Hello World….Dazzling Glory

Arise, shine, for thy Light is come, and  the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee…. Isa.   60:1

The glory of the Lord is the Beauty of His Character. It is risen upon you when you realize it,  even though on earth you can do so only in part.  The Beauty of the Purity and Love of God is too dazzling for mortals to see in full.

The glory of the Lord is also risen upon you when you reflect that Glory in your lives, when in LOVE, Patience, Service, Purity, whatever it may be, you reveal to the world a something of the Father, an assurance that you have been with ME, your Lord and Saviour.

The dazzling glory of the Lord in our lives is unconditional love that we show and have for those that God places in our lives.  Loving God means loving people  and loving yourself and loving your enemies.  Glory will abound when we give our lives fully to the word and work of the Lord as He speaks to us. 

He is coming Soon…..Look up….Maranatha!

Hello World…Beauty for Ashes

This morning as I awoke and went to Him, my heart was heavy. I felt a deep yearning to climb in His lap and lay my head against Him just to be able to breathe.  Why was this depth of yearning so strong and this deep urgency to be in His presence on me like this as I came out of sleep?  What had a dreamt that would cause this heaviness so early in the morning?

I bow my head and prayed,  “Lord, into your hands do I lay my body down; into your hands do I commit my thoughts, my feelings, my life today.  Into your hands do I submit myself;  body, soul and spirit that You may take control of my life and delivery me from any thing that is displeasing to You, anything that does not meet Your requirements for my life-living this day. I take the manna from Your hands and I eat that which You place before me from Your hands that refresh my life and make it an abundant life this day . . .  amen.”

The heaviness dispersed and left me immediately and I knew He was taking the ashes of the fires of yesterday and making them into beauty for today. Manna is only good for the one day it is received.  

He told me to lift my eyes because I AM His beloved Child; I AM His blessed Child;  I AM His from the first day I received Him as my Lord and Savior till the last day I take a breath of life.   The Great I AM has called me His own and  I AM.   The Great I AM has called  me Loved and I AM.   His mercy has called me and His grace has kept and guided me daily.  He will continue and I AM  healthy, wealthy,  loved, filled with His Spirit, living a holy life, helping those in need, sharing as He shares with me, loving others as He loves me  for  I AM His Beloved Child and HE is My Abba Father.  

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Fathers words will never pass away.  With my Father, I will have a wonderful eternity, for I AM having a wonderful life with Him right now…….He takes the ashes and makes life beautiful…..

How about you?

Hello World…Focus on Him

Where is your focus today?   Is it on how much you have to do?  What needs to be done around the house or the people who are depending on you to get it done?

Why don’t we just focus on Him and see what He is doing and get in there and do it with Him?   God knows how busy we are and what we have to do today so why not just rest in Him and remember that we can’t do it without Him.  Remember that button on your computer when it freezes up,  REFRESH;  mine looks like to arrows pointing in opposite directions.  That is how I feel sometimes during the day when the business catches up with me.

Abba Father has given us a whole day to rest, why don’t we take advantage of it weekly and be like Jesus?  Going to that place of rest, bowing our heads in worship, getting quite before the Lord will not only remind us of the Love He has for us, but it will bring lightness of spirit and remove the burdens of the day, give us needed rest and relaxation of Spirit and help us put all things into perspective. 

Worship the Lord today and rest in Him…..

Lord, I will be in Church Sunday worshiping and resting in you. Help me to be still and know that You are God and You live big in this temple!

Hello World…Precious Child

Did you know that people put labels on one another and have no clue what they are doing to one  another …….

Jesus came to this earth for one main reason and in the process of getting that job done, He accomplished many other supernatural feats as He walked among His creations.  God is watching all the time. He sees how people treat His children….He does not miss that snide remake made under whispering breath about you by a co-worker. He knows how their false words, ugly remarks about you and too you have hurt you.  He knows when they nitpick you to death and put you in a tiny box and down you every chance they get.  He sees and He hears all they are doing.     


…………..does not let them get away with this forever….Let me tell  you  a TRUE story.

