Without Spot….hello world

How do you see yourself each day when you get up and look in the mirror? Do you see  someone who is laden with temptations of your old life? Some one who is  burdened with the battle of the bulge, some one who gets angry when people act dumb and stupid in your presence and what you really want to do is haul off and slap the stupid out of them?

Guess what?  God knows exactly how you feel, but He does not want you to act upon your impulses. He wants you to act like His Son Jesus and respond with His will and Word on the subject.

If you do fall off the wagon and hit the floor with a scream, Father will actually pick you up, dust you off and put  you back in the wagon along the path He has set for your life.  All He ask, is that you ask Him to forgive you and actually mean it.  Do you know that when He looks at you, He does not see you. He sees Jesus. Remember that time you said, “Father, forgive me of my sin.”  He took you for your word and did that. He let you exchange your sin for Christ’s One righteousness and you became the One He sees when He looks at you.  It is no longer you but Christ payment for your sin that He sees.

You are without spot before the Father if Christ has taken your sin and you have received His righteousness.  Simple exchange.

Does that make me free to sin?  Heaven forbid!  It makes Father free to keep you in the center of His will even though you don’t deserve to be kept. Sin should have no place in your life because He has given you power over sin and you don’t have to sin. 

Sin is now a choice. If you willfully sin after Christ has taken your sin, you have no more sacrifice for sin and it falls squarely on your shoulders.  Remember that ole saying, “what goes around, comes around.”  

Be careful to walk in righteousness, trust God for cleansing daily and seek first the kingdom… You don’t want to be caught  in the ‘comes around.’


Hello World…Wake Up!

Christmas Eve and all through the  house not a sound was made for all were sound asleep,  everyone except me.  I decided to stay up and pray for God to open the eyes of those who fell asleep in 2012 and can’t seem to wake up for anything that is going on.  I have some questions for the folks who are asleep and are not concerned about the future.

1.   What lies ahead for this world?

2.   What does the future hold for the Children of God?

3.   How can we properly prepare for what we are about to face in the future?

I believe that God has a divine plan for this world and that we are rapidly moving toward the plan He is working out for our future. I don’t believe that we can alter anything that is coming, but I do believe that He wants us to be awake and fully understanding and actively participating in the plan along side Him.   When He was on earth and spoke to Peter about prophecy. He said, “And I will give unto thee the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.  Matt. 16:19   Peter was the  preacher to the gentiles. He was to bring the key’s of the good news to gentile’s and teach gentiles’ the precepts  to the kingdom of heaven and how to use the spiritual keys to open the wisdom of prophecy to those who would study to understand.

What are these keys?   Key number 1 is to understand that we have authority over the enemy, Satan.  We have the ability to command binding and loosing.  We have the authority to stop the enemy in his tracks before he attacks. We have authority over the storms of life, the storms of wind, rain and tornado’s.  We have authority to open and shut the door to the knowledge of the kingdom of God.  When we learn to obey God, He will perform that in us to His glory.   How do I know that?

I was once in a storm that was filled with torrential rain, hail, and tornado’s forming.  My husband had a new truck that he was worried would get hail damage. The news media said hail the size of golf balls was falling in different area’s where tornado’s were forming and he was very upset that it would hit our area. We were away from home and could see the black clouds coming our way. We stopped in a large parking lot area and went inside a store to get somethings we needed and a lady told us as we went in, the news media had just announced a tornado was on the ground coming our way.  She said they were warning everyone to stay inside because the hail was falling just ahead of the tornado causing extensive damage. The wind was blowing the trees sideways.  My husband turned around and said, “Let’s go. We have got to get home before it hits here!”   As we got to the truck, I  could see that it was too late to run for we could see the tornado in the distance. I told him to stop and turn the truck facing the tornado and get out of the truck and hold the door open on his side and I would do the same on my side. I asked him to pray for God to lift the tornado off the ground and to stop the hail and rain.  We stood out in the howling wind. My hair was long and the wind picked it up blowing it in circles around my head as we prayed.  We took authority over the wind, rain and hail in Jesus Name and commanded it to be still.  I took authority, with  my husband, and commanded the tornado to lift and cease in Jesus Name.  We continued to do this until we saw the tornado begin to go back up into the cloud from where it had formed. We felt the wind dying down and not one drop of rain or hail fell where we were standing.

