Hello World…Conditions of Love

1  John 5:3  says ‘loving God means keeping His commandments and His commandments are not burdensome.’

My first thought was, what does burdensome mean?  So, I looked it up.  It means, heavy, hard to bear, oppressive, harsh, demanding, rigorous, exacting.

Goodness gracious!        Loving God means keeping His commandments   AND  His commandments are not   heavy,   hard to bear, oppressive,   harsh,    demanding,    rigorous   or exacting.      Then, what is all the fuss about being a Christian????

Why do folks believe being Christian is hard to bear,  harsh, demanding, oppressive, heavy, rigorous or exacting?  Could it be that if you are a  harsh person,    if you are a demanding person ,    if you are  a hard to bear person,  if you are an oppressive person or any of the other adjectives mentioned person, you are not a Christian????   What a concept?

Maybe the key word here is LOVING?    Is a person who is hard to bear, loving?   Is a person who is harsh, loving?   Is a demanding person, loving?  How about an oppressive person, are they loving?    If you put on the garment of love, can you be these adjectives toward another person?   Do we humans know what love really is?    I love my car, I love ice cream, I love brushing my dog, I love walking in the rain, I love my husband?  Are we speaking of the God kind of love or the people kind of love?

What is God’s kind of love?  The meaning of God’s kind of love is derived from the word  Agape.  In the N.T. it is used to describe the attitude of God toward His Son, the human race, and to such as believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. It is used to convey His will to His children concerning their attitude one toward another and toward all men to express the essential nature of God.   Love can only be known from the action it prompts.

Action it prompts from human to human.  Think about that.  If your action toward another is harsh, you are not loving that person.  If your action toward another is demanding, oppressive, heavy, hard to bear, rigorous or exacting, you are not loving that person.

True LOVE seeks the welfare of  ALL.   Well, why does God allow  this, that, and the other to happen?  Free Will means that man can choose to do this, that, and the other so you are not a slave to God.   You have choice and the choice you make is the reason it happens.  If I gave you a list of Do’s and Don’t and told you according to the choices you make, this other list would happen to you, would you read just the do’s and don’t or would you read both list to see what the outcome of your actions would bring?  If I told you that according to your choices, you will be the one to decide where you will end up at the end of your life, would you read the instruction book to find out all the details?   

In a world of 7 billion people and a lot of them can not read, a loving God gave His Son and He didn’t say, read this book, He said, the heavens declare My glory.   It is written on the heart of man by a loving God and He gives you a choice to choose. 

Your actions speak louder than words.   Goodness, kindness, peace, longsuffering, meekness, humbleness, joy, these are the attitude of love.  You can call yourself a Christian, you can call yourself a Buddhist, you can call yourself a Latter Day Saint, you can call yourself a Baptist, Methodist, Hindu, or you can call yourself Child.  The only thing that really matters is the garment you have on when you are called.

Are you dressed and ready to go?  Do you have on the spiritual armor that was crafted for you by the blood? Does your garment fit all seasons and under all conditions?  Is it a protective garment of comfort?  Does it fit all circumstances?  Is is flexible enough to bring freedom to you and to those around you? Is it easy to move in?  Does it provide eternal peace as you wear it, not only to you but to others in your presence?   Does it respond to others with love and not hatred, not anger, not demanding, not oppressing those you are in contact with?    Think about it…….Ill fitting, heavy laden, impossible actions do not show the true lover of your soul, does not express Agape Love;  unconditional, forgiving, peaceful, joyful, happy love that comes only from the LOVER OF YOUR SOUL..

Love and obey. That is all He ask.

Hello World…Chasing the Gift God

On June 24 2002, I had an encounter with Father God and He spent several hours conversing with me.  I have a gift that He gave me when I got saved that  most people do not understand or care to know about.  I love Him so much and I believe everything He tells me, allows in my life,  shows me along the way is for my growth and to expand our relationship to the point, one day soon, He will call my name and I will answer and be visible to this world no longer. 

In the encounter in June, the gift He bestowed on me was enhanced to be able to hear Him and type at the speed He was speaking to me the instructions He wanted me to know and share in the future which is today, September 18, 2012  – Ten Years later.  A long time to us humans but to the Spirit of the Lord there is no time.   In the Spirit realm, He sees it all from the beginning to the ending.   And today, I am going to begin sharing the nine pages of information He gave to me on June 24, 2002.  You should pray that He will give you spiritual understanding of what you are about to read, because it can only be understood in the Spirit Realm….many will see this as not relevant to their lives and ignore the warning…. It is important to know Him and understand Him to live the truth, way and life He has given you to live.

          Father, into your hand do I commit my body, soul, and spirit that You may teach me to grow in grace and wisdom and love.

