grind of life with joy. For the joy of the Lord is my strength. Father wants us to grow strong in Him and walk with Him and live our lives in a manner worthy of the calling He has placed in us. If we will obey and follow Him, He will lead us and guide us on the right road, the narrow road to life, abundant life and we will be more than conquerors.  He will keep us safe.

When life gets difficult, we should learn from that training and go forth understanding that correction offers us a chance to take hold of stronger faith.  Faith comes by hearing the Word, going through the test and coming out on the other side with wisdom. The path of life depends on our choices.  Choose good and good things come.  Choose bad and bad things come.  Simple.  So simple that most people miss it: that it was their choices that brought the result.  Healing comes to those who trust His Word.   What does His word say?  By Jesus stripes you are healed.  Do you believe that?   Then walk in that faith and be healed.

I believe that God, my Father, loves me so much that He will allow short-term pain to bring me long-term peace.

…………..that is why I can say, “Thank you Father for a love that wounds, then heals.

Jesus died (wound) and Jesus resurrected  (healed)–He is my eternal life.

P>S>   You can also discipline yourself…..

Hello World… My In Crowd

Children, there are no boundary to  My love……there are no insiders or outsiders.

The only requirement  for entry into my Kingdom is acceptance of the death of My Son, Jesus Christ, on your behalf.   My invitation is so open that anyone who will trust, believe and receive My Son’s payment for sin is welcome.  I will give you eternal life on the basis of your acceptance of My Word that I allowed My Son to die for you so you can come into the Kingdom – the free gift of eternal life.  You don’ t have to work for it, you don’t have to fight for it and you don’t have to kill any one to get in… You just have to trust My Word and repent and ask Me to make your life  pleasing to Me and you.    . . . .  . and believe that I AM doing it for you, in you and because I love you.  You can do nothing to cause Me to not love you.  I love you even in your sinful ways, I love you because you are My creation and I created you to be My family.  In My family sin is brought under My dominion and you will not want to sin because My love will out shine sin in your life. You will receive a robe of righteousness and learn to live a new life where nothing is out of My realm of dominion. You will have the power to overcome sin and walk in abundant life.

My in-crowd believe Me, they trust Me and they allow Me to give them abundant life, joy, peace and love Me the way I love you.  Unconditionally.   Beloved One, I AM calling you to come home.  Like the prodigal son who was away from his home, eating with the pigs, when he realized that the slaves in his father’s home ate better food  than he did and decided to go home to his father’s house.  I will welcome you with open arms and put a robe of righteousness on you and wash you white as snow. I will teach you what it means to have your needs met by a loving Father and I will go the second mile with you daily as you walk with Me and talk with Me as we come to  know each other better and better day by day.

When you decide not to let the seeds of division and  mistrust and unbelief hold you captive, I will be there to receive you.  Weed out those roots of bitterness and let the sweet joy of My Son fill your heart with love….Then you will be able to tell the world that My in-crowd includes anyone who will come  to Me.

Thank you Lord, Your love makes life worthwhile!

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