We got back into the truck and drove to the chicken place and ordered snacks and drinks. As we were pulling off, it began to rain and he said,  “IT”S BACK!”  I told him to drive to the side of the building and roll the windows down.  Hold my hand and pray.  He did and we did.  We asked God to protect the truck from any hail that should fall…….to keep the truck and us safe from hail damage in Jesus Name.  We sat there and watch the hail fall all around our truck, about a foot away from all sides and front. NOT ONE piece of ice hit our truck – but it was hitting the ground all around  us.  We both  kept praying.  As we prayed, we both looked up and out the front windshield and our mouths fell open at the same time as we both gasped at what we were seeing. “Oh, MY GOD,” he said to me, “Do you see what I see?”  “If you are seeing the biggest angel you have ever seen standing in front of the truck with his sword drawn over our truck, I am.” “I am seeing the biggest anything I have every seen standing in front of our truck.”  Suddenly the angel disappeared and it stopped raining and hailing. My husband said to me with a smile on his face. “NOT one piece of hail hit this truck, but look out the window at it on the ground around the truck”…we opened the doors and took a closer look.  We closed the doors and backed up and took another look.  Where the truck had been sitting was dry cement and about a foot out from the dry cement was hail on wet cement. It looked like we had been sitting under a box somewhat larger than the actual truck and no water or hail had gotten on the area where the truck had been sitting.  

That was the time when my husband began to understand what it means to exercise your authority by the Word.  Command loosing and binding on earth. We have power to do things supra-natural on earth as it is in heaven.  When two come into agreement concerning anything they ask, it shall be done in Jesus name.

Revelations 2:7 says:  He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches.  Most people believe the church is a building they go too on Sunday to worship.  I believe I am the church. I worship my Father and I am the temple He lives in.  He is resident at home with me all the time.  I don’t have to go anywhere to worship Him. I just do it. I go to the building to meet with others who are like-minded and like to come together to praise and worship  together.  I pray that in 2013 more people will become churches and let Him reside at home in His temple.  This old world could become the kingdom of heaven on earth as it is in heaven.

Wake up, people…….Listen to what the Spirit says unto the churches.

Hello World…Coming Soon….Jesus Christ!

Hello World….Love Letters

I  love to write.  I love writing to my friends, and I love getting answers to my letters.. However, I have found that I write more than I use to and get fewer answers.  I asked the Lord about this and His answer back to me made me smile.  He said he had written a lot of letters to His creation and a lot of His creation bought the book, sat it on the coffee table and never opened it.   I know how it feels to write letters and get no answers.  I write emails to my friends and in the last week, out of all the emails I sent, I only got one answer back from someone who consistently answers my emails.

This morning I called a close friend and asked her if I could come see her today and her answer was, “NO>”  I asked why and she hung up on me and then put her phone off the hook.  I called her daughter to find out what was wrong with her mom and she said, “Today is Daddy’s birthday and she is not talking to anyone and does not want to see anyone because she is still ‘in mourning’ after 15 years of Dad being dead. She is taking everything to the extreme because she thinks ‘nobody loves her’ so she is pushing everyone away so she can get attention to herself.”   I said, “Well, lately she has been pushing everyone away saying that no one loves her and she does not feel love from anyone, but actually she does not give love to anyone.”   She told me that it has been going on for 15 year and longer.  She just showed people what she wanted them to see when around her.”

I asked the Lord about this situation and His answer made me sad, yet it gave me understanding into the mind of those who a blown about with every wind that comes along. This is what He said to me:

I wrote a book of love letters to My creation and I gave each of My children, believers and unbelievers, an inquisitive mind.  Now, don’t you go questioning the words, My Children.  All of My creation are My children, believer and unbeliever.  You were all unbelievers after Adam and Eve  disobeyed My Word.  Then I sent My Son to make a way for all unbelievers to become believers and I gave all children a choice and an inquisitive mind.  I gave all My children understanding and wisdom to search the love letters I dictated to men down through your time and many have picked up My love letters and searched for the answer to the old question of, “is this all there is?”     The Children who refuse to accept an opinion purely at face value but keep searching for TRUTH will find the truth, the way and the life they are searching for.   I wrote My Word with My children in mind….the book of Life and Love is your open door to heaven on earth and heaven in heaven.  The two are one and the same only separated by faith.

Do you remember the prayer?   ….the ones the disciples asked Me to teach them to pray and I said, ‘Our Father, who is in heaven, holy is your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven………’   I desire that My will be done on earth just as it is done in heaven but it is My Children’s choice to do it.  I desire that you search for truth and meaning to your life.  I desire that you study my book of life for my Word gives you life. I give you wisdom and I guide you into all truth, but you have the choice to make.   Read and study……  OR…..   Go about living a life you make up for yourself.  In My beautiful book, that I wrote just for you, I tell you about My Son’s sacrifice for you and how He defeated the enemy of your soul and spirit.  He not only defeated Satan, He defeated death.   I tell you how to obtain eternal life and I explain My wonderfully amazing plans for you and the life I have directed to be your abundant life and for you to achieve total happiness and joy and be part of My plan to bring others home with you.  As My children study My word, I will give you the life, the way, the truth and the guidance you need to go into My Kingdom.  My kingdom in within you and as you travel into My kingdom within, you will find My purpose  for you.   All I long for is for you to desire Me as much as I desire you.  Spend time in My love letters to you, read and reread My love letters and listen to My heart speak to your heart with grace and wisdom.   I speak to you daily, can you not trust and reply?

