Hello World……It is a Tough Job, but…..

Have you ever had a job you truly adored and enjoyed doing day after day….

How did it make you feel each morning when you got up?  Happy, excited, tired, overjoyed to be going there?

Did you know that parenting is s job given to you by the Creator?  WOW! you exclaim, didn’t know that?  Well, how do you think you got those kids? No scientist on earth can create kids and send them right over to your address….

The Parent that gave you those kids also had a Son. He let another woman raise and nurture him, but He was still Father…He understands what it means to have a child and he understands what it means to lose a child. He knows that unless that child receives unconditional love, that child will have problems with authority.  Unconditional love does not mean there is no discipline; it does mean there is proper discipline and proper love.

Go you the Parent of us all when you need help with your child and pray. Ask Him to give you wisdom and understanding and let Him show you His will for you and your child. You will see a bit difference in the actions coming from your beloved child if you get help from the creator of that child.

Think about it…

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