Hello World…Missed You

My computer has been down and I missed you.

This day the Lord says:

I AM the living God. 

My Child, I  bring forth constellations in their season. I know when the mountain goat gives birth. I AM served by the  wild ox and give the horse his strength. Yet many who walk under My sun attribute My works to other gods—-ones they think they recognize or believe they can find at little cost to themselves. They see gods they can fully understand and predict. I see people lost in darkness and in need of My light………. Will you go to them?   I have given you the gift of My presence and the power of MY Spirit.  Together, lets find those who are lost and bring them into my marvelous light.

Lord protect us from idolatry and point our hearts toward You and You alone……..

I seriously follow the One True living God…. He who loves His children unconditionally , zealously and tirelessly and He pursues each individual with a love that only he who loves Him can understand.  It grieves God to see the burdens placed on others under the guise of pleasing Him. Instead of honoring  His true commands, people make assumptions into yolks that burden the faithful and  drive the lost away from Him.  God’s yoke is easy and His grace sufficient for every need.  He readily gives grace to the humble and has compassion on those in need.  Why don’t you let your conversations be gracious; Soothe the  wounded with your words of peace and hope. Encourage, exhort and extend God’s grace to those around you and love like He loves.    Unconditionally…..

Did you know that you can agree to disagree and still accomplish God’s will?   You may think it confusing when the people of God who are call by His name, saved by His Son, have differences of opinion about earthly matters.  Barnabas and Paul were at odds over earthly matters. They were at odds over God’s servant John Mark, and they could not immediately resolve their differences.  In the midst of that difficult situation, God was at work turning their disagreement into two missionary efforts, not just one.  The goal was to grow the Kingdom of God.  They agreed  on that point and went their separate ways to accomplish that goal.  Differences will occur. Seek God when they do and let Him guide you. He will show you the Way He wants you to walk.     ……..and then WALK>>>>


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lena
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 20:33:22

    It is great to have you back….missed reading your post each day…..keep up the good work!!!!!


    • 101revelation
      Oct 30, 2012 @ 23:40:36

      The Lord is GOOD and He is good all the time.
      I realize that I am suppose to be on this
      computer only when HE tells me to. I will be
      here to blog only. No more junk-runs reading
      things not pleasing to HIM. LOve, J


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