Without Spot….hello world

How do you see yourself each day when you get up and look in the mirror? Do you see  someone who is laden with temptations of your old life? Some one who is  burdened with the battle of the bulge, some one who gets angry when people act dumb and stupid in your presence and what you really want to do is haul off and slap the stupid out of them?

Guess what?  God knows exactly how you feel, but He does not want you to act upon your impulses. He wants you to act like His Son Jesus and respond with His will and Word on the subject.

If you do fall off the wagon and hit the floor with a scream, Father will actually pick you up, dust you off and put  you back in the wagon along the path He has set for your life.  All He ask, is that you ask Him to forgive you and actually mean it.  Do you know that when He looks at you, He does not see you. He sees Jesus. Remember that time you said, “Father, forgive me of my sin.”  He took you for your word and did that. He let you exchange your sin for Christ’s One righteousness and you became the One He sees when He looks at you.  It is no longer you but Christ payment for your sin that He sees.

You are without spot before the Father if Christ has taken your sin and you have received His righteousness.  Simple exchange.

Does that make me free to sin?  Heaven forbid!  It makes Father free to keep you in the center of His will even though you don’t deserve to be kept. Sin should have no place in your life because He has given you power over sin and you don’t have to sin. 

Sin is now a choice. If you willfully sin after Christ has taken your sin, you have no more sacrifice for sin and it falls squarely on your shoulders.  Remember that ole saying, “what goes around, comes around.”  

Be careful to walk in righteousness, trust God for cleansing daily and seek first the kingdom… You don’t want to be caught  in the ‘comes around.’


Hello World….When Faith Fails

A close friend of mine called and told me that she is having a hard time believing that God is hearing her prayers because a thing that is happening to her is continuing to happen.  She said she has prayed and prayed and nothing seems to change. A pastor friend told her that she isn’t receiving because her faith isn’t strong enough to receive what she is asking for.    My answer to that comment is Mark 9:14  Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief.

I don’t believe that you don’t receive because your faith is not strong enough, for the word says,  if you have the faith of a grain of mustard seed you can remove mountains.  A grain of mustard seed is almost the size of this dot    (   .   )    and if that size can remove mountains, then  the size of your faith has nothing to do with receiving answers to prayers.

This verse in Mark has other content that goes along with it.  In context it states:   ‘If thou canst!  All things are possible to him that believes.’   Straightway the father of the child cried out, and said, “I believe, help thou my unbelief!”     This passage does not speak directly of faith.  Faith is  a system of religious beliefs and can cover a multitude of beliefs and or unbeliefs.   Faith can cover any set of principles or beliefs. So, let us look at the many sects of faith.  How many do you think there are?  I must be honest and tell you there are so many that I can not list them all.      I will list  7 of 21 that I have studied in the past. . . . and they are not in any certain order…Mormonism, Christianity, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Seventh Day Adventism.  .  . . . ……  just to list 7 that I know a lot about what they have faith in. 

If you have faith in a system of  rules and regulations, your faith is in rules and regulations or a system.  If you have faith that does not get answers, then you have faith in a system.   BUT sometimes I get answers.  How do the answers come?   Do you tell someone the problem and they answer the prayer by providing what you need?  That is a system that works by manipulation.

The cry of the human heart  is as expressive of human need as it can be when the heart crys out and nobody hears   but God.  The heart expresses the soul’s progress.  As a soul realizes God and His power, and knows God as Helper and Savior, that soul believes the Word more and more. At the same time it is more conscious than   before of its falling short of absolute trust in God.  When you cry out, “Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief!”, the soul begins to progress, to increase in belief and then a cry for more faith— a plea to conquer all unbelief, all lack of trust begins.   You can not believe the Truth unless you know the Truth.   Oh, but I know the truth!, you exclaim…. I once said that, but found out that truth is not what I believe in;   but a person I believe in.  A person who will teach me how to walk, talk, live and live right with other people.  If your Truth is not teaching you to love your neighbor as yourself and to love your enemy the same way, then you do not know TRUTH.   You can not hate another person and love God.   For God is love.  You can not kill another person and love God.  For God  says, you shall not kill.   Living the life of Truth, you must have faith and belief in a person who is TRUTH, who teaches you to love  –  not hate.      

