Bless not Curse….hello world

Bless the Lord, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless His holy name! Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits:  Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases…….Psalms 103:1-3

In a world that is cursing the Lord, cursing their family members, cursing their neighbors, cursing their children, cursing each other and cursing perfect strangers……how long do you think this can go on before the End comes?

The fool has said in his heart, there is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity, there  is none that does good.  God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God. Every one of them is gone back;  they are altogether become filthy; there is none that does good, no not one.   Psalms 53: 1-4

You reap what you sow.  It is a law of nature and it is true of the good and evil.  So if you continue to curse, you will reap cursing…..if you bless another, you will reap blessing….

The meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace; the wicked plots against the just, and gnashed upon him with his teeth.              The Lord shall laugh at him, for he sees his day is coming…Ps 37: 11-13

Why don’t we wait patiently upon the Lord???.   You know that He will bring us up out of a horrible  pit and a miry clay and set our feet upon a ROCK and establish our goings?  He will put a new song in our mouth, even praise unto our God, and many will see it and fear, and shall trust in the Lord.

Rejoice Children, Obedience brings rich blessing.  Read My Word, listen with the ears of Spirit… because My Word is full of power, it will give you power to hear it and to keep it and in the keeping it, you will be blessed.

Courage on the Road..hello world

This morning in Church, the Lord God Almighty came down and healings took place in our service. Miracles happened… I received one instantly as I worshiped the Lord.   I have not  been on my blog in a while due to pain from three pinched nerves in my neck and shoulder.  This morning as I stood before the Lord, He said to me:  “Reach up and touch Me and you shall be healed.”

I could not raise my arm for pain – I tried but the pain was so intense that tears began to run down my face and I began to cry aloud.  I continued to try to raise my arm when someone came up behind me and lay their hands on my back and shoulder and started praying in the Spirit for me to have strength. I prayed, ‘Lord, give me strength to obey’,  and I mentally saw my arm reach straight up and then I felt my arm go straight up and there was no pain in the movement.  I began to cry worthy is the Lamb and move my arms back and forth while extended into the heavenly realm holding the hand of Jesus.

I received healing in my neck, shoulder and arm.  I could move it and hold it above my head with no pain.   I rejoiced in God My Salvation and My Healer!

This has been a long journey and a painful one but today I am healed and I am giving God all the glory, honor and praise !!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is Good – all the time God is Good.

Mystery Revealed…Hello World

God will help you and me.  He has been showing me that we need to be aware of His presence at all times.   He is speaking to us every day and He wants us to be still and know that He is God and He is speaking to us.

As many of you may know, I have been having pain and I just could not reason it as to why one day it would be ok and the next day it would be hurting me so bad. I would pray and speak the word to my shoulder and it would easy off and the next couple of hours would be ok.  Then without warning, it would flare up like a burning fire-ball especially if I was trying to study or read the Word.

This morning Father woke me up at 6 a.m. and told me to ‘get up’. It was cold and I was resting with minimal pain and I really didn’t want to get up but in obedience to His whisper, I got up…..  Praying for the first few moments that He would see me through all things going on today.   When I finally climbed into my clothes, I heard Him speak to me about reading the first chapter of Genesis. He said, ‘I will show you a mystery’.  I love mysteries and thought that this would be exciting and no pain since He was going to show me ‘a mystery.’ As  I opened the bible and began to read, the pain increased exponentially in my arm and right hand. I asked for a reprieve and got none. I kept reading.  As I finished the chapter, the pain eased off and I heard, “Your pain is not from me.  It is a distraction to keep you from Me. Did you hear what I told you as you read?”

“Yes,  you created the heaven and the earth. … but I knew that.   You said let there be light and there was light…and I knew that”. 

But did you realize that  I said, “let there be light before I created the sun, moon and stars, did you realize that I didn’t create the sun, moon and stars until the 4th day? did you realize that when My SPIRIT moved on the face of the deep that I am the light that came into the Darkness to dispel it.???”

Now there is a  mystery.   I answered, “You Lord are the Light that dispels all darkness.”

” I created the great light, sun to rule the day.  I created the lesser light, moon and stars to rule the night……all to give light to the earth for a greater mystery to unfold.”