My Aunt that lived in Atlanta, Ga. lived alone in her home for many years without anyone bothering her.  She kept a nice home,  clean-cut yards and was extremely good to all her neighbors.  She never turned anyone down that asked her for help or money or food to eat.  She loved the LORD  with all her heart.  One day a man showed up at her front door stating he needed a job and would work cleaning her yard, gutters or doing what ever she needed done for enough money to buy him something to eat.  She agreed and even offered to feed him so he would not have to spend his money on food.  He told her that would be fine and he would be back in a few minutes to get a list of what she needed done. She closed the door and began her list.  In moments he reappeared at her door with another man and a gun in his hand.  He told her to get in the bath room and stay there or he would kill her if she came out.   She did as commanded and stayed until she heard no further sounds.

Upon coming out of the bathroom, she found they had stolen her TV….a couple of dollars she had laying in  a dish on her coffee table, along with a few items that she could replace.  She called the police and told them what happened..they made a report but told her that she would probably never see any thing from it. …No finger prints could be found and the TV was the only thing  large they had taken.    Her answer to them was:  “God knows who they are and He will take care of them one way or the other.  All I am going to do is pray.”

Two weeks later, both men were killed by a transfer Truck that hit them crossing the road while carrying her TV set.  The police had a perfect description of both men and the TV had her number written inside the cabinet.       “Vengeance  is  mine”, says the LORD>

Jesus was more than just a carpenter…..you are more than a conquorer…..Remember who you are in Christ Jesus…..You are God’s Precious Child!


Hello World…..Grace, is it greasy?

I have noticed people who call themselves by the name of Christ,  Christian,    are sometimes saying one thing and doing another.. Why would you do that?

Example:       Married – having an affair with another man / woman        Stealing from  someone by taking pens/paper/paperclips/ from work site     Lying about where you have been/spent the night/friend you are running with       Drinking and driving        gossiping about what   SHE  did the other night   

Oh, but I went to church Sunday and asked forgiveness.    Well, yes, I did go drinking again on Thursday night with my friends  and yes I did sneak into the movies with my friend and well, yes we did smoke a joint when we went clubbing.  Oh, but we are going to church Sunday to ask forgiveness. 

That should not be!   God sees the challenges you face each day. ….the people who tempt you to pull away from Him, the co-workers who encourage you to ignore company policy, the girlfriend/boyfriend who encourages you to just take one puff,  the husband who has an extra marital fling, just one night, and swears it will never happen again or the man who beats you twice a month because he came in drunk even though he is pastor of the church.  God also notices and celebrates those who take a stand for Him.

When God’s servant Daniel was taken captive and brought into Babylon, no one would have blamed him if he had bent a few rules. He was a prisoner in a hostile land; why should he stand for what he believed among heathens or even among those he well knew, maybe the old loyalties no longer applied.

But Daniel knew his God.  Foreign land or not, God was with him and Daniel stood loyal to the One who was there, day and  night watching over him. He stood strong in the face of the world, the flesh, and the King who wanted to slauder  him and all his friends.  Daniel stood up for God, he drew the line in the sand and refused to cross it even when his enemies realized there was a God taking care of him.

When you think drawing the line in the sand makes you look like a fool, like a dummy, like a weak and silly human, stop and think.  The Good News is, it does not make you look like any of that.  You actually grow stronger and more attractive to God every time you seek to honor God. He is the one you have to please, NOT Man.

Grace cost God His only Son.    What is it costing you?

Hello World..Helping my Mama

Today I spent the day helping my Mama overcome the last few days of keeping her awake because of a leak in her roof that dripped water into her dining room. We had to meet with insurance man and roofing man and co-ordinate each to be there moments before each other, if not at the same time…..to examine the roof.  My beloved 82-year-old  Mama could not hear, due to hearing impairment, what they were trying to say to her so I did the ‘inbetweens’.

When I told her there was nothing actually wrong with the roof; that one of the pipes coming out of the ceiling had a dent in it and the water was leaking around the pipe, she could not believe they would not replace the roof. After paying home owners insurance for 36 years, and she had personally paid to have a new roof put on it 10 years prior, she could not grasp that they would do nothing toward paying for the roof to be replaced. 

The roofer man was really the one who helped explain so she would accept what was to be done. He explained that all she needed was someone to go up and caulk around the pipe with roofing tar and all would be well for another 5 to 7 years.  Her comment made me smile, “Well, if it leaks again inside my house, I won’t be here another 5 to 7 years. This has just made me too nervous and I haven’t slept a wink thinking it might rain inside my house again.” 