That cry for ‘help my unbelief’ is a prayer that can be answered. More faith, and more love,  and at the same time more power to see where trust is lacking …Children who SEE to go up this path of Truth, Trust, Peace, Love  . . . . and care for yourself and your neighbor and your enemy are going up the path to God’s Truth each step of the way, closer and closer to the ONE TRUE GOD.  . . . . . .   and   I  AM  is  HIS NAME>

When faith fails, go to the One who can grow your faith when you pray, “Lord, help mine unbelief!”.   He will answer and your prayers will manifest.

Try Truth!

Hello World….Pure Delight

Last night I could not sleep.  No kidding, I went to bed  around 10:30 p.m. and lay there for over an hour trying to go to sleep. At a quarter to twelve, I got up and went to read emails. I read them all and answered some.  Then I decided to play an internet game to bore me to sleep; at 2:30 a.m. I was still wide awake but I knew I needed to lay my body down and try to go to sleep. I kept saying,, “Sleep will be pure delight, so all I have to do is close my eyes and pure delight will roll over me and I will go to sleep.”

At 3:15 I was still wide awake. Pure delight just would not come my way. . . .   so I began to pray. I prayed for everyone I could think of and then the presidential election and then the people I didn’t know and at 4 a.m. I was still wide awake.  Nothing was bothering me, I just was not sleepy for some reason I could not fathom.

I decided to talk to Father…. and I said:  “Here I am Lord, wide awake and not sleepy at all.  Where are You?”   Silence……  “Well, if I am awake, and I am your child, DADDY, WAKE UP – your child needs to talk to you!”… silence…….”DADDY< WAKE  UP I WANT TO TALK TO YOU NOW!”   

        I have come to sing a song over you, my Baby Girl for I am the good shepherd who delights in you and watches over you – who leads you besides still waters, who guides you down the path of righteousness for my sake. I lead you  to peaceful places and give you strength when you are weak. When you get lost, I find you and bring you home.  When you walk thru the valley of the shadows, I AM right beside you watching over you, guarding your footsteps, protecting and comforting you along the way to our safe haven.   I know when you need rest and I provide you that needed rest and you know when you cry Daddy, I AM at your side.  My Child, I wanted to spend this night with you but you went to the internet, email, games on-line and I allowed you that time playing for I knew you would come lay down sooner or later and cry “Abba” ….So close your eyes and listen to the small still voice sing over you as you fall to sleep in pure delight of knowing I AM with you always……….

I slept about 3 hours in pure delight. I woke up feeling like I had slept 10 wonderful hours in soft clouds and I just want to praise Him….. forever

Hello World…Victory is Mine…

Thanks be unto God, which gives us the victory through………………..

How do we get  victory that overcomes the everyday things we go through?  My friend called  me to tell me about a man who asked her to go to Israel because he felt like everyone needs to be there when the end comes. She said to me, this man left his wife and kids, sold his home, sold his business, left his church and said goodby to everyone and went to Israel so he would be there when the end comes.  Why?  was her question to me…My answer was “don’t ask me, ask him.”

Another friend called to ask me,  ‘why was everything around us costing so much and so many people loosing their jobs and homes’?   Answer from me, “I don’t have a clue.”

Finally God spoke to my heart and a still small voice said:  Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.

We, and I mean all of us, go thru stuff everyday. How do you think children feel when their father packs up and goes…..wife feels when a man leaves ….people feel when they can’t pay their house payments, car payments, grocery bill.????  Where do most people turn too?  Will faith pay your house payment?  Absolutely not someone will say. 

 But let me tell you about this little woman I know personally.  She loves God with all her heart, believes the savior gave His life for her and when she prays she gets her prayers answered.  True example, her husband bought a motorcycle, rode it every weekend on trips, (didn’t take her because she has a fused spine)  and 4 weeks later he  tells her he loves her and is going for a long ride, see you later.  Two weeks later he comes home, packs his bags, tells her he is getting a divorce and she can  have the house, the truck and bills.  ……….and he is gone on his motorcycle.

