Hello World… Falling into His Arms

OMG!     Have you ever been trying to do something good for someone and end up hurt beyond your own ability to handle the situation?  Let me praise the Lord today for what didn’t happen to me last week.  I was on a mission to help someone and I drove to meet them.  As I got out of the car, I bent over and placed my little ‘Baby Girl’ on the  sidewalk so she could go to grandma’s house on her own.  (Baby Girl is my 4 lb gray poodle who believes she is a human being.)    As I placed her on the ground to walk, she takes off running to granny’s back door like a streak of lighting and I see a truck on the road to the right of the house and my mind thinks, “Stupid why did you put her down?”  I stepped forward about three or four steps and the next thing I know I am waking up on the cement driveway,  face forward with pain in my left knee, forehead and nose, and my right hand and back. I began to try to stand up and see my sister coming out mom’s back door.

“What happened to you?” she yells at me as she direct  Baby Girl into the house.   “Oh, I guess I was trying to move to fast and fell down hollering at her.” I replied as I slowly lifted my aching body off the cement and stumbled into the house.  I fell into the sofa and then decided that was too soft. I got up and went into the bath room and took off my jeans and looked down at my bleeding left knee. I checked all the open wounds to see how bad I was hurt and realized that it was only the left knee that seemed to have taken the brunt of the fall.  My hands were not skint but my nose was. My forehead had a bump and so did my nose but other than that I seemed to be fine….no broken bones. Thank you Lord!

My sister, who is the comedian of the family, came to check on me and said, “You dummy, you fall on your guardian angel and almost kill him and forget to praise God you didn’t kill yourself or break any bones!”  I smiled and said, “Thank you Lord, that I didn’t break any bones or get hurt so bad that I couldn’t get up by myself. I know comedian’s can only lift funny words!”  She just smiled and handed  me an ice pack.   I decided not to go to the doctor, just pray and take care of it at home ….  Did you know that muscle pain comes on the second day after a fall?   It does, if you didn’t know that.  The first day after the fall, I felt fine, only a little soreness in my knee where it was skint up. On the second day, I could hardly stand up — I moved and I wanted to scream due to the pain in my muscles and knee. My other half told me that it was a wonder half of Georgia wasn’t taken out by the earthquake when I fell as he handed me a pain-killer to swallow;   I just realized there are two comedian’s in the family and both were having a good time with this calamity.

On the third day, I was exhausted just trying to get up and down and move around…..so I decided to keep moving to see what would happen.  Guess what, the more you move the less you hurt.  This was the first time I had ever fallen  on cement. I had fallen in the yard on the grass…didn’t get hurt at all. I fell down the steps in my house and got bruised but nothing hurt like this fall. 

I put my trust in the Lord that He kept us from something worse since we were going to be traveling to another state to transact some business for my sister.  She told me that when she got up that morning she had a bad feeling and thought that we should not go that day. She said she wanted to call me and tell me we should stay home and not travel but decided it was  ‘just a feeling’ and she got over it.  After the fall, she followed me home and told me:  “I knew we weren’t supposed to go anywhere today and I wish I had called you and told you what I was feeling.  I know it wasn’t this fall that He kept us from, it was a far worse scenario and the only way we would not go, was this happening to you.”   I laughed and told her to stop feeling so bad about something that  was not her fault, nor did God cause it.  This was my fault for not having my shoes on, for trying to save  “BG” from a truck that wasn’t even coming this way  and my not paying attention to how low my blood sugar was.”   God had protected me from getting hurt any more than I did and He kept me from braking any bones and He gave His angels charge over  me and BG,  so stop feeling like it was your fault!”

She smiled and said, “I will go home now and get over this.”

I smiled and said, “God is our deliverer. When I fall, I will fall into His arms. We will trust in Him absolutely and know that He will do the very best for us. We will be ready and willing to accept His will to be done and know that with God all things are possible.  Thank you Lord for your help in keeping all bones together.