After a little more discussion, she finally agreed and he said he would do it for her for $150.00 dollars one day next week. That was just way too long for her to go without sleep so I told her we would get the tar and I would go up on the roof and do it myself this afternoon.  He told me that it was not a problem and I could probably do it in about 15 minutes after I got on the roof.

Hey, hey, hey…. I am 64 years old and he thinks I can do this myself????……I must be looking a lot younger than my age, don’t you think?  All I was trying to do was calm her down….After I thanked him for his support, and he left, I prayed about it and the Spirit of the Lord said to me:

“You can do it. I am your strength and I will be with you.”    So, I took myself by the nap of the neck and shook myself and grinned at my Mama and said, “Hey, let us go get the tar and a ladder and I will have it done by 3:30.”   We did ………..While sitting on the roof, a cool breeze began to blow and I had no fear. I began to pray in the Spirit and Mama got a chair and set it in the yard so she could watch me.  While walking around in the roof, I found a nail that had worked it’s way  upward and I nailed it back in, patted a little tar on its head and walked around looking to see if there were any more nails doing the same….found none so I climbed down, pulled off my gloves and got me a peanut butter cookie and smiled at my Mama and said:  “The Lord is good. The entire cost of repair was $41.00 for the bucket of tar. Now you don’t have to worry about it raining inside the house anymore!” 

She smiled and was happy,   so was I………. Thank  Your Lord!

Hello World…Friendship with God..

What does it mean to be a friend of God?  Have you ever thought about being God’s friend?   Was anybody in the bible every called the friend of God?

As I remember, Abraham was call God’s friend.

In 2 Chronicles 20:7 it ask; Are not thou our God, who did drive out the inhabitants of this land before thy people Israel and gave it to the seed of Abraham, thy friend forever?

Isaiah 41:8; But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham, my friend.

James 2:23 and the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God and it was imputed unto him for righteousness and he was called the Friend of God.

Three separate scriptures states the Abraham was a friend of God.   What was so special about Abraham that God would call him Friend?  Have you ever thought about what is it that I must do to be called a friend of God’s or to be the apple of His eye as was David?

As I was talking to my friend, I asked the Lord to give me an answer and this scripture came to me immediately.

Proverbs 17:17    A FRIEND LOVES AT ALL TIMES…….

Then my friend said as I read it to her:  “No  matter what, they love one another. They can go through the worst of times together, and the best of times together and see each other over the humps. Like when my daughter said, ‘you don’t love me as much as you love sister.’ She said, “I love you like God loves us, unconditionally …. no matter how you act, no matter what you think, no matter what you do, you are my child and I love you, that will never change. You are MY Child and I love you regardless of how you love me, or whether you love me or not. It is unconditional love I have for you. It will never change.”

Being a friend of God means that your love for Him never waivers and neither does your love for others.  Why?  Because His love for you is unconditional and it never changes. Proof of this is  in what He did when He sent Jesus to pay the price so you could come home.

Sin can not dwell in heaven, so God sent His only Son to die for you …..your job is to believe He did it for you and repent and receive the free gift of unconditional love and believe….

Being a friend of God hung on the cross, it is called Love………..

Hello World…The Word of the Lord

The Word of the Lord remains……

My husband told me  he is retiring from his job.   As I prayed about this, because he did not talk to me about it, I ask the Lord His will on this matter… because with the retirement of my husband I have no insurance. I don’t have a job, and with no insurance, until I turn 65, I have only one choice.

Trust the Lord to be my insurance.  I have been diabetic since I was 26 years old, insulin dependant. When I got saved, I asked the Lord to heal me and the word that came to me was:  My grace is sufficient for you.   At 36, I asked the Lord again to heal me and the word that came to me was: My grace is sufficient for you.  At 44, I went before the Lord in prayer, with thanksgiving. Sitting on my back porch, head bowed, I asked the third time and the word that came to me was:  My grace is sufficient for you so do not ask me again. I will take care of you.  

So I have never asked again.  He has always taken care of me. I have never had any of the things happen to me that happen to other diabetics. I have 20/25 eye sight in both eyes, I feel good, heal very well when any accident happens,  And He takes care of all my needs as well as my body day and night. When I told my husband that I would trust the Lord with my health and God would be my insurance carrier, he looked at me like I was crazy and then said, “Whatever.” 