In these last days, perilous time shall come, for men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy without natural affections, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despiser of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than loves of God, having a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof, from such turn away.    II Timothy 3:1-4

Perilous times are come and men are lovers of their own selves. Men, women and children are selfish souls seeking after the things of this world and do not have affection for anyone except themselves. I spoke of this time in the latter days because My children, those who have accepted Jesus, My Son, are going to be caught in these times with only prayer and supplications in His Name to get you through.  You are not going to come through these ‘times’ wearing the gifts, you will only overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony. Do you understand what it means when you read, “and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death”  Revelation 12:11

No, My Child, you do not understand. My thoughts are higher than yours and most of the time you are dwelling in your thoughts  and understanding of what you want to believe and not what you actually should believe. Your understanding is limited to how much you know of my Son and the only way to know my Son is to experience death to self in this world that you dwell in.   This  journey is the journey of self-destruction or self-exaltation.   The choice is made when you decide to read  my instruction book and pray for wisdom and understanding. I will give you the Wisdom and the Understanding as you die to self in this world, that you will not love your life in this world more than Me.

Let’s look at ‘THEY’.  Who are ‘they’  in this verse?  They are those who have accepted the call of CHILDREN and children are those who obey the Parent who loves them unconditionally. When I speak of unconditional love, it does not mean that you can do whatever you desire and get away with it.  It means that I gave my Son to die in your place so that you may choose to live His life, a life of love and sacrifice for others, not a life of selfishness and indulgence in the things of this world. You can’t DO what you please, live as YOU please; YOU  must live as My Child and let the life of My Son, Jesus, shine through YOU that others may see ME. To glorify Me is to lift up my Son, your savior, your Lord.  The reason you live is to glorify Me and if that is not the reason you live then you are not My Child, you have deceived yourself and are lost to Me and the kingdom  prepared for you. Darkness has taken you captive and is holding you for his pleasure. It is not the light, but the deception that holds you in the walk you are walking in.

Let US reason together about the Word. You will understand if you choose to.

Overcame:  is a word used lightly by My Children. Over came is a past present active participle. A mouth full of words that means something happened in the past to cause the present to be subject to My will for you today. What My Son’s  death at the cross, causes you to have  is the ability to overcome today and to be free from the deception of this dark world. You have no power unless I give you power to overcome. My Word is your only resource for power. “Oh”, you say, “But I thought the Holy Spirit was my only source for power.” The Holy Spirit is your teacher, who teaches you the Word and how to use the Word and the Word is My Power to produce true life in you.

him:     This is not a person, place or thing.  This is your adversary, the antichrist, who is anyone that is against My Son, Jesus. Antichrist is resident darkness within those who do not accept My Son as the Lord and Savior of their life and lay down the self-life to become all that I desire you to become. Any one who wants to know ME — can.   I give you the power to know me through Jesus and I give power to those who desire to become MY Child to reach me, because I AM   reaching for you all the time.

by the blood:  Only one Blood is pure enough to cleanse you; to change you and to bring you to Me.  The blood of Jesus Christ, My only Son, who died in your place that you may come to Me.

of the Lamb:    The Lamb was He.  No longer a Lamb, but the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. When He laid down His life for you and died for you, He arose King and He is Lord that the kingdom is come to dwell  within You.

and by the Word of their Testimony:    Do you have the testimony of My Son?  Have you said, “Yes Lord” to Him who died in your place?  Have  you told anyone that He is your savior and have you loved Him daily in fellowship and tender intimacy knowing who He is in you?  Your testimony should be that HE died for you and you have chosen to follow Him even unto death. Is that your testimony?

And they loved not their lives unto the death:   Do you love anything more than My Son?  Are you sure?  Have you been tested and found a liar?  Would you go to the cross and die for your friends, family, or stranger?  You can only show true love by what you would give up and die for. Would you die rather than deny My Son?

To Be Continued in the next Post…..

Hello World….. Exploring Spiritual Depth Precepts #2

 I picked up her bible and handed it back to her and said, “You need to study a  little more and get more comfortable with heathens than you are now so that we can’t shake you up like that. It won’t be so bad the next time you try if you know more about what you are trying to say.”  She left crying and I never forgot how sad she looked as she left…

I wondered why I had just sat there and said little to nothing. I wondered if she felt defeated in her quest to lead people where she wasn’t sure she was; and I wondered if this was the last of that…. My brother really gave it to dad for letting her in the house after she left and he asked me a direct question. “What did you mean about that remark about heathens?  You think I’m a heathen?”  I looked him directly in the eye and said, “Yes I do heathen—- Heathen’s are unbelievers and you are one and so is Dad and so am I. So don’t go getting up on your high horse and start on me, cause I know what I am talking about even though she wasn’t real sure about what she was talking about.”