A greater mystery is revealed in verse 24:  “Did you notice that I did not create the LIVING CREATURES, but that I SAID, let the earth bring forth the living creature after HIS kind, cattle, and creeping things, and beast of the earth afer his kind and it was so.

But Father, in verse 25, it says you made the beast of the earth after his kind and cattle after their kind and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind and You said it was good…So if the earth brought it forth – how did you make it.   “My Child, as it is in heaven so it is on earth. Every thing on earth is patterned after what I have already created in heaven.  I said it and it was brought forth upon the earth.   This is my promised mystery to my Children..”

Creation is by My Word.  You have been given precious promises that you may speak and bring forth from your speech those things that are not and make them so.  It is a mystery that I Am revealing to My Children.

I created Male and Female in My Image, but I made man from the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life into the man. I then took from his side, rib and created him a helpmate and breathed the breath of life into her.   The breath of life is My Spirit.  The Man that I made from the dust and Woman that I made from the bone are made in My image, the image of My Son that was born of woman and came through the blood line of Adam.

My Child was made of dust, but His helpmate was made of bone and flesh.

This is a great mystery…. 

IN the last days, knowledge will increase…..Mysteries will be uncovered..Light will bring wisdom and understanding…….

Thank you Lord!

Hello World… Knowlege from God..

The Word says there is none Holy as the Lord: for there is none beside thee: neither  is there any rock like our God..Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by Him actions are weighed… 1 Samuel 2:2-3

So how do we come to get the knowledge we desire in the economy of living our lives to the fullest?  What are we supposed to do to acquire the necessary knowledge to live abundantly in this world that we live in?

I was reading a book that had these headings:   the Menace of Terrorism,   the menace of murder and mayhem, the menace of violence in our nation, the menace of famine and hunger and so on and so on….. As I read about the menace of terrorism, one of the sentences stated:   It is a reality in our time, …it is a reality in our newspapers,….people are asking the questions, when is this going to end?  Why is everyone so angry?  What is this all about?

Has America become a nation void of counsel?  Do we no longer have Godly understanding?  Have we lost the ability to consider the latter end of things we do?

God will and has already won the battles.  If you are on His side, you have already won.  It is time we start acting like we have won and get off the pity party horse and ride the stallion that has come thru as winner already.  I read the last chapter of the book and We Won….so that means we win daily if we keep the right attitude, the right state of mind, the right choices, the right understanding.

Psalms 119:66 states:   Teach me good judgment and knowledge:  for I have believed your  commandments.  So if we are teachable, when He gives us knowledge, if we apply it correctly, we will grow because we believe His commandments.  Try re-reading them today.  They all apply to daily life.

Lord, I pray that you teach us all good judgment and knowledge and give us wisdom to walk worthy of the calling you have placed in us.



Hello World…. Better Together….

Have you ever felt so alone   you did not know where to turn? Even in the presence of friends and family and neighbors; Have you wondered where all the people are? Why are you feeling so alone in the midst of all those around you? Are you surrounded by multitudes, yet feel like there is nobody near enough to reach out to touch or speak to at this moment?  Do you hear what is happening around you, but feel all alone in the crowd? Are you passing through circumstance that threaten to drown you, encountering  fires of doubt, committing  acts of unkindness for no reason, are you yelling in silence and everyone seems to be passing by; ears not hearing, eyes not seeing, arms empty of all emotions?

These things assail everyone at one time or the other, last longer for some than others, come more often than necessary for some,   BUT God says it is better together; so come and set aside some prayer time; set aside everything and turn your heart to Him. Bring your heart-felt friends in prayer, bring your neighbors and family in prayer and come sit quietly  in His presence for a moment and get your heart prepared to pray one for another. Meditate on Him, pour out your aloneness, fears, feelings, doubts, acts, yelling, emptiness to Him and He will fill you up with His joy, love, peace.

Make prayer a priority and spend time in the presence of the One who can empower and equip you to do all things.  There are times that you need fellowship and encouragement from other believers. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a primary source of strength. If you seek first the Kingdom and bring your friends along, God will fill you up, run you over and shake you together with His Spirit and equip you to do what He has call you to and all these things that have come to hinder you will be turned into power to over come.

Lord, we come before you now seeking your help in all things. We bring friends, family and neighbors to Your throne of grace and receive from Your hand all our needs met!

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