She told me she had been praying the entire time he had been gone because she thought something happened to him; she had called all the hospitals, clinics, and police in the area trying to find out if something deadly had happened to him;   my thoughts  ‘no such luck…’   When he came back, she calmly told him he was showing disrespect to her for not letting her know if he was OK, and she was concerned that he had gotten killed on the motorcycle.

 He told her he was fine and he was leaving and he was getting a divorce.

She said at first she was upset,  and mad,   and then she decided she was better off without him because he didn’t love the Lord like she did and he wanted to leave so she let him without a word, even helped him get his stuff together.  He did file for divorce,   she prayed,    he came got all his stuff,    she prayed, he left her with nothing.   He took all the money out of the bank, didn’t pay the last house payment before he left, all bills outstanding every where  and gave her no money to buy groceries — She didn’t have a job and had not worked in almost 15 years.  She said she was left penniless, bill’s out the roof, only enough groceries for a couple of meals and no way to pay anyone any thing.

But God……She said “I prayed and told God the situation and you know He already knew but I talked to Him about it anyway.  I didn’t tell anyone that I had no money and no way to pay my bills, only God knew. …. but God paid my house payment for 3  months,  my truck payment for 5 months”   The electric bill was paid by mysterious money that she received …    Her water bill was paid by money that showed up in her checking account on the day it was due.  She said the  electric bill and water bill came down to   $28.00  and $8.00 per month from $114.00 and  $69.00 while he was living there – and she still use both just like she always did.

She told me that God heard her prayers of FAITH and she believed HIM to take care of all her needs.   This is a year later and God is still making deposits to her account to pay her bills.    She said the house payment came down from  $989.00 per month to $427.00 a month when she listened to the Lord about seeing the banker for a reduction due to her circumstances.   Favor of the Lord   and she got the reduction in 45 days.    Her son is now making the house payments; he bought the loan when it came down to $427.00 and now she has no house payment.

She lives by faith. She prays and praise and God answers her prayers and meets her needs.

One day we are all going to learn how to live in that realm with God and it will be ‘on earth as it is in heaven’.

TO GOD BE ALL GLORY!!!……through Christ Jesus.


Hello World….Ask and YOU shall receive..

Last night at church, we had a brother preacher do the preaching and the Spirit of the Lord was very present among us.  He was preaching on Galatians 3:16 and one thing he stated stuck in my mind.  ‘Why do we not have all of heaven readily here on earth now since we have been crucified with Christ and are no longer under the law for we are under grace?’

Then it hit me:  We don’t have, because we don’t ask. 

If my Father owns all the earth, the hills and the cattle and all the fullness thereof, then logically with the wisdom of Solomon, I should ask him from a pure heart and He will give to me good measure, press down and running over, that which I ask for.  Makes sense to me.  So, there is something missing in me if I don’t get.  As I sat there listening and agreeing with a hearty amen and glory hallelujah, I began to realize a nugget of understanding was entering my heart.

I have to ask, from a pure heart according to His will for my life and He will give me whatsoever I ask believing. He will give it good measure, pressed down and running over into my life because I am His child and He is my Father.  Isn’t that what Father’s do for their Child.

Suddenly a ‘Suddenly’ came into my ear and I heard;  ‘ But this I say, He which sows sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which sows bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every wo-man according as she purposes in her heart so let her give; not grudgingly of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver and God is able to make all grace abound toward you’ that you always have all-sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work; as it is written, He has given to the poor; his righteousness remains for ever. ”

The nugget key is give from your heart bountifully:  love, laughter, care, consideration, help, joy, peace, money, food, clothing,  and you shall reap if this is done out of a pure heart no begrudging what you give to others. Just give and it shall be given back unto you by grace. Be cheerful as you give and all cheer will come back to you.

WOW….. have we been given a piece of gold right out of heaven itself this day?   I believe I have been.   Smile for I am smiling with you this morning…

Lord, the light of life comes from Your heart to mine this day. In the light of your love, I shall behold the Light of Life.  Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and the Life of my soul with grace pressed down into my spirit. I have been redeemed from destruction and you have crowned my heart with your love, your blessings, your Life in me – Thank you for wisdom teaching each day. It is more than I could think to ask for.  amen.

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