Hello World….God’s Word…

Many people are saying they know God’s Word and what it says.  Some people say, “What is God’s Word….does anybody know?”   How do you know it is God’s Word? 

The only way you can know for sure, it is God’s Word is to know God intimately and personally and up close following   Him…  I know this how?  

Well  I remember what my life was all about and like, before I met Him.  I was not raised in Church… I didn’t know any church going people except my Granny and she lived in Alabama. I only saw her twice a year.    So I have first hand realization of what it is like to not know CHURCH RAISING.    I have first hand knowledge of people who witnessed to me before I met God and I know what that was all about.   

When I met God – it was a supernatural meeting in a dry cleaner all alone reading a book by Hal Lindsey.  Some have heard the story and have told me:  “You crazy girl, God don’t speak to people like that no more if He even ever did…..”    But I know that I heard Him speak to  me because the night I prayed that prayer and asked Father to forgive me of my sins, and told Him I believed what He said about how His Son died on the cross for ME and paid the price for ME, and took MY sins  and thanked Him for sending His Son to do that for me and asked Him to let His son come live in my heart and then I asked His Son to come live in my heart — and make my life pleasing to Father and I said “I believe”…. MY LIFE CHANGED at that moment…not the next day, or next week, or down the road several years from then….My life changed that moment.   I knew  it was true,  i knew I was saved…  The moment before I didn’t believe a word I was reading and after praying I knew that He died for me, I knew He was my savior….I heard His voice speak to me and say,   “I will never leave you, I will never forsake you, My Child. You are mine and I AM yours, forever.”

And He has never left  me nor forsaken me since that day.   My life is different.  I woke up the next day and I didn’t cuss any more.   I wanted to read the bible.  I wanted to pray.   I wanted to go to church.  I wanted to learn everything I could learn about my Savior and Who He was and everything about Him and I loved Him with  my heart.   I loved someone I had just met so much that I could not read enough about Him each day.   I wanted more and more time with Him.   I loved people differently.  I wasn’t mad all the time.  My feelings  didn’t get hurt every time someone disagreed with me.   I didn’t want to go to the places I went to   yesterday.   I wanted to be with MY Savior…..

Life changed that night and has been changing ever since and He has never left me.   Now when I worship Him and praise Him I feel His presence with me  24/7 …. I am happy in Him and He is happy in me.   We are happy-family……

I know where God’s Word lives…..


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