I love you.

HELLO WORLD…Harbinger…..Review

Hello World-Excellent Reading….

I just read, from cover to cover, the book by Jonathan Cahn, The Harbinger

This book should be read by every American as well as everyone in the world that can read,. but especially Americans.

Many will probably say, ‘Oh there is nothing to all that,’  but I must vehemently disagree. I read the other BOOK that has Isiah 9:10 prophecy in it and I know  what is expressed in this book is a true Word of warning to all American People.  Unless we wake up and begin to realize that eternity is just one heart beat away and repent and turn back to God, a big surprise is coming to those who refuse to hear this warning… It came to Israel and happened just as it was predicted, what make one think it won’t happen to America?

The way it was written says a lot about the prophecy. You can’t miss it if you have an open honest mind. God does not give you a serpent if you ask for bread. Firey serpents come to those who fail to heed the warning when it is given.

Recently, in one of my blogs, I wrote what the Lord was saying to me about 2 Chronicles 7:14. 

      If,               MY PEOPLE,                WHO are  CALLED by MY NAME,    will humble themselves,

and PRAY,  and SEEK MY FACE,     and  TURN from their     WICKED  WAYS …. all that is speaking to each of us individually telling us  IF….if you will do what I ask you to do, you who are called by MY name,  if you will humble yourself , if you will pray, if you will seek My face, if you will TURN from your wicked ways,

then I WILL HEAR from heaven and will forgive their SIN and heal their LAND>

God will hear, God will forgive….forgive What?   Your Sin.  Did you catch that?  NOT SINS, but SIN……in the mind of God  all sins are the same… a stench in His nostrils, a slap in His face,  a degradation of your life, the one LIFE  He gave you to live expectantly in His honor and glory…..He WILL for give and heal their Land…..  What Land?   the Land you live in, the flesh you dwell in……If you will, He WILL>  

I don’t see how it can get much plainer.  WAKE UP America and read both books…You might learn something…..

P.S. Christians or people who call themselves Christians, must know this:   God is love and if you don’t have love one for another, you may need to examine yourselves and see if the name is yours or not…..

Hello World….2006 to 2012

My sister and I were in our Life Group Class at church. The anointing of the Lord was present and as we finished class, the anointing moved into the sanctuary. The preacher began to preach a message and my sister got up and left the church, soon returning with a piece of paper in her hand. She was smiling as she handed it to me and I began to read it. She wrote it in 2006 and the preacher was preaching it May 27, 2012.

Here is what I copied from her paper and he preached it  to the entire congregation by the Spirit.

What has happened to the United States of America?  Why is it that we now are locked up within ourselves and everyone else is locked out? Everything has changed over the years – there was a time when we were free to leave things unlocked……When did all this start and why did it start?

There was a time:  When we didn’t have to lock our doors, when a handshake was good enough, when we went to Church every Sunday and our children went to Sunday School….when prayer was the first thing in school to start the day, when children could walk alone to their friends homes, when did we stop reading the bible, and when did we begin to look to the government to get a free meal,  when did we expect someone else to work so we could play, when did movies get to be more fun than church and family,  when did we crave entertainment before our family getting together, when did we stop depending on God for everything we need, who made the laws so that evil is now good and good is now evil,  when did we stop loving one another and start loving everything else, when did Hollywood become our way of life, when did perverted things become our idols, why was prayer  taken out of school, government, our ballgames,  when did the ten commandments   become just words,  children stopped listening to parents, guns became our way to stop arguments, gangs became our family?

When did we start doing whatever we pleased and stop repenting, when did children stop  mattering and it became  OK to  kill them before they are born, hurting other people on purpose, thinking of ourselves first, no fear of authorities, stealing, lying, cheating, hurting others, no conscience about anything became a new way of life?  When did marriage became a fad, lust become rampant, children are bullet proof, sin is ok if no one sees it, making yourself happy no matter who it hurts, getting what you want  at any ones expense and get it by doing whatever it takes to get it…..??????

When did all this begin to change in American?  I guess we will keep asking ourselves this question, while we continue down this road to destruction. When is America  going to wake up and see the water is all most over the head?  I guess when that happens and you feel yourself drowning, that might be the day to cry like Peter,  “Lord, Help me!”

2 Chronicles 7:14 says:  If my people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 

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