Hello World. . doubt to Belief, Choose

Where are you in the doubt / belief area?   Do you doubt everything until you see it, or do you believe by faith that all things are possible?  Are you a doubting Thomas or have you stepped into Faith is my name, Hope is my game?

 Well, girls and boys, it is time to make a decision and get off the fence of doubt and get into the game of life and begin living as if today is the last day of your life. 

 Manna is the food of angels; God sent it down to the children to eat and their shoes didn’t wear out for 40 years. Are you ready for that kind of living?   Oh, you say; that was just a fairytale.    Doubt!    Well, it just can’t be true, how many people do you know that has shoes that are 40 years old?   Doubt.   (I have dresses that are 40 years old, and a doll that is 57 years old.)  Wake up, children.  With God all things are possible.

 We are the children of God and it is His job to take care of His Children.   Remember, He knows everything  there is to know about us. He created us, He chose us to become His children and He provided the Way to come home if we will just believe, repent and receive.      Faith or doubt, it is your choice.

 You want to know something that I found out when I became His child?    He not only knows everything there is to know about me, I cannot hide even the smallest thought from Him.  And you know what else, I cannot hide my doubts, anger,  frustrations, or fears from Him.   He knows and He loves it when I know that and share my doubts, anger, frustrations and fears with Him openly and honestly. 

He knows when you lie and tell Mom and Dad something to keep you out of trouble.  He knows when you do something that will cause you harm and pain.  When you are honest with Him and out loud with your self  — things change.

 Father God wants to take you into His arms and teach you about Himself and about yourself.  He loves it when you are open and honest with yourself and with Him.  He wants to take you from doubt to belief and on a journey with Him that last your lifetime and through eternity. But this journey can only take place when you choose belief over doubt.  When you choose to follow instead of run amuck in life.   When you choose life over death and Him over self.  The journey begins when you choose to rest in Him and His decisions for your life; when you decide that you can allow Him to make decisions for your life that are best for your life and put aside all your fears and follow.  That is a lot of ands and choices, don’t you think?  Well, if He gives you a lot of ands and choices, don’t you think He can  take your doubts and make them into beliefs once you choose to get into His boat of life?

 Father won’t chide you for having doubts.  No, He will encourage you to look at your doubts and share them with Him because He can expel doubts by new revelations of WHO He is and what He is about to do for you.  When you know Him and as He reveals more of Himself to you, doubts will flee, faith will rush in and give you new revelations of Him and His ability to get it done in your life as you submit to His authority and obey His Word.

 Walk up, boys and girls, Mom and Dad’s, Granny’s and Papa’s   and begin to ask questions to the One true God who already knows all your questions, doubts, belief’s and sin.   He is just waiting for you to ask, seek, knock and watch Him open the door wide and invite you into the new life of FAITH. 

 Go head and try honesty, trust and faith and see your life change right before your eyes.


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