Hello World…Have A Heart….

Dear one, do you realize that love is a verb? It’s true. Out of God’s great love for you He redeemed you.  And through your kindness and compassion to others, you extend God’s love and glorify Him.  When you cook a hot meal, or visit the sick in the hospital, donating clothing to the needed, providing transportation for those who have none…..these small acts of mercy do not depend on great amounts of wealth or even time.  All that is needed is a compassionate, responsive heart, and eyes to see the need of all around you.

If you ask God,  He  will gladly transform your heart to be like His, filled with compassion—-a heart that seeks and loves.  When you show love and kindness to others you are showering God with love and kindness as well….

Have a heart like His….Ask Him to open your eyes to the needs around you and to open your heart to love and serve others…..

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