Hello World…Across the Divide

Did you know there is a wall of division between every thing visible and invisible in this world?   You didn’t know that?  I recognized it the other day when my husband, who normally is a real nice fellow, turned into the grizzly bear from the north country.    All I did was, walk into the kitchen and say, “Good Morning, and how are you this morning?”  in my normal morning cheerful voice and suddenly the growling grizzly of the North bounded toward me with the word of a blasting North Wind across the divide…

I stepped back and whispered under my breath, “Lord, what is going on here? Into Your hands!”  The Wind blew by me and rushed into the living room chilling even the puppy sitting on the sofa. I opened my mouth and said in a lifted tone of voice, “What is wrong?”  and the Wind turned into a hurricane without rain. I just stood and listened to the raging word coming from the mouth of one who kisses me good night and hello  – and thought….his blood pressure is out of sight…..so I took a deep breath and prayed quietly “Lord, give him peace over this, whatever it is?”

It turned out to be that the garbage can stinks.  The garbage can should have been taken out the night before. Someone had put something that stunk in the garbage can and this morning the smell was putrid….. however, I didn’t smell anything at all…I asked where the garbage was and he had taken it out of the can and it was sitting at the front door to be taken out when he went to work… He sat down in his recliner and I smiled as the puppy climbed into his lap and began barking like a wild wolf of the North as she pounded her 4 lb body against his chest as if she was saying, “don’t yell at my mama!  don’t  yell at my mama!”  He smiled as she stopped and turned jumping down to come running to me. She laid her little head against my chest and began licking my neck as if to comfort me.  I smile and said, “Animals are smarter that humans, they know how to love and how others are supposed to love one another!  You could learn something from this little one>>>”

The Lord speaks to my heart:  His Word to me:………My Child, because I love, I desire that you love me.  I am grieved because My children are separated by a great divide  and they do not understand what it means to love one another.  They put on the flesh-wall of thinking they are loving one another, but to love one another means that you treat one another with the love you say you have for one another.  My Son laid his life down to destroy the walls between each other and in Him you have the power to walk in the way MY SON has shown you in the Word.  I give My Spirit to all whosoever will accept my Son and will walk in the Way, the Truth and the Life. Your friends, your neighbors, your family, need mercy and grace….even your enemy needs grace and mercy from you.   I am asking You to begin this love walk by granting grace and mercy to all who come like a frosty mighty wind who know not the Lord….Be assured that I am with  you and will help you to replace the walls of the divide with grace and love one for another….                                                  

Abba, help me to speak kind and loving to all I come in contact with, especially my husband.

He is Good all the time…

This is a time out from Depths…. for today I was talking to the pastor of my church and he told me God was delivering me from oppression and all things that had come against me in the past. I told him that THE LORD already told me that and he smiled….confirmation…. Yes, God is good all the time.

After prayer and a mighty outpouring of the Spirit that cleaned the deep parts of my heart and mind, I came back to this world with a newer outlook and feeling light as a feather in my spirit.   There was a new deep joy and I could breathe deep with no pain in my chest. I thought I had peace keeping me through this past week, but what has settled in this house is light, fluffy clouds of grace, mercy, love, joy, and a wanting to be in His presence every moment of the day.

I drove up to the bank today to cash a check and the teller asked me, “How are you today?” and out of my mouth came, “Blessed to be a blessing! and you?” he replied, “Yeah.”

Speechless he was. But the joy of the Lord must be our daily strength and we should be the most joyful people on the earth, sharing what He has put into our hearts with everyone we meet. This world is so full of sorry and pain. We, as born-again believers, should share the joy and give away as much as we can to others so they can have joy also. What reason do we have not to smile?  We should be smiling all the time and sharing His love and mercy, grace and care with every soul we see.

When the disciples asked Him, ‘Lord, will you at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?’ His reply was, ” it is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father has put in his own power. But you shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth. 

Witness to what?   Why don’t we start with love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance?    Sounds good to me!

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