Hello World….You Are Mine

Tonight as I was getting ready for bed, after relaxing playing one of my mind games of how many bloons can you burst and how many points can you make in 3 minutes time, He spoke to my heart and said to me very quietly:

          You are mine and I want you to know who you are and help you to embrace your identity as my Child.  Sometimes you spend more time trying to improve your mind than you do taking on the mind of Christ.  Child, I AM your Father and everything changed between Me and you  when you asked my Son to be your Savior and Lord of your life. I sought you out, wanting to adopt you into my family and you responded to my invitation. Don’t you remember what happened at that moment?   Don’t you remember the excitement of My touch and how you laughed and cried and rejoiced that you could hear Me speaking to you?  In that precious moment you became My Child, not only My Child, but a princess and priest  with the privilege of  calling on Me directly at any  moment of the day or night and I  answer you. I chose you to be a royal princess in My kingdom. A child of the King. You, My daughter are holy for My Son died to take away your sin. You, My precious princess, are mine and I love you.  Now bow your head and come to Me and let us reason together about tomorrow.  I have a wonderful day planned for you!

I gather myself from the computer and close this down and go and do as He says, because He is my Father and I love Him.  We have a wonderful day going for us tomorrow.

1 Peter 2:9


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