Angels Come….hello world

I was working on my book The Journey Home today when it came up a bad cloud and the power went out.  I had been writing and forgot to hit save on each page. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning and a boom of thunder. My first thought was uh oh, lost those 20 pages of writing. The computer blinked, then buzzed, then the page wiggled.

My mouth kicked in and I said, “Jesus give your angels charge over this computer and don’t let the pages be lost.!” Immediately the page stopped wiggling, the buzz stopped, but the page blinked again and froze.

I sat for several minutes praying that the computer would not close down and lose all my writing for the day.  My husband came into the room and said, “Turn that computer off before it gets hit by lightning.”  I told him it was frozen and I could do nothing but pray over it and that was what I was doing.

For ten minutes the computer sat frozen and I sat praying. Suddenly, it closed down the internet, my document, and my book.  I shook my head and said, “OK Lord, it is all in your hands. After the storm is over, I will see if I can bring it back up.”

An hour later, after the storm passed, I went back to my computer and turn it back on. I logged into the internet and found my web site. I asked the Lord to help me find my pages. 

Angel’s come when we need their help. And help they did.  Not one page was lost. Somehow they were all saved and all there, just as I had written them.

Prayer works. Try it sometimes.

Hello World…Inspiration from…..

A word came to me while reading a book.  The word is  inspiration. Do you know what that word means and how important it is to a believer?

Inspiration means in Latin; to be in-breathed or blown upon by the wind… the breath… the Spirit.  It is defined as, ‘ a supernatural or divine influence upon the prophets’, the apostles, and the sacred writers or upon men, to enable them to communicate divine truth.’

Communicate means to express oneself in such a way that one is readily and clearly understood.  Latin: to make known.

When Isaiah stated the prophesy in 53:5 (NIV) He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him and by his wounds we are healed…. when Isaiah wrote that prophesy, I don’t think he realized at the time what it would mean to us who read it or what it ment to God who inspired him to write it.   Isaiah could not have known the measure of what God the Father had to give up in order for us to have a relationship with the One True God. He could not comprehend how deeply God loved Jesus and us. God, as Father to Jesus and to us, had to give up his only son that we could become his adopted sons and daughters in a kingdom of love, peace and joy.

Jesus took the weight of our sin, he was afflicted and pierced, beaten and punished for us and in our place. He, who had never sinned, paid the price for Sin. Our punishment was placed on Him so we could receive forgiveness and peace —He took all Sin upon himself  and Father had to look away; and in that moment of looking away, His only Son died in our place – grace and unmerited favor to us. He died as us, for us — that we might live as him in him.

Father’s love is greater than any love we humans can come up with.  We fight, fuss, quarrel over stupid stuff, puff and non-sense over trivia, fear the unknown, argue the unimportant, moan and groan over our lack……while right in front of us is the salvation that brings peace and contentment.

When are humans going to wake up out of the darkness and come into the light and begin to love one another as God loved his Son!     and    us?

Lord, my heart breaks under sin, but rejoices in your salvation!

Hello World…Spiritual Depth Precepts….#10

She was waiting in the yard with her bag of clothes. As she climbed in the car she smiled and said, “I love you, Mama.”  I smiled and said, “I love you, Baby Girl.”  Nothing else was said on the way home but when we got home, WOW, was she excited. She hugged her dog until he was barking to be let go, she hugged and kissed her Daddy until he told her he thought she needed to go ‘clean up her room’…they both laughed and laughed and she hugged him again. She went  up stairs to her bedroom and squealed. As I walked in, she turned and looked me square in the eye and said, ‘ You haven’t changed anything. It is just like I was never gone.”I told her nothing had changed – just because she went for a visit and stayed extra long, nothing had changed. Mama loved her and Daddy loved her and dog was really glad she was home again. And I prayed.

I asked her if she wanted to talk and she said, “no, it was just not a good thing to stay  any longer.” She had gone a happy child and come home a sad little adult. No matter what I said, she would not talk about her ‘gone for a visit’  time away. For several weeks – she was ok. But she had changed. And I prayed.  She was now asking to date and when I told her she was only 15 and she could wait a little while longer or do a double date with his mom or me taking them and picking them up, she balked. She now thought she was plenty old enough to make her own decisions. and I prayed.  Gently I told her as long as she lived under her Daddy’s roof, she would obey the rules of the house. At the beginning, I was a little more lenient than I had been in the past, she was growing up and needed more decision-making on her own with guidance if necessary. But what began happening was not good.  One day, out of the blue, she told me that her younger brother was drinking out of the liquor cabinet in the house where her Mother lived. I asked her,  ‘was that the reason she came home’ and she just stared at me and turn around and walked back to her bedroom…. and I prayed….She would not talk about it again that day. Several weeks later, she told a friend of hers, that her Mother drank and so did her little brother who was 2 years younger than her and that she had tasted it – but it tasted yukie so she didn’t do it but once.  I prayed.

I didn’t let her know that I had over heard the conversation, because I thought: ‘well, she didn’t like it and she won’t do it again. We don’t drink and she is too young to buy it.”  At 15, who was going to buy her drinks?  At 16, I found out she had been pregnant and her MOTHER took her to get an abortion. I had no idea that she was even sexually active. At 17, she quit school, because she was pregnant again and going to marry the boy who got her that way whether we approved or not. In our house, she was the best child you could ask for, outside the door, she was another person entirely that we didn’t and couldn’t know but loved unconditionally.  I told her I would sign the papers for the two of them to get married, and I prayed.  After her baby was born, she began to drink. She stopped. She was pregnant again. When the second baby was born, she began to drink again and she kept drinking. They moved from apartment to apartment, from house to house. She and her husband were drinking most of the time and the kids were farmed out to his mother, my mother or me. We prayed,  The drinking was off and on and off and on. When she was sober, she was the best person you could ever think of. When she was drunk, she was the worst person you could think of. We put her in rehab time after time and she would stay sober until ‘he’ came around and back to drunk she would go. She told me he was the worse person drunk and she could not take it unless she was drinking with him. I told her over and over: “LEAVE HIM” take the kids and go away from him. They had a love/hate relationship that was linked by alcohol addiction that the two of them could not break within themselves. We prayed.

One day on the way home from church, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and I heard: “Today I want you to go to your daughter  and her brother will be with her. I want you to tell them something from  I AM.” I spoke out loud to the Spirit and said, “Lord, I don’t know where they are or how to find them so how can I go and tell them anything?”  In my spirit, I heard, “I will show you where they are…you must go and I AM going to give you the Word at that time to say to them.”  I told my husband what the Lord said to  me and his response was, “You can go by yourself and do it, because I don’t want to be involved in a fight with them if they are drunk.” As soon as we got home, I changed clothes and got in the car.

I told the Lord, “I give you all of me to obey all of Your Word. I don’t know where they are but you do. Lead me and I will obey.”  I headed  the car out of the driveway and as I did, I heard, ‘turn right and go straight to the red light and turn right and go through the next two  red lights to the next light and turn right. Go to the next road on your left and turn left, go to the driveway where you will see her car parked and stop.”  I followed the directions as given and there sat her car in the driveway of a house  on a street I had never been on before. As I got out of the car, the Spirit of the Lord came over me and as I knocked  on the door – all fear left me and I could hear exactly what I was to say as the door opened and a man who looked 7 feet tall stood there, black dirty beard and smelled of alcohol, opened the door to me. When he asked what I wanted, I asked if they were there and he replied “yes come in”. The Spirit of the Lord was now in full control of the next events happening for the next forty-five minutes.

to be Continued….

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