“How do you know she didn’t know what she was talking about?” he queried.  I stamped my foot and turned toward him with a mean look, “She wasn’t sure how to talk to us about what she believed. I not even sure she knows what she believes. You know some people think they know but when it comes down to brass tacks they don’t have a clue.”  ‘And you do?’ my brother continued. ” I wanted to smack him up side the head! “I don’t have a clue what she believes but I know that church don’t get you saved no more that dunking in a lake gets you saved. And the reason I know that is, Granny said ‘salvation is a mystery and it only revealed by somebody name Holy Ghost.’   My brother continued, “and just what is a holy ghost, is that something like the ghost we see on tv in the movies?’ “No dummy, I don’t know what that is or even what granny was talking about, but I heard her tell Aunt M that nobody gets saved by going to the building every week or going to the lake to get dunked. You know granny knows what she is talking about. Have you ever heard her cuss or seen her drink like the rest the people we know?  No! you ain’t and won’t cause she told me – When you get the Holy Ghost, you change and you ain’t the same no more.” “SO, smarty pants, why did you call me a heathen?” Because you are! dummy!” and I left the room because I didn’t want to argue with him any longer. He was making me madder and madder and if I didn’t leave – he might wind up with a pinch to his nose.

Mom and I had sat on the porch on Sunday afternoons listening to the singing coming from the Church building next door and those people could sing. The music was wonderful and the people shouted and sang to high heaven. It lasted late into the night sometimes and Mama never got tired of listening to the music. She never went to the church but would sit for hours listening to the music coming across the street and the shouting during the service. She always made me go to bed around 9 p.m. because  of school the next morning. Mom would look teary eyed at the church sometime and say, ‘Sometimes I miss going, but your daddy……”  and I knew the reason we didn’t go to church was my daddy was a first class heathen that cussed, drank, smoked and did all kinds of stuff that mama said was going to send him to hell if he didn’t change his ways.  I was nineteen when I got my first taste of someone witnessing about something they did not even understand themselves.

Continued tomorrow…………

Hello World….. Exploring Spiritual Depth Precepts #1

How interested are you in exploring Spiritual depth? Would you say you believe half what you see and nothing of what you hear? What if I told you that according to your faith be it done to you….. I can hear you asking me      What does faith have to do with spiritual depth?   If I told you that it is the basis for all spiritual depth would you believe me?

Let us begin with researching the meaning of a couple of words.  Meanings of these words taken from  The New College Edition of the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. We all need to be on the same page and understand what the words mean before we begin to unlock this mystery….don’t you think?

 Depth:   1. the condition or quality of being deep. 2. the extent, measurement or dimension downward, backward or inward. 3. the middle, inner, or most remote or inaccessible part.

Precepts:  1. a rule or principal imposing a particular standard of action or conduct.

Spiritual:  1. of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit, not tangible or material  2. of, concerned with or affecting the soul  3. of , from or pertaining to God.

Now that we all have the exact meaning of the words we are going to explore, let us begin with a question.  Are you the type person who only believes in what you can see, hear, smell, taste or feel  or are you the type person who has an understanding of faith that believes without sight and yet you can hear an inner voice speaking to you about certain things in your life?  Where shall we begin?  Why not, let us take the two together and compare between them as we go. I know that I have been and am on both sides of this coin and I know what it means to have no faith in anything and only believe what I saw, heard, smelled, tasted or felt….I know what it feels like to be on the other side of that coin and have faith, beginning with, many years ago, a little faith, that over the years has grown to where it is now….of which I will share some things that will probable knock your socks off as far as believing goes.

Let’s do the ‘heads, you are in faith’ and ‘tails, you are not in faith’. We will start with tails, not in faith first….becasue that is where I was 39 years ago, let go back to 41 years ago when my dad and brother and I were in the living room of my dad’s home and a witness came to his door and he invited her in to witness to us about her faith. You must remember that all three of us were tails at that time and she was heads…. alone she was with three tails who had no faith and no church upbringing and no bible knowledge, but lots of worldly knowledge and bold, brassy ability to give you hell if you didn’t know what you were talking about and didn’t have the answers to back it up.

She began with her name and affiliation with a local church and an invitation to visit them. Then she began to ask questions: ‘Are you saved?’  ‘From what’?, my brother asked. “You know. …”  and before she could finish, he proceeded to tell her he saved all his money and was going to buy a motorcycle soon. ….then he laughed…She said, “do any of you attend church?”  we all said “NO” at the same time and my dad began to tell her that church was for people who didn’t go fishing on Sunday’s or play golf with the guy’s like he did. She dropped her head and I almost felt guilty letting her sit there being ridiculed by my brother and father, yet I kept quite until she asked if we died were we sure where we were going and my brother told her if she was going to bring up hell she could just leave because he had just come home from hell and didn’t want to discuss it. She said, “Hell is not on this side, it is on the other side” and he proceeded to tell her that Viet Nam was hell on earth and he had just spent a little over a year in hell so not to try to tell him anything about hell. With that, I spoke up and asked her to leave before she got to crying. Tears were in her eyes as she dropped her head and said, “I’m sorry that I bothered this family. All of you have a lot to find out and I am not the one to tell you, I can see that right now.”  I picked up her bible and handed it back to her and said, “You need to study a  little more and get more comfortable with heathens than you are now so that we can’t shake you up like that. It won’t be so bad the next time you try if you know more about what you are trying to say.”  She left crying and I never forgot how sad she looked as she left…

Continued tomorrow……

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