Hello World… My In Crowd

Children, there are no boundary to  My love……there are no insiders or outsiders.

The only requirement  for entry into my Kingdom is acceptance of the death of My Son, Jesus Christ, on your behalf.   My invitation is so open that anyone who will trust, believe and receive My Son’s payment for sin is welcome.  I will give you eternal life on the basis of your acceptance of My Word that I allowed My Son to die for you so you can come into the Kingdom – the free gift of eternal life.  You don’ t have to work for it, you don’t have to fight for it and you don’t have to kill any one to get in… You just have to trust My Word and repent and ask Me to make your life  pleasing to Me and you.    . . . .  . and believe that I AM doing it for you, in you and because I love you.  You can do nothing to cause Me to not love you.  I love you even in your sinful ways, I love you because you are My creation and I created you to be My family.  In My family sin is brought under My dominion and you will not want to sin because My love will out shine sin in your life. You will receive a robe of righteousness and learn to live a new life where nothing is out of My realm of dominion. You will have the power to overcome sin and walk in abundant life.

My in-crowd believe Me, they trust Me and they allow Me to give them abundant life, joy, peace and love Me the way I love you.  Unconditionally.   Beloved One, I AM calling you to come home.  Like the prodigal son who was away from his home, eating with the pigs, when he realized that the slaves in his father’s home ate better food  than he did and decided to go home to his father’s house.  I will welcome you with open arms and put a robe of righteousness on you and wash you white as snow. I will teach you what it means to have your needs met by a loving Father and I will go the second mile with you daily as you walk with Me and talk with Me as we come to  know each other better and better day by day.

When you decide not to let the seeds of division and  mistrust and unbelief hold you captive, I will be there to receive you.  Weed out those roots of bitterness and let the sweet joy of My Son fill your heart with love….Then you will be able to tell the world that My in-crowd includes anyone who will come  to Me.

Thank you Lord, Your love makes life worthwhile!


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