He is Risen! ….hello world

He is Risen….that is the truth and if He was not risen, you would have nothing to worry about if you believe not….

God gave us choices to make and even told us to ‘choose life’  –  many times we forget that He who created us with an amazing mind also gave us a brain that controls actions in us that are involuntary….like breathing..How many of us think to breath and to tell our hearts to beat….??????

If you got a brain today,  choose wisely and do right.   It makes God happy to see you using the brain He gave you to think before you speak, act wisely about the things of this world and seek peace with all men and with God. 

God will give you wisdom as He sees you making good choices.


Mystery Revealed…Hello World

God will help you and me.  He has been showing me that we need to be aware of His presence at all times.   He is speaking to us every day and He wants us to be still and know that He is God and He is speaking to us.

As many of you may know, I have been having pain and I just could not reason it as to why one day it would be ok and the next day it would be hurting me so bad. I would pray and speak the word to my shoulder and it would easy off and the next couple of hours would be ok.  Then without warning, it would flare up like a burning fire-ball especially if I was trying to study or read the Word.

This morning Father woke me up at 6 a.m. and told me to ‘get up’. It was cold and I was resting with minimal pain and I really didn’t want to get up but in obedience to His whisper, I got up…..  Praying for the first few moments that He would see me through all things going on today.   When I finally climbed into my clothes, I heard Him speak to me about reading the first chapter of Genesis. He said, ‘I will show you a mystery’.  I love mysteries and thought that this would be exciting and no pain since He was going to show me ‘a mystery.’ As  I opened the bible and began to read, the pain increased exponentially in my arm and right hand. I asked for a reprieve and got none. I kept reading.  As I finished the chapter, the pain eased off and I heard, “Your pain is not from me.  It is a distraction to keep you from Me. Did you hear what I told you as you read?”

“Yes,  you created the heaven and the earth. … but I knew that.   You said let there be light and there was light…and I knew that”. 

But did you realize that  I said, “let there be light before I created the sun, moon and stars, did you realize that I didn’t create the sun, moon and stars until the 4th day? did you realize that when My SPIRIT moved on the face of the deep that I am the light that came into the Darkness to dispel it.???”

Now there is a  mystery.   I answered, “You Lord are the Light that dispels all darkness.”

” I created the great light, sun to rule the day.  I created the lesser light, moon and stars to rule the night……all to give light to the earth for a greater mystery to unfold.”

A greater mystery is revealed in verse 24:  “Did you notice that I did not create the LIVING CREATURES, but that I SAID, let the earth bring forth the living creature after HIS kind, cattle, and creeping things, and beast of the earth afer his kind and it was so.

But Father, in verse 25, it says you made the beast of the earth after his kind and cattle after their kind and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind and You said it was good…So if the earth brought it forth – how did you make it.   “My Child, as it is in heaven so it is on earth. Every thing on earth is patterned after what I have already created in heaven.  I said it and it was brought forth upon the earth.   This is my promised mystery to my Children..”

Creation is by My Word.  You have been given precious promises that you may speak and bring forth from your speech those things that are not and make them so.  It is a mystery that I Am revealing to My Children.

I created Male and Female in My Image, but I made man from the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life into the man. I then took from his side, rib and created him a helpmate and breathed the breath of life into her.   The breath of life is My Spirit.  The Man that I made from the dust and Woman that I made from the bone are made in My image, the image of My Son that was born of woman and came through the blood line of Adam.

My Child was made of dust, but His helpmate was made of bone and flesh.

This is a great mystery…. 

IN the last days, knowledge will increase…..Mysteries will be uncovered..Light will bring wisdom and understanding…….

Thank you Lord!

Hello World…In Deed and Truth

             Are you God’s Child?  If you are, He has a word for you:  

You are my Child by faith, and your faith shows itself in how you live. Your deep faith in Me causes you to act to serve a brother or sister in need, to offer a second chance to someone who has offended you, to go where I send you.  And because of My willing sacrifice for you, faith even motivates you to be willing to lay down your life for a friend.     I can see in your heart that your love is more than words..It shows up in your life,  your actions, your reactions, your attitudes.  Your desire to serve Me, honors Me. As you love in deed and in truth, you show a watching world my kind of love……love that lasts.      HC

We should heed His Words of love to us. We should read it daily and we should obey as He calls us to His Father heart.  Life would be so much better in this old world if people could get the vision  God wants to give to us daily. We should be glad and rejoice.    Abba, Thank you for loving us. Your love is amazing!   Let me not forget that sometimes we entertain angels unaware.  Clothe me in obedience as I walk in your amazing love.

1 John 3:18

Hello World…..Selah’s Love

As I sit here contemplating the rest of this day, I feel Selah’s warm body settling down in my lap.  It does not matter where I sit down, or why, she is right there wanting me to hold her and rub her little back and head with my hand.  She climbs up on me, lays her 4 lb little self down on my chest and places her head on my shoulder as if she were a child and puts the ‘I am relaxed = why don’t you do the same?’  move on me.

She is so sure of my love and ability to hold on to her that she does not tense up when I stand up. She just relaxes in my arms and is confident that I will carry her close and not lose her in the up’s and downs of life. Her big black eyes look at me with such love and care; she bows her head when I pray and she sits quietly as I read my bible aloud.  

The other day, I was dancing around the living room, praising the Lord and she was sitting on the back of the sofa and as I twirled around the corner, she made a leap into my chest.  My arms were extended in front of me, but my eyes were closed so I did not see her making the leap.  As she hit my chest, my arms closed around her and she was where she wanted to be………in my arms dancing before the Lord. 

As I reflected later on what had taken place, I thought about how the Lord must love it when we put our trust in Him to the point we take a leap of faith into the unseen arms that are extended to  us daily……  How He must smile when we snuggle into His lap to rest in Him……How He must take joy in His children as we relax in His arms confident that He will carry us through and keep us close to His Father-heart day in and day out. 

I read once that God’s love is not a fortress designed to keep people out but a hedge of protection around those who trust in Him.   His love invites you to take risks, to reach across the divide and embrace even those things you fear or don’t understand.   We need to give grace and mercy, trust and love to those around us…..This is the first commandment with promise.

You shall love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind and you shall love  your neighbor as yourself. 

Father, may my love and actions speak always of YOUR love . . . . . . . .

Hello World….Dazzling Glory

Arise, shine, for thy Light is come, and  the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee…. Isa.   60:1

The glory of the Lord is the Beauty of His Character. It is risen upon you when you realize it,  even though on earth you can do so only in part.  The Beauty of the Purity and Love of God is too dazzling for mortals to see in full.

The glory of the Lord is also risen upon you when you reflect that Glory in your lives, when in LOVE, Patience, Service, Purity, whatever it may be, you reveal to the world a something of the Father, an assurance that you have been with ME, your Lord and Saviour.

The dazzling glory of the Lord in our lives is unconditional love that we show and have for those that God places in our lives.  Loving God means loving people  and loving yourself and loving your enemies.  Glory will abound when we give our lives fully to the word and work of the Lord as He speaks to us. 

He is coming Soon…..Look up….Maranatha!

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