Hellow World….Spiritual Depth Precepts #7

It was a true confession of faith. He had become a ‘head’ after all these years. I watched my little brother go from a drunk, with occasional puffs of the plant everyone says is not addictive after that encounter in his car to a man of God who touched no alcohol, no drugs of any kind  to a praying, bible reading, church attending in love with Jesus ‘head’ in his class leaving his friends behind to run with new friends who loved the Father like he did. I listened to him pray and love his wife who also became a learner in the Word who went with him and stopped all the stuff she was into looking for a new life with him.

They were faithful for two years to one church. They loved completely each other like newlyweds and then they moved to Florida. When he got to Florida, he couldn’t find a job right away and he couldn’t find a church like he had attended before. He told me over the phone, “most churches don’t preach the Word, they tell storys  about the Word and what is going on in their lives”.  I told him to keep looking… One afternoon when they had gone out to eat, he developed a bad headache and got sick. She told him she would take him to the hospital and he said no. But on the way home, he passed out in the car and she took him directly to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a brain aneurism that caused his death 3 days later.

He was buried beside dad 5 days later at age 36.

Faithful is the Lord in all things…




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