Insulin is very expensive, so is needles and items used for checking my blood sugar.  But my insurance carrier owns all the hills and the cattle upon those hills. He created the universe and He created me. He knows what I need and when I need it and His Word says he will supply all of my needs by Christ Jesus…..because I am His Child and I am a special creation. There is no one else exactly like me and He loves to share this world with me. I know this because He saved me and we walk together in peace and happiness with the joy of the Lord as my strength each day.

The adversaries who oppose me or confront me or trys to drag me away or make me doubt will be put under my feet because He said so.  When the enemy comes in, like a flood, my Father will raise up a standard against him and nothing they do can keep Him from me or me from Him. Nothing they can say can ever diminish His passion for me because He said so.  I am His Child, adopted into His Kingdom and loved without measure…..deep upto deep because He said so.  It is not by might but by His Holy Spirit power that we will resist and stand fast in the liberty whereby we have been called.  I can resist the evil forces of this dark world because HE SAID SO!

The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.       I believe Him……Don’t you?

P.S.  Look what He said in Genesis  1:3, 1: 6, 1:9, 1:11,  1:14, 1:20, 1:24,  1:26, 1:29,  and look what He said to me in a previous post…about my health….

Hello World….Breakthrough Comes..

This morning the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “You will experience great breakthrough in your life.”

Today begins a new series in my life. I have had great loss in my life during the past years. The loss of my father, the loss of my brother, the loss of  two of my Uncles, my brother-n-law, one of my husband’s sisters,  three  of my Aunts, the loss of my  nephew and the loss of my daughter. As Job exclaimed: “Shall we receive good at the hand of God and shall we not receive evil?” In all this did not Job sin with his lips.

This morning, He spoke:    My Child, I have anointed you for breakthrough. I am the Lord, your breaker, and I will go before you. I have reconciled you to Myself through my Son and have given you the ministry of reconciliation. Your light will break forth like the morning and your healing shall spring forth speedily. You will worship Me and sing praises to My name. The end of all things is at hand, therefore break through in your prayers and be ever serious and watchful for Me.

My answer to Him:   Yes, Lord! I am willing and obedient to Your Word to me. In You I will breakthrough in all areas of my life..In You, I will breakthrough in all my relationships, in my health,  and I will go to new levels of praise and worship to You. I will experience a deeper prayer life, I will watch and pray according to Your will and I will prepare a place in my heart to be more serious and watchful for You to pour out Your Spirit abundantly in my life to others……


Hello World…Inspiration from…..

A word came to me while reading a book.  The word is  inspiration. Do you know what that word means and how important it is to a believer?

Inspiration means in Latin; to be in-breathed or blown upon by the wind…..by the breath…..by the Spirit.  It is defined as, ‘ a supernatural or divine influence upon the prophets’, the apostles, and the sacred writers or upon men, to enable them to communicate divine truth.’

Communicate means to express oneself in such a way that one is readily and clearly understood.  Latin: to make known.

When Isaiah stated the prophesy in 53:5 (NIV) He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him and by his wounds we are healed…. when Isaiah wrote that prophesy, I don’t think he realized at the time what it would mean to us who read it or what it ment to God who inspired him to write it.   Isaiah could not have known the measure of what God the Father had to give up in order for us to have a relationship with the One True God. He could not comprehend how deeply God loved Jesus and us. God, as Father to Jesus and to us, had to give up his only son that we could become his adopted sons and daughters in a kingdom of love, peace and joy.

Jesus took the weight of our sin, he was afflicted and pierced, beaten and punished for us and in our place. He, who had never sinned, paid the price for Sin. Our punishment was placed on Him so we could receive forgiveness and peace —He took all Sin upon himself  and Father had to look away; and in that moment of looking away, His only Son died in our place – grace and unmerited favor to us. He died as us, for us — that we might live as him in him.

Father’s love is greater than any love we humans can come up with.  We fight, fuss, quarrel over stupid stuff, puff and non-sense over trivia, fear the unknown, argue the unimportant, moan and groan over our lack……while right in front of us is the salvation that brings peace and contentment.

When are humans going to wake up out of the darkness and come into the light and begin to love one another as God loved his Son!     and    us?

Lord, my heart breaks under sin, but rejoices in your salvation!

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