Hello World….Exploring Spiritual Depth Precepts…#6

…..I knew he was having his first conversation with my Father and that he was entering into the new life that was there all the time for him. Three months later he died of a massive heart attack.  God is faithful.

Mom, who had joined a church when I was 6 or 7 years old, a ‘tail’ believing she was a ‘head’, was devastated by dad’s sudden death.  She was in denial from the day I had to explain to her what happened and for almost five years. She dropped out of all family gathering, she wanted no part in any holiday gatherings, and as far as us kids were concerned, ‘take care of yourself’ and leave me out of this~  We did and missed a lot of fun things together because she could not bring herself to believe Dad was gone for good. She never remarried or had anything to do with another man. She continued to work until she retired at age 65. Then she came back to us. We began to have Christmas at home again, Thanksgiving Dinner’s together and birthday parties at her house. She began to take care of her great grand children and do things with them. We were all glad for the transition, but it still was not the same. She never went to Church after dad died. She said it wasn’t necessary any more. One of my nephews, who was the life of all parties and the more good-hearted child growing up became her pet project. Whatever he needed, where ever he needed to go, a home? come live with me, Life came back into her and she began to take care of the other grandkids too.  We watched the change and began to see a strange thing…She didn’t care what bad thing any of the grandchildren did –it was alright with her. Drinking, drugs, drunk as a skunk, No discipline to any  of them, not even a word that it was wrong.. When I tried to talk to her about it, she gave me the ‘it is none of your business’ speech — I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. A mom who was so disciplined with us now letting her grandchildren run wild and giving them money to do it with???? I prayed for wisdom but found that I could not keep my mouth shut. I became the outcast of the family because I wanted everyone on the same page…no drinking, no drugs. Happy family.

Years past and my younger sister, all her children, their friends… drinking and drugs.   My dead brothers children, drinking and drugs.  This was going to take a lot of prayer because it seemed that the family curse was being reaped like a whirlwind. Mom said she didn’t approve of the way they were acting but she was not going to interfere in their lives Prayer was the only way I had to go.  So I prayed. I prayed for 15 years and then a suddenly happened to the family. The most beloved grandchild who was an alcoholic and drug addict went to rehab for the 5th time and got saved while in rehab. I had spent years talking to him about Jesus and who He was and what He could do to make his life better and on this trip to re-hab, they met face to face. He came out of rehab with a word for me. An apology for all the things he had said about  me and to me in reference to the Lord. His testimony was beautiful and I was so happy for him. It was a true confession of faith. He had become a ‘head’ after all these years.

Tomorrow continued with his testimony